The home life project- December Edition.

How is the end of 2016 already?! How did this year fly by so quickly?! Well technically its not the end of the year just yet, but this is the final HLP post of 2016! I’ve heard from Clare (the host of this awesome project) that The home life project will be back in 2017! yay. So fear not, Brand new year, brand new HLP. If you fancy having a go next month would be the perfect time to start, It isn’t a contest, it isn’t for professional photographers. Its just a fun little project to document candid family life a day (or weekend) each month -I’m going to do a full run down of my favourites at the end of the month. Anyway, back to this months edition.

I’ve been so excited for this one, fairy lights make for a beautiful backdrop to any photo’s, this weekend I’m documenting our Sunday, Saturday was a bit of a write off since Friday night we attended Sam’s grandma’s 80th Birthday party, lets just say the wine was flowing a little too well. So Sunday, it was typical in how our Sunday’s go, slow. We eased through the day, not really achieving much, but savouring the last day of the weekend.





The little woman pretends.



Decking our halls.

Its official. Its Christmas!!! December 1st (or maybe a few days before – it takes me that long now!) is the day our house is trimmed up with all that glitters. Every year, round about the second week of November i’m having to fight an ongoing battle not become one of *those* people that puts their decorations up so early. Some years, i’ve given in and had the up earlier, but It ruins the Christmas spirit and I’m usually in a rush to get them all down a couple of days after Christmas. No, I like my Christmas spirit condensed.

The twinkling of the fairy lights on a cold winter night, gives me that tickle of contentment in my stomach. That is what Christmas is all about, and why its one of my favourite times of the year. This year, i’ve gone a bit mad on new decorations, in my absolute defence this year we also built the giant new TV unit – that needed decorations, we also overhauled the kitchen – so that obviously needed a boost of Christmas spirit too! Here’s how its all lookin….



So thats it. The festive season is finally upon us. Its now all about christmas crafts, a glass of wine and present wrapping, christmas songs and so much excitement as the big day nears. Happy 1st December!!!


The little woman pretends.

Best of: Boxset binge TV.

The end of the year is nigh… By the end of the week we’ll be in the very last month of 2016 (And we all know how quickly December goes.) This year, too sum it up simply, will be known to me as the year of the box set, I have literally done nothing but watch box sets. All year long! I did a similar post last year, and I thought i’d have another little re-cap of  whats I’ve been binge watching this year.

House of cards, Series 4.

Frank and Claire underwood. One of TV’s most ruthless power couples. And one of my favourite programmes. It took me a while to get into this, mainly because I thought a politics based drama would be way over my head. Well…. Its bloody amazing. Gripping, shocking, and I won’t lie, totally made me see the recent election in a whole new way. Don’t be put off by its theme, its not hard to follow – Frank underwood screwing everyone over on his quest to get to the top. And his wife being just as ruthless. The most recent series did not disappoint. I’m very excited for the next series in 2017.


The walking dead, Series 6.2 & 7.1

Well. What can I say. The second half of series 6 started with the aftermath of Glen falling into a crowd of walkers, and continued all the way up until the groups first meeting with new bad guy Neegan. I won’t name his next victim, just incase you haven seen it yet – though to be fair if you don’t know now, you obviously just don’t care. We’re now 6 episodes into the first half of series 7 and its all kicking off. The walking dead was always one of my favourite shows, but the new world has changed it somewhat, it is still a fantastic programme, one that always has you on the edge of your seat. I’m just taking a while to adjust to the new way of things.


Vikings, Series 1-4.1

If historical accuracy and an abundance of bearded men is your thing, well Vikings is the show for you! I had heared so many good things about this show, but it took me at least 5 episodes to ‘get it’ Its not a typical drama, its more natural, with a slower pace when building storylines. However when it kicks off, it all kicks off. I particularly love how women are portrayed in this, no damsel in distress forced to wed if she wanted to be a part of society. Nope, those viking women had complete freedom, perhaps not complete equality, but they had a choice with everything. Legendary leader Ragnar Lothbrok’s wife Lagertha in particular is one kick ass warrior.


Game of thrones, series 1-6.


I refused to watch this programme for so long. I once watched a couple of minutes, I can’t remember for the life of me what happened… I just remember it being disgustingly gory. Its odd, as someone who loves The walking dead, to be put of a programme because of its gore. However this is exactly what happened. This year, I finally gave in to Sam’s incessant nagging at me to give it a proper try, and I became completely addicted. For two months I watched nothing else. Binge watching at its best. Stand out characters from the latest season for me were Ramsay Bolton (played by the brilliant Iwan Rheon.) and of course  Tyrion Lannister (played by Peter Dinkladge) Who has been fantastic since the very start. Odds are, I’m one of the last people in the UK left to catch up on this, so this entire paragraph will no doubt be irrelivant to most of you.


Sons of Anarchy, series 1-7


It very rarely happens, having a full from start to finish series to watch. But this exactly what happened when we decided to have a try of SOA, from the get go we sat engrossed in the drama. It was all very chaotic, sad (Opie *Cry*) and up until series 7 extremely entertaining. For me though, the last series just fell short, the programme had clearly ran its course, but it all just seemed sort of rushed.


Hand of god, Series 1.

I don’t know many that have seen this programme, If you haven’t I urge you to watch it. Theres only one season out so far, but what a season it is! Pernell Harris is a corrupt judge who suffers a breakdown and believes God is speaking to him, guiding him to save his son (who shot himself and now lays in a coma.) Ron Perlman is fantastic as always. You can find it over on Amazon prime.




I’ll be honest with this one, though it was quite entertaining, I didnt really get it, it didnt leave me engrossed like a good boxset should. Having said that, I will be watching the second series, soley for the character 0f Cassidy (Played by Joe Gilgun – Fun fact, My high school English teacher is his mum!)


The fall

This is such a strange programme. I’m a lover of crime drama, Gillian anderson is fab as quietly spoken but fierce Stella Gibson & Jamie Dornan plays creepy serial killer Paul Spector unnervingly well. But something about it just makes me feel so uncomfortable, maybe its the constant grey tones (it is set in ireland) or maybe its him stalking his victims before brutally murdering them – probably the latter.- The finale played out on BBC 1 last month, and right up to the end, It just made for uncomfortable viewing. – Though I guess thats actually a great thing considering its genre.


Mr Robot, series 2. 


Elliot, my dear Elliot. *Sigh* Series two, if you haven’t seen it yet is AMAZING! Better than series 1, and that rarely happens with programmes. This series focus’s on the fall out from bringing E-corp down and Elliot’s ongoing battle with mental illness. Tense from the very first episode, but it is addictive viewing.



The blacklist. Series 1. 

I can’t write too much about The blacklist, because I’m only on season 1, so i don’t actually know much. What I can say, is that its bloody brilliant! If any of you are familiar with The Office (US) he plays a character in that called Robert California, a brilliant but short lived character, who i’m convinced is an early version of Reddington. I’m loving this programme SO much right now.

So thats my year of viewing summed up in one post. 2017 is already looking amazing for box sets, Game of thrones (series 7), House of cards (Series 5), Vikings (Series 5), just to name a few.

What have you been watching this year?


The little woman pretends.

Christmas decoration Inspo.


I’ve been fighting an ongoing battle with myself for the last fortnight. Its still too early to put up the Christmas decorations, but I WANT TOO! It started with the christmas adverts, then the present buying, the films are slowly starting to filter onto the TV & now the christmas songs. There’s so much temptation to get those decorations out. I won’t do it though, I will remain strong until the 1st December.

Having said that, I can still plan and shop for christmas decorations. This year we have done a whole lot of house updates, from the giant new TV unit, to the full kitchen makeover, theres lots of new spots to be decorated this year, which means of course I need to get planning.

I figured a lot of you would be in the same position, wanting to out-do last years decorations, wanting to create the perfectly decorated backdrop to your family Christmas? well, I’ve put together a little collection of mood boards especially for you, hopefully it’ll help give you some ideas on how you want to decorate this year.




The natural look is always a firm favourite of mine, bringing the beauty of wintery nature indoors. Beautiful.

1- Hello Nancy.                              4- Dear lillie blog.                                      7- Star ornament £4 (Matalan)

2- indeed decor.                            5- Pine cone garland £12 (Ebay)

3- decoration love.                       6- Natural lantern £27.99 (Wayfair)



Bright & Quirky. 


Fancy something a little more quirky? Bright, colourful, a little bit different. This is the perfect style to add a little fun to your Christmas.

1- Disfunctional designs.                     4- Pinapple bauble £9 (Lisa angel.)

2- Red online.                                        5- Fenton & fenton. 

3- Selina lake.                                        6- Festoon lights £34.95 (internet gardener.)

Scandi modern.


Simple and oh so sophisticated. Monochrome with a little metallic is the perfect way to channel your inner Scandi-modern Christmas.

1- Faux antler wreath £25 (cox and cox)      4- Planate deco

2- Forever love.                                                 5- Pinterest. 

3- Copper baubles (NOTHS)                          6-  Monica wants it. 

Dark & Moody


One of my favourite styles this year. This style is also the perfect way to pay homage to the original start of Christmas decorations in the UK, the victorians started off our love for festive decor, they where also known for there love of moody interiors. – Little history lesson for you there – Go classic this Christmas.

1- Homify                                        4- Tesco.

2- Style Juicer.                               5- Dust jacket – attic. 

3- House to home.                        6- Brown dress with white dots.



Nothing really beats a traditional Christmas look, its one that will fill us all with warm memories and excitement, bring out your inner child with these old classics.

1- Perpetually Christmas.                           4- One kind design

2- Eat well 101.                                             5-  Nutcracker £20 (Christmas time uk)

3- Decoration love.                                      6- John lewis. 

This post has just pushed my excitement through the roof, so much so I might have to ditch my decor date and start putting up some little bits this weekend. is it Christmas yet?!


The little woman pretends.

Childhood nostalgia: Chocolate cake with mint custard.

Anyone who’s anyone will remember this dessert from school! It was loved by everyone, well almost everyone.. you always got those fussy kids that didn’t like ‘green custard’ like its not the best bit.

Making up the chocolate cake was easy, making up the custard however wasn’t. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t get it to taste right, it was never like they used to make it at school. Well, that was until I spoke to a dinner lady who gave me the big secret. It isn’t actually custard, more of a sweet white sauce flavoured with peppermint!! Three trials later and I have it perfected.

So, here’s what you need:

For the cake. 

-175g softened butter

-175g caster sugar

-125g self raising flour

-75g cocoa powder

-3 eggs

-1 teaspoon baking powder

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the custard.

-300ml whole fat milk

-1 tablespoon of plain flour/cornflour

-2 heaped teaspoons of caster sugar

-Roughly 2/3 drops of peppermint extract (stick to two, add more if needed.)

-Roughly 3/4 drops of green food colouring (again, stick to a little, add more if needed.)


And here’s what you need to do:

First, we need to make up the cake. This is the very basic of chocolate cakes, you have to remember schools in the 90’s (as they are now) have limited funding for school meals, so for authentic tastes, we’re keeping it fancy free.

For most cakes, I tend to mix wet ingredients then add dry, but for some reason, this chocolate cake benefits from just having all ingredients thrown in a bowl and whizzed up. I told you we’re keeping it fancy free.



Once your cake mixture has been mixed, pop your oven on, preheat to 180 (fan). And grab a rectangle baking tray. Butter your tray and line the bottom with baking paper.


Now pour in your cake mixture and pop in the oven, middle shelf, turning your temperature down to 160 (fan) for around 15 minutes.



Once your cake is fully cooked (use the skewer in the centre method to test) take out of the oven and put aside.


Now its time to make up the mint custard. This method is very simple, however it is very easy to get it wrong. So here’s what you do. Pour about 50ml of your milk into a saucepan, on a medium heat until it starts to bubble. Very quickly put your table spoon of flour in and whisk it all together. You want it to create a clumpy milk/flour mix.

Very slowly, trickle the rest of your milk into the saucepan, whisking the entire time until you’ve used all of your milk. Tip in your sugar and continue to stir.

Very quickly, your sauce will thicken, you’ll notice straight away, so take the pan of the heat and continue to whisk. The hard part is done.


Now, add your peppermint extract and your green food colouring, again giving it all a good whisk. If your custard gets too thick, simply pour in a little more milk to thin out.


Your favourite childhood dessert is ready to serve…



…And devour. Relishing in the memories each mouthful brings back.




The little woman pretends.


Autumn staple: Jam roly poly

You all know by now I’m a sucker for dessert, extra points if its nostalgic. So obviously a recipe for Autumn staple: Jam roly poly, just HAD to be put up on here. I can’t believe it took me so long to be honest. Its a firm favourite in our house, though I have to admit I have been known to just pull one of Aunt bessies finest out of the freezer. *Shame on me!* I think it was the suet that always stopped me from just making up my own, its never something I just have in.. Well for a while now, its something I make sure to always have in, if its not making up steamed puddings, its going in dumplings! it is stew season after all. Anyway, less about stew. Jam poly poly is SO simple to make, its a ‘shove all your ingredients in a bowl’ recipe. The longest part is the cooking, but even then you just leave it to do its thing. so no real effort. And at the end you get to smother a deliciously sweet dessert in warm, creamy custard. The whole thing is best devoured by candlelight, whilst the rain batters against your windows. Oooh Autumn. I do love you.

Anyway, heres how you can make it too.


Here’s what you need:

-250g self raising flour.

– 50g cold butter

– 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

– 50g suet (contrary to what you’d think, shredded beef suet from the supermarket is fine.)

-150ml full fat milk,

-1/2 jar of jam, flavour of your choice. I’ve gone classic with raspberry.

-Custard/ice cream to serve with.




And here’s how you can make it. 

First, put your flour, cold butter, and vanilla into a blender and pulse together until there is no more solid pieces of butter remaining.


Next, pour your flour mixture into a mixing bowl, adding your shredded suet and milk.


Use a knife to combine everything together. You want it to be quite a sticky dough.


Now its time to prep for putting your roll poly in the oven. First, place two racks into your oven, on the bottom place a large baking tin half filled with boiling kettle water. Put your oven on 180 (fan) and close the door.


Next, lay out two pieces of tin foil. You can do this with them side by side, or just crossed over like I have. then place over a piece of baking parchment.


Sprinkle a dusting of flour over your parchment, before dropping your dough down. Give it all a good roll out until it’s roughly the thickness of a £1 coin, maybe a tiny bit thinner.


Now, slather over your jam, using the back of a spoon to spread. The key to getting this pudding right, is jam, lots of jam. The dough is quite a heavy suet pudding dough, so it needs lots of fruity -sweetness to balance that out. If in doubt wether you’ve put enough on, always put more on.


Once you’ve finished the last step, you can now roll your pudding up. Because you rolled your dough out on greaseproof paper, you’ll find this fairly simple. But to be safe just roll it slowly. Giving all the ends a good pinch together when you’ve finished.


Next, fold your paper/tinfoil up, scrunching the edges together to seal. You don’t want to ‘wrap’ the roll poly up. It will expand when cooking. So just loosely pull the pieces together, leaving lots of room inside the foil. Also it helps to make sure all the edges of your foil are sealed, this will keep the steam in and help your pudding rise better.


Now, pop it in the oven, on the shelf above the tray of water, for roughly an hour. Its not something that will need to come out of the oven straight away, so if you like, once your hours up, you can simply turn off your oven and leave until your ready to serve.


Serve when you’re ready.



Slather in custard, and enjoy.


The perfect pudding for any cosy Autumn night.



The little woman pretends.

Home life project – November edition.

This months Home life project, was all but forgotten about, until 11am on Sunday morning, I was slogging it out at the gym when i realised. Ooops. In my absolute defence though Izzy picked up some sort of Sickness bug on Friday, so the entire weekend has been spent cradling her and trying to get her to nibble on toast and sip water. Not really HLP worthy.

Anyway, I did manage to grab a few images, but not enough to actually link up to the home life project linky. But I thought i’d post them anyway. There’s only four.


So there we are. Not my best HLP. But I WILL do better next month, especially since the Christmas decorations will be up… Hello twinkly light backgrounds!

Here’s the link for Novembers Home life project, here you can find people that actually remembered to have a go this month.



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Death by chocolate Halloween Doughnuts.

Its here. Our Halloween weekend has started! and i’m not even ashamed to say I’ve been planning this years halloween party since the beginning of September. Costumes have been sorted (i’ll have more about that on Monday.) decorations have been arriving on a staggered basis for nearly two months (I bought a led light fog machine. *EEEKS*) The last thing to figure out has been the food! I’ll be honest, I still haven’t actually decided what i’ll be serving. Last year it was am mountain of hotdogs sliced to look like fingers. I’m thinking of maybe making a giant cheese topped chilli &  side bowl of nachos?

Anyway, less of what I haven’t figured out yet and more of what I have. One thing I’ll definitely be making this year are doughnuts, if you read this post, you’ll know how much I love my doughnut tray, and whats better than themed doughnuts?! Nothing, is better than themed doughnuts!!

So, I will of course be showing you how to make up these Triple Chocolate chip doughnuts with a spooky twist.


Here’s what you’ll need:

175g self raising flour,

175g caster sugar,

175g softened butter,

50g cocoa powder,

1/2 teaspoon of baking powder,

3 eggs,

100g chocolate chips,

200g white chocolate,

Food colouring of your choice – I’ve gone with Green, purple and orange.

Sprinkles of your choice. I’ve stuck with halloween themed colours.



And here’s what you’ll need to do:

First, its time to make up the chocolate chip sponge cake. To do this, simply tip your butter and sugar into a bowl, giving it a good whisk up, you want to end up with a lovely fluffy creamy consistency.


Next up add in your eggs, and give another good whisk up.


Now its time to add your dry ingredients. So, your flour, baking powder and cocoa powder.


And finally, its time to add some double chocolate goodness, in the form of chocolate chips. Pour ’em in and give it all a good stir with a spoon.


Now you can spoon your chocolatey cake mixture into your pre-buttered donut tray, if your fancy you can pipe your cake mixture in, it is neater… but I, for some reason find it ridiculously difficult to use a piping bag.


Cook at 180, 160 (fan) or gas mark 4,  for 10- 15 minutes, or until firm. Once you’ve taken them out of the oven, you must set them aside and just leave them to sit and cool for at least five minutes. When it comes to taking them out you’ll see that they then will tip out easily and whole.


Once your donuts have cooled, you can decorate. To do this, i’ve simply snapped up white chocolate into three separate bowls, I microwaved each bowl for 60 seconds, before giving it a through stir. I then added a couple of drops of food colouring to each one (Orange, green and purple. ) before dunking in those doughnuts.



Now its time for the fun bit. Getting those sprinkles out!


Finally, you can serve up your spooky halloween treats.

Halloween really is an amazing time of year, I think its because it marks the start of the holiday season, and because every year our halloween party gets more over the top. These really are the perfect sweet treat to add to your spooky table.


The little woman pretends.

Autumn pie.

Autumn Pie. Leftover roast chicken, smoky bacon, and an assortment of seasonal vegetables in a creamy sauce, all packed into a buttery homemade pastry. Do I even need to go on or should I just skip to the instructions?! It is an absolutely delicious dinner, its cosy, tummy warming comfort food at its best, and you’ll even get to see just how easy it is to make your own shortcrust pastry. Which I very excitedly used my new autumn leaf shaped cookie cutters to make the crust. You can buy these on Amazon. I will be honest, it is quite a faff to make. But, if your organised, its no problems. I’d recommend making up your pie filling during the day, popping it in the fridge until its needed. Then its just a case of popping it all together just before dinner. Anyway, I’ll jut get on and tell you how you can make it up too.



Here’s what you’ll need:

For the pastry – 

550g plain flour,

200g cold salted butter,

pinch of salt,

roughly two tablespoons of cold water.

For the filling-

Plug of olive oil,

Roughly 250g cooked chicken. I used a little bit under that in leftover roast chicken.

2 leeks,

1/3 Peeled & cubed Butternut squash,

3 sticks of celery,

3 slices of smoky bacon, diced.

300ml chicken stock,

150ml creme fraische,

salt and pepper to taste.


You’ll also need:

Food processor

Cookie cutters (leaf shapes) or a sharp knife and leaf template cutouts.


And here’s what you need to do:

First we’re going to make up your pie filling, we’re doing this first because it will need to cool completely before being put into your pastry pie case.

So, to do this, first pop a little oil into a pan and fry up your smoky bacon pieces. once they’ve started to golden, take them out and put to the side.


Next, police up your vegetables into chunks, before popping into your pan and cooking for a good 10-15 minutes, stirring regularly.

Once your vegetables have started to soften, trip in your cooked bacon, your chicken stock and cook on a high heat for another 10/15 minutes. Or until the liquid has started to reduce. Before pouring in your cremes friasch, turning the heat down and simmering for another 10 minutes.

You’ll notice, that the liquid you poured over your vegetables, by now has thickened into a sauce – a very delicious sauce. Take your pie filling of the heat, pour into a bowl and set aside to cool, staring it over after about 5 minutes.

Now, its time to start on your pastry, i’m making up a classic shortcrust pastry. This is so easy to make up. The key is, not to over handle it. you can make it using just your hands, but I find it can become a bit tough, because of being over handled. So I like to use a blender. Simple pour your flour, butter and salt into your blender and pulse, until your flour has turned into golden crumbs. it will take 3 or four minutes, but be patient.



Now, pour in one tablespoon of water and using a knife push the shortcrust crumbs together, then add the rest of your water before tipping the whole thing out onto a floured surface. At this point you will need to handle it, push all of your pastry together, giving it a good roll between your palms to create a solid ball of pastry.


Wrap in clingfilm and pop in the fridge for 20 minutes/ half an hour.

By now, your pastry will be firm and your filling cooled. So you can put your pie together. Start by halving your pastry ball. If you find your pastry is too firm, too cold. You can pop it into the microwave for 5/10 seconds. this will make it more easy to work without having to handle it. Once its softened and ready to work with, simply roll your half out on a floured surface, making sure its big enough for your pie dish. Then simply lay it in your pie dish, pinching the edges of the pastry to the edges of your pie dish.

Just before you make the rest of the pie up, you’ll need to complete the filling, you can do this by throwing in all that cooked chicken. I used a half a roast chicken I had left over from Sunday dinner, its perfect for using up leftovers.

Next, pour your filling into your pastry bottom, spreading it all out evenly.

And now comes the fun bit. Well… fun for me. I get to use my new pastry cutters. Roll out your remaining pastry half and using your leaf cutters (if you have them) or using a sharp knife and freehand cutting out. And lay your pastry autumn leaves out over your filling.

Before long you should have a full crust of leaf loveliness.

Finally, wash over the top of your pie with a mix of egg & milk.

Now you can bake, place it on a shelf close to the top of your over (but not at the top) on 180 (fan) for around 35 minutes. or until your pie crust is a lovely golden shade.

Its the perfect cosy dinner on any chilly Autumn evening.



The little woman pretends.




Peanut butter & chocolate criss-cross cookies.

Peanut butter is one of my all time favourite foods. And if i’m answering the big ‘ol debate crunchy OR smooth, I’d say CRUNCHY all the way. Wether it’s a simple Peanut butter on seeded toast supper. Or my new favourite snack, Peanut butter cookies. There is always a time for Peanut butter. A few weeks ago, I discovered M&S did a Peanut butter cookie, needless to say I snacked my way through a full pack in 24 hours #Sorrynotsorry BUT then disaster struck (Not an actual disaster, Just one for me, who places Snacks and binge watchable TV shows very high on my list of priorities) They just stopped stocking them. Three weekends in a row i’ve been in hoping for them, but nope. They are no longer.

So, I took matters into my own hands and made up my own. Which are actually way better, because mine are topped with chocolate. This recipe is ridiculously easy, seriously making the dough takes about 3 minutes. My recipe will make you 24 cookies.

Here’s what you need to make them. 

  • 140g Peanut butter – Smooth or crunchy, its entirely up to your tastes what you use.
  • 100g softened butter.
  • 100g granulated sugar
  • 100g soft brown sugar (I like dark brown, it gives a much deeper taste.)
  • 150g plain flour.
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon Baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt.
  • 50g Chocolate (milk, dark or white. Whatever you want, though I’ve gone with Milk)



And here’s how you make them.

First, pour both butters, both sugars and your one egg, into a bowl and mix thoroughly.



Then, pour in your dry ingredients. (Flour, baking powder, salt.)



Next, lay a sheet of either baking parchment OR cling film (not tin foil, you’ll end up having to peel tiny bits of foil of your cookie dough) down on a flat surface and tip your cookie mixture out. Use a spoon to spread your mix into a roll.

Like in my original Chocolate chip cookie recipe, we’re going to be freezing this dough for a little while. So the entire length of dough needs wrapping up. twist at the ends before giving it a good roll, making sure its pretty much an even depth the entire way through.

Now pop it into the freezer.



Your dough will need to be frozen for a minimum of one and a half hours. Ideally for around 2/3. But If you want to be prepared, you can make this up the night before and leave it in overnight.

Once your roll of dough has chilled for long enough, take it out of the freezer, line a baking tray with baking paper and pre-heat your oven to 170dg (fan assisted.)

Now, simply slice your cookies off the end of your roll and place in your tray.





Ideally, you need to keep some space around your cookies, not too much, but enough so that when they start to bake and spread a little they don’t all melt into one. I’m using quite a big tray and have managed to fit 12 on comfortably.



You’ll want to bake your cookies for around 15-20 minutes, but if like me you’re prone to forgetting exactly when you put them in, you can just pop oven the oven door and have a look. You want them to be lovely and golden. Once they’ve finished, pop them to the side and leave to cool. don’t pick them up at this point, they will literally just squish in your hands (not to mention scald you), they only harden whilst they cool.



After about 20 minutes, your cookies will be ready to finish. To do this melt down 50g of chocolate and grab a spoon.



If you’re a little bit fancy pants and have a piping bag you can use that for this part, but just using a spoon is fine. Scoop up some of your melted chocolate and drizzle it over all of your cookies length ways, back and forth a few times.



Now, do the same again the other way. Up and down, until you reach the end. This will give your lovely chocolate criss-cross drizzle. Don’t worry about clumps of chocolate, it is never a bad thing to have too much chocolate on your cookie. If you do want them really tidy and uniform though, I would advise using a piping bag.



Now, just leave them to set for half an hour or so – If you can, and only if you want to stack them. If not, just share and scoff.



They really are the loveliest of cookies. I’ve actually eaten 5 of them today, they’re just so moreish! Maybe something that should only be kept as a treat. Or maybe just make up the roll and keep it in the freezer, slicing off a couple of cookies overtime you fancy something sweet. Pour a cuppa’ and enjoy.







The little woman pretends.