Seasonal living: January.

I had planned the first seasonal living post to go a little differently than it has done, but the seasons aren’t always how they’re supposed to be, sometimes its freezing cold and raining in Summer, sometimes its blue skies and warm sunshine in October, with that in mind, this month, I’ve just kinda’ gone with the flow.

Around the home:

I’ll have to be honest, I’ve not really achieved much in the home month. The ‘Drain people (?!)’ were supposed to be coming early on to sort out the drainage issues with 90% of the garden whenever it rains for more than 2 hours. My back garden is a bog.

Once this was drained and re-turfed, the plan was to then be able to build up the back of the garden for the chickens, which would then make room for the Veg patch. Of course, nothing this month has really gone right, so I’ll just try and get all that done next month.

So, I may not have ticked anything off the garden to-do list, I have however been putting a little bit of effort elsewhere into living seasonally.


What I’ve been doing:

One of my main goals this month was to get outside, and even before everything started to get a bit crazy round here, we had definitely accomplished that one. Mischa isn’t super keen on my new “Lets explore” mentality, in fact on one of our vistits to beacon fell earlier on in the month, she told me it was the worst day ever. It was pretty cold… and we were sat eating sandwiches on the very tip of a high hill…. I know, I know… I’m such a meanie. I did however promise her that by the end of the year she will love our adventures out. I’m really going to have my work cut out with that little promise.



What I’ve been eating:

Food wise, I’ve been keeping it simple, For the best part of the month, I’ve been trying to cut down on our meat consumption, so we’ve been quite happily doing two meat free dinners a week, this slow cooker mushroom risotto was a firm favourite, as was the Leek and potato soup (Just switch the chicken stock for vegetable) For all the other meals its been stews, stodgy puddings and homely comfort foods. It is after all January. One of my favourite new tries this month has been this Somerset stew with cheddar and parsley mash. I popped some sausages in and WOW. This is the ultimate in winter comfort foods.


How I’ve been feeling:

This one is obviously a difficult one to answer normally this month (You’ll find an explanation in this post for why) But If I try and ignore all of the crazy stuff, and just focus on our household, and how everything was prior to the giant explosion that went off the middle of the month, I’d have to say fresh… I had and still am feeling quite refreshed. January is quite a miserable month for so many people and for so many reasons, but I haven’t been feeling that, the first week or so was just met with relief that the Christmas season was over. And now, the days are finally getting that tiny bit longer, just noticing that has give me a little boost and helped appreciate the time of year we are in.


All in all, its been a cosy January, but I’m ready to prepare for spring now, February is already looking to be busy.

How have you been living seasonally this month?


The little woman pretends.


Sticky toffee pudding.

In the spirit of easing. my way back it normal life, I thought I’d pop up a recipe post. And I know, I know… Most of the world is on some sort of ‘New year, new me’ health kick, but seen as I’m all about balance, I thought I’d entice you over to the sweet side of life with this delicious classic, Sticky toffee pudding!

I have to be completely honest, this isn’t my recipe… its originally, this Ginger & sticky toffee pud by the baking goddess that is Mary berry (I’ve just tweaked it slightly for my tastes), I received a lot of feedback from the photo I posted on Christmas Day and so thought I’d give you a complete post all about it.

So, here’s how you make it.

Here’s what you’ll need

For the cake

175g Self raising four,

75g butter (softened),

150g soft brown sugar,

2 eggs,

1tsp baking powder,

2 tablespoons Black treacle,

1tsp Vanilla,

125ml full fat milk.


For the toffee sauce

110g Butter (Softened),

250g soft brown sugar,

350ml double cream,

1/2 tsp vanilla.


And here’s how to make it. 

First, put 75g of softened butter and 150g soft brown sugar in a bowl and beat together.


Then add the rest of your cake ingredients. Flour, eggs, bi-carb, vanilla, milk and treacle.



 …And give it all a good whisk up.


Whilst your cake batter is whisking, butter your dish. You can use a cake tin for this, if you want to turn it out and then pour over your toffee sauce, but it can get a bit messy, so I prefer a baking dish.


And finally you can pour your toffee cake batter into your dish. Pop it into the oven, middle shelf at 180 dg for around 40-50 minutes.


Once your cake has baked, pop it out of the oven and set aside, whilst you make up your caramel sauce.


Making up your caramel sauce is really easy, Simply grab a saucepan, pop in your butter, soft brown sugar, vanilla and double cream, Before turning your hob on medium heat. And now you just leave it to bubble, you can give the pan a swirl every now and again, but avoid stirring until the very end.


Once your sauce has turned a lovely rich caramel colour, simply take off the heat and give it a stir. * Be extremely careful with it. This stuff is like molten lava and it will really hurt you if you drip any of it on your skin*


Its as easy as that really! Now you can pour half of your sauce all over that delicious pudding…


And pour the rest into a jug for a side sauce.


Now its ready to serve. Simply scoop out a lovely big chunk, drizzle over some more of that homemade caramel sauce…


… And slather it with custard.


… and just enjoy.

The perfect way to start a balanced new year.


The little woman pretends.

*Massive thank you to LJ Photoboards who very kindly gave me this beautiful textured/darkwood photo prop board. After being covered in flour and caramel sauce, they wiped down so easily, ready to be used again.*

The home life project 2017 : January.

It doesn’t feel like two minutes ago that it was Decembers HLP, but here we are in a brand new month and a brand new year! I’ve been so excited about this months edition, mainly because I rarely have my camera out of my hand nowadays, and I don’t blog much about family life, but our days together really are my favourite thing to photograph.. so its nice to be able to share some of those family photos over here.

So, anyway. This month. I wasn’t really sure what day I was going to photograph this weekend, but then I had a ton of college work to get through on Friday – so that ruled that day out- and on Saturday our day out plans had to be postponed whilst sam recovered from illness *Hangover* So, I just left it until yesterday. We had no real plan in mind, but I’ve been eager to get out of the house a lot more recently, so we settled on somewhere outdoorsy, and seen as we did a woodland hike earlier on in the week, it made more sense to go to the beach. So after a slow morning, we wrapped up warm and spent the majority of the day chasing the tide out on a very foggy beach. *At one point, I had no idea which direction we had come from, or which direction we should have been going, it was so weird, and obviously  unnerving… turns out you follow the tide lines and hope for the best before the tide starts coming back in again!*  After a long walk, breathing in all that refreshing sea air, we headed to a pub close by for  lunch, before heading back home too lounge before the girls were bathed and put into bed. It truly was a lovely Sunday.



…And then of course there was the January Challenge which I dedicated a lot of time to thinking about, but left it so late to actually do! This is about three minutes before bath time, I didn’t want to force them into any poses or anything, so I think I just about managed to grab one before they noticed. It was so weird peering in on the family from outside… felt a little bit like a stalker. Ha ha.


So, thats that. The first Home life project of the year. Its great to be starting a brand new year with this, I can’t wait to see where the year takes us.



The little woman pretends.

The year of seasonal living.

I’ve always had a fairly simplistic approach to life. I, like most have a dream, my dream is to build a big beautiful house (New England/ranch style) out in the middle of nowhere, to have a flock of hens, maybe a couple of pigs, probably a goat… a library, a vegetable patch I can tend to all summer long, a beautiful kitchen to prepare wholeosme meals. Its all very simple. And whilst I can’t do anything about the house building part just yet – other than day dream – I can start on all the other stuff.

Back in July last year we got our first chickens, three beautiful girls who give us the freshest eggs possible every day. They’re such a dream to have (not including the current Avian flu outbreak thats left my girls on lock down since the beginning of December) very easy to look after and the rewards are really the tastiest rewards ever – Boiled eggs & soldiers on a drizzly winters morning. Is there anything more cosy?!


Last year was a turning point for me, I’ve always had a certain wildness, one that has caused me a fair bit of trouble as a young un’, but as I’ve got older, I’ve learnt to channel that wildness, 2015/2016 were the years I started listening to my body more, I realised just how much balance and mental clarity having a good diet and regular exercise gave me. It was over this last year I also started to notice the seasons a bit more, though having developed an obsession with taking my camera everywhere, had an awful lot to do with that.   All this combined created an interest, something I’ve spent a fair few hours researching, Pinterest-ing, reading about and trying to better understand.  By the end of 2016, I was eager to get started on this years big plans.

To spend the year living seasonally.


I’m not being strict about all this, it isn’t some religious thing I must live by every single day, For me, this includes eating more locally produced -in season food. Growing my own – or at least trying too. Spending more time outdoors, making it a priority to surround myself with the natural life and embracing the calm it brings. I want to spend winters evenings snuggled up early with candles, books and tea, I want to live an entire Summers day out in the woods, staying out long enough to see the sun-set instead of rushing home to get the kids settled. I want celebrate the individuality of each season, the weather it brings, the food it brings and the way you live because of it.

It might all sound a little bit hippy dippy, but the simple life really does appeal to me more than any other way. Its something that already in-built, its just now I’d like to make a little more of an effort acknowledging it.



So, this year I’ve devised a plan of action and at the end of each month I’ll keep you all updated with a blog post. Beginning with my first post at the end of January.



I hope you’ll join me in a little Seasonal living.


The little woman pretends.

2016. The best of this year.

Ahh 2016.  it’s been a pretty crazy year. In normal life I’ve been trying to rear the children into being a less feral state, I’ve been jumping from health kick to ‘how much fried food can I eat in 24 hours’. And I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell I want to do when I’m a grown up. Turns out this year I grew up, I decided on a route. And for the most part of the year I’ve been working on it. hooray for decision making!

The blog world has been just as eventful, 2016 was the year of interiors over here on TLWP. The sewing machine has pretty much lay abandoned this year, instead replaced with a hammer, or miter-saw. This year I’ve swapped spending all of my money at the fabric shop, for spending it all at Savoy, and my home really does thank me for it. All in all, I’m leaving 2016 feeling energised, excited and so much more knowledgeable than I was when we started it. Here are some of my best bits.


I darn’t even guess how much sugar I’ve used this year! But you all know by now, I’m all about the desserts, this years top blog post pick  for food is, my most popular bake of the year the Raspberry & White chocolate loaf cake.




My obsession with home building started way back in April, Sam and I hatched a plan to build a floor to ceiling TV unit, practical, pretty, perfect! It took an entire week of my downstairs looking like a rabbit hutch- seriously, sawdust everywhere! But we did it. And I am so glad we plucked up the courage to give it a go. I don’t think I’ve had a month off building some sort of bespoke unit since. Full posts can be found here & here.


Family life:

2016 Was the year of the Home life project. 12 months, one post a month, detailing our weekend through photo’s. I started this project with absolutely no direction, next to no skill, and absolutely nothing to bring the the table. I’m ending this year proud as punch that I persevered, kept on practicing, upgraded my camera and discovered a passion. Clare has assured me 2017 will bring lots of great things for this awesome link, I can’t wait to see how this next year goes.



This year hasn’t been as crafty as 2015 was, however I have still spent some time on the sewing machine. One of my favourites of the year has been this adorable drawstring bag tutorial. It is honestly SO easy to make up and they are completely customisable! Mine switch between ballet bags and PE bags. cheap, cheerful and so cute!



I dont tend to discuss my real life all that much over here, I tend to prefer keeping it all about the ‘How to’s’ However every now and again, something amazing happens & I just HAVE to share. This year my top pick for the lifestyle post, has to be my birthday trip to London. It re-ignited my love for leaving the hometown, even if for a short while. I spent an incredible 72 hours in the capital, sleeping in luxury, eating the most delicious food, and of course finally getting to visit the Harry Potter tour! It truly was amazing.


All in all, 2016 has been pretty good to me,  here’s to another year!!

Tonight, I’ll be doing what we do every year, I’ll make up our traditional beef wellington (Jamie Olivers incred recipe here.) the girls will settle around 8pm, Sam and I will share a few glasses of fizz, and play a game – usually a themed monopoly- This year we have Game of thrones Monopoly. I’m way more excited than I should be about this. ha. We’ll probably watch a little TV (We started The good wife last night) we’ll toast in the new year and shuffle off to bed at five past midnight, like the little elderly souls we are. There’s no other way I’d rather end and start any year.

Happy new year!


The little woman pretends.

NYE celebration doughnuts.

We’re finally in the last week of the year!! How on earth did the happen?! With it being the end of the year, this is also my very last recipe post of 2016! So I thought I’d make it super fancy, something luxuriously delicious to end your week with. And of course you all know how obsessed I’ve been with those cake doughnuts this year, well I thought I’d finish up with an extremely delicious version. These are Hazelnut & chocolate doughnuts, topped with Dulce de leche & golden glitter (edible of course.) These are AMAZING!

So, here’s what you’ll need to make it.

  • 200g unsalted butter (s0ftened.)
  • 180g caster sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 115g plain flour
  • 35g cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 100g ground hazlenuts
  • 100g milk chocolate (grated)
  • Ready made Dulce de leche / caramel sauce
  • edible glitter to finish.

And heres how to make it.

First, we have to make up the sponge cake mixture to make the doughnuts. To do this, add your butter and caster sugar into a bowl and give it all a good whisk together.


Next, add your eggs, one at a time, giving it all a good whisk in-between.


Now, add your dry ingredients. Your hazelnuts and grated chocolate first, giving it a good stir with a spoon…


Before pouring in your flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt. Finish with a good whisk up.


Now its time to get your Doughnut tray ready, these are the coolest thing! I’m really not a big lover of the normal doughnut, I think its the fried aspect. I just end up eating the filling and leaving the rest, tense why I love these cake versions SO much more. You can find the tray I use here. To prep for baking (and to make sure your sponge doesn’t stick) just rub a bit of butter round each doughnut shape, making sure you get it over the middle bit too.


Now you can spoon in your cake mixture. You can use a piping bag to do this part if you’re fancy. But I prefer to just use two teaspoons. You don’t want to fill up your trays completely, around 3/4 full is perfect.


You can now pop your doughnuts in to bake. Middle shelf, 180 (fan) for around 12/15 minutes. They’ll be firm to touch and risen nicely once they’re done.


Once you’ve taken them out of the oven (and whilst they’re still quite soft), grab a spoon and gently spoon around the sides of your doughnut trays, separating the edge of the doughnut from the tray, do the centres too. You now should be able to tip your tray upside down and they’ll fall out fully formed -though you may need to give the underside of the tray a good bang. Now set aside your doughnuts, re-butter the tray and add your second lot of cake mixture.


Once your doughnuts have completely cooled, you can decorate. To do this simply add your dulce de leche (I love to use this sainsburies version) to a piping bag with a plain circle nozzle.


Now simply, squeeze out a simple circle around the top of your doughnut.


You can use the blunt side of a knife to spread it slightly.


Before finishing with a sprinkle of glitter.


How fancy are these eh!


It is New Years after all, so I’ve paired mine with a glass of something bubbly..


And a bit of sparkle to finish them off nicely….


The perfect treat if you’re having guests over this New Years eve…. or even if your having a night in by yourself, indulge and eat them all!!! Ha.


Happy New Years!!


The little woman pretends.

Christmas Traditions.

Like most families, we have our own Christmas traditions. Ours mainly centres around Christmas eve. Christmas day is jam packed with family and so Christmas eve is our night, just the four of us. This is why every year, we (I) prepare a christmas eve box. I’ve seen just how popular these have become, and so I thought I’d share whats in mine this year.


  • New Pyjamas. Obviously. – All matching, not always a necessity, but OMG so adorable!
  • Something to eat, a little Chocolate, popcorn,  general snacks for the evening.
  • Something to watch. x2 A film to watch with the children and then something for Sam and myself to watch once they’ve gone to bed. I haven’t put ours in the box because we already own it. Love actually. Its always our Christmas eve movie.
  • Something to play. This year… Buckaroo!
  • Lush Christmas Bath bomb. The girls love a lush bath.
  • Hot chocolate supplies. You can find everything you would need for the best hot chocolate here.


Christmas eve is our time, we play games, watch movies, snack to our hearts content, as well as taking our annual Christmas eve family photo. I’m really looking forward to this years photo, my skills have grown so much since last year, so I’m expecting a clear & cosy photo.

On Christmas Day we start off the same way. Stockings poured out over the bed, downstairs for breakfast and straight into present opening. I usually put the Turkey in to Slow roast round about 9 am, and the rest of the morning is spent wading through packaging and trying to find the 80+ batteries needed for toys. Ha. Round about Mid- day the In-laws come round, we share more presents and spend the afternoon full of festive cheer before a very hearty Christmas dinner and once dinner is over I almost cry actual tears of joy at the sight of a crisp, cool glass of Rose.

The evening is very relaxed, a combination of tiredness and fullness, we’ll catch up on some Christmas specials TV and revel in the Christmas cheer.


Boxing Day. Ah Boxing Day. This is the day I get to rock up to my dads house, hand out gifts, I get to eat without having to cook, I get to drink wine whilst my family watch the girls. Boxing Day is a very special day. This year will be no different. On the 26th you’ll be able to find me lounging around in my dads house, glass of wine in one hand, plate of turkey sandwiches in the other.

That. Is what Christmas is all about.

I’m intrigued to know what your Christmas traditions are? Is there something you just have to do every year?


The little woman pretends.

Port & Sage Chicken liver pate.

Chicken liver pate is a massive hit in our house, it really does make the most delicious snack. Or even Supper, which is what I’ve planned for Christmas Eve. With it being for Christmas though, I thought I’d fancy up my original recipe, by adding some port and sage. YUM it really is delicious, served on a slab of crusty baguette with a cool glass of red wine. Pure festive luxury.

So, here’s what you’ll need.

  • 220g unsalted butter, softened.
  • 3 shallots
  • 450g chicken livers
  • 60 ml port
  • 5/6 fresh sage leaves.
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon of pepper
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped.
  • 2 tablespoons of creme fraiche.


And here’s what you need to do.

First, peel your shallots and garlic cloves, before adding them to a food processor.

Give it all a good blitz up, before adding your fresh sage leaves.

Now, add 20g of your softened butter to a pan, let it melt down and heat up, before adding your onion/garlic/sage mixture. give it a good fry, stirring regularly until your onion pieces have gone soft and golden. Empty into a bowl immediately and set aside.

Now its time to move on to the next bit. First, give your chicken livers a good wash, before patting them dry with kitchen roll.

Now slice your chicken livers in half,, making sure to cut off any stringy bits.

Now, add 30g of your softened butter to your pan before throwing in the chicken livers.

Chicken liver doesn’t need that much time to cook, round about 5 minutes on a medium heat should do just fine. The thing with cooking them is that if you over cook your livers will take on a grainy texture. If you really are unsure wether or not your livers are cooked, simply fork one out and slice it right down the middle, you want it to have paled all the way through. After about a minute of cooking your livers, pour in your Port, you want to infuse the cooking liver with the deep flavour of port as its cooking.

So, once everything cooked, transfer your livers (liquid and all) over to your blender. And give it a good blend, you want it to be nothing but paste, no lumps whatsoever.

Now pour your liver pate from your blender into a bowl, add your onion/garlic/sage mixture and two tablespoons of creme fraische. before giving it all a good mix.

Add your Salt and pepper, before giving it all another thorough stir.

Next up, add 55g of your butter to the blender and half of your pate mixture, give it all a good mix up, before adding another 55g and the other half of your pate.

Now you can transfer your pate into your chosen jars. I’m using some I kept from the M&S creme brulee’s (they where actually the only reason I bought the creme brulee’s.) I’m doing them in smaller portions because I’m going to freeze mine, I can take one out each time we want one, and the rest wont get wasted. I’ll tell you more about freezing further down.

Finally, melt down your remaining 50g of butter and pour over the top of your pate. This layer of butter, once set will help preserve your pate.

I’ve finished them off by dabbing a spare sage leaf into the top of the butter, you don’t have too… but it does look pretty.

I mentioned before that I was making these up for our Christmas Eve super, whilst they will last a week in the fridge thanks to the butter preserve, Its not enough for them to still be edible on Christmas Eve, so I’m going to freeze mine (well all but one.) to do this simple place a sheet of cling film over your pate, making sure its pressed agains the butter and place in the freezer. They’ll last  up to 2 months in there, and when you fancy having a posh supper, just take one out the morning before and leave to thaw out for the day. easy as that.

As for the one I left out. That gets sided with chunky slices of wholegrain baguette and a glass of M&S’s finest red.

Just testing it of course, don’t want Christmas Eve supper to be ruined now do I?!



The little woman pretends.


Our handmade Christmas tree.

I am very particular about my christmas tree, i’d love to be one of these mums that turns the dressing of the christmas tree into a family event, but no. Just no. I cant cope with the cluster of baubles, the uneven-ness of decorations. I like it orderly. So, last year I thought i’d let my kids have there very own Handmade christmas tree to do as they please with, this included making up their very own decorations for it too!


It worked out great for me, all those little bits they bring home from school and after school clubs have somewhere to go, They get to pick out a couple of their own baubles as well (This year we’ve added a rainbow & a carousel horse) And this year Mischa made up her very own angel to sit at the top. It is all a bit adorable!


We did try last week to make up another batch of handmade decorations for it, but I ended up having a bit of a Pinterest fail… What was supposed to turn out like this….


Ended up turning out like this…..


Not really sure where we wrong to be honest. Ha ha. Anyway, some decorations that I can actually do are the Salt dough baubles. Thats what we started with last year, and seen as I didn’t post anything about them, i’d thought I’d share a quick ‘how to’ here…

You’ll need:

  • 125g Plain flour – You cant substitute self raising here, your decorations will actually rise!
  • 1/3 cup of salt
  • 1/3 cup of water – maybe a tiny bit more.


Simply pour all your ingredients into a bowl and mix, I used an electric mixer, its just easier, but if you dont have one dont worry.

You want your dough to be completely combined into one large ball, slightly sticky and soft.

Now flour a surface, place your dough down and roll out, you want it to be about 1/2 an inch thick.

Using cookie cutters you can make your salt dough decorations in any shape you want. Mischa & izzy choose a few star shapes, christmas trees and a gingerbread man shape. Using a kebab skewer or something similar pop a hole through the top of your cut out. This will be the hole that you’ll thread string or wire through.

Place your dough cut outs on a baking sheet lined tray and pop them in the oven for at least 2 hours. It is a while, but you need to bake out all that moisture, any moisture and your decorations will just crack & crumble apart.

You’ll know they’re done when they are rock solid and almost white in colour.

Leave to completely cool before decorating.


Easy as that!


There are loads of possible handmade trinkets to adorn your tree, I’ve popped a few of the best tutorials I could find below.


Paper baubles – Stephanie Lynne


Twig Christmas tree – Michelle made me. 


Dried fruit baubles – Simply Notable

Wool wrapped stars – Live Laugh Rowe.

Lots of ideas for you there if you want to get a little bit crafty in the run up to Christmas. I’m interested to know how many others have a handmade tree?





The little woman pretends.

Toffee apple muffins.

I’m always a little giddy at this time of year, fairy lights, present wrapping, christmas music, mulled wine… Lots of mulled wine – Maybe i’m more than a little giddy. Today, i’m making up the perfect side to a glass of Christmas juice, Toffee apple muffins. lovely soft muffin scattered with chunks of soft apple and melted fudge, all topped with a swirl of luxurious salted caramel sauce. YES! These are incredible!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 290g Self raising flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 2 tablespoon of brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 250ml full fat milk
  • 50ml oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/2 eating apples (I’ve gone with golden delicious, they’re not too bitter, not too sweet.)
  • 100g fudge chunks
  • small jar of caramel sauce ( I like this one from Asda.)


Now, here’s what you’ll need to do. 

First, put all of your dry ingredients in a bowl. So the flour, baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg & brown sugar. Give it all a stir, the scent of Christmas should start whirling round you immediately.

Next, pour your milk, oil and egg into a jug and give it a quick stir.

Pop your wet ingredients into the bowl with your flour and give it all a good whisk up.

If you have a freehand mixer, you can use this time to prepare your apples (If you don’t, you can just prepare them up once you’ve finished mixing.) Peel your apples, cut into quarters and slice out the pips. Dice into smallish chunks, about 2cm thick is perfect.

Now toss your apple chunks in a light sprinkling of flour – this will prevent your apples from just sinking to the bottom of the muffins whilst they’re baking.

Then pour your Fudge chunks and apples into your muffin mixture, giving it all another good mix up.

Now its time to prep your oven, pop it on 200 / 180 (fan assisted), and pop your cake cases into a deep muffin tray.

And using a spoon or an ice-cream scoop (I prefer the latter) spoon your mixture into your muffin cases. Pop into the oven, middle shelf for around 20 minutes – or until golden and cooked through.

Once baked, put to the side and leave to cool (although they are incredible warm!).

Now comes the most delicious part – Caramel Sauce! I love this Salted Caramel version from ASDA.

I also found the most amazing piping bag for this next part, its silicone, pops in the dishwasher after use and is just so easy to use! So if like me you really struggle with piping, i’d definitely recommend I can’t find them online to share the link, but they’re £2.50 from ASDA, so keep an eye out. Anyway, yes back to the caramel sauce, simply fill your bag with Caramel and swirls away!

Your festive Toffee apple muffins are now ready to serve.

Don’t forget your side of mulled wine!

Now, eat, drink and most importantly… be merry!


The little woman pretends.