Self care series: Simple skincare.

Winter is always the harshest season on my skin, and not even just because of the chopping and changing from freezing wind to drying out heating. Its mainly because of how many nights out are planned during the festive season. I’m not a massive make-up wearer. I spend at least 4 days out of the week completely make-up free and when I do wear it, its as simple as tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, blusher and maybe a gentle brush with an eyebrow pencil. When I -very rarely- go out on an evening, I like to get a little more glammed up. One of my friends is a make-up artist, so she does the majority of my ‘going out face’ she’s very aware of my hatred of anything to heavy, but y’know even the minimal look holds quite the job lot of products! Luckily I’ve developed my very own fail safe routine, so no matter how many times a week I’m make-up – ing up, I can keep it from being dry, chapped and prevent any breakouts.

My first port of call, is water, if I’m getting in after a night out, odds are I’ve had a fair few alcoholic drinks. Nothing starts a breakout for me, more than alcohol. The more sugary, the worse the breakout. I’ve learnt the best way to counteract this, is to drink as much water as possible from arriving home – going to sleep. (FYI – This also helps massively with the hangover! as does a good meal and some paracetamol before you go to sleep!) Anyway, from there I cleanse with my all time favourite moisturiser! Burts bee’s chamomile and soap bark creme cleanser. It smells like refresher sweets, lasts forever – not literally, obviously ha!- and seriously is the BEST cleanser I’ve ever used! Another brill tool to use is a Facial Cleansing brush. If your half asleep trying to take your make-up off, this takes away most of the effort. Just close your eyes and let the brush do the hard work!


That is pretty much my daily routine. I dont moisturise (It messes up the balance of my skin), I dont tone, or double cleanse, or use some super exclusive – eye wateringly expensive product, nothing high maintenance. Just a simple- yet super important cleanse.

Twice a week I use the body shops Himalayan Charcoal mud mask – which has an added exfoliant and is the best mask I’ve found since Lush took their Love lettuce of the market – still SO sad about that! And on the off chance I do get a spot, usually either hormone related or I’ve consumed too much sugar. I add a touch of sudocrem over the freshly cleansed area and leave it overnight. Repeat for 2 nights, one night off – that usually does the trick.



Simple as that!

I’m sure you were expecting this post to be piled high with ‘must buy’ products, but the truth is as decent cleanser and a hydrated life, is all it really takes to keep my skin happy.




How do you keep your skin happy? Any little tips or secret formulas that keep it in tip-top condition?



The little woman pretends.


Level – A bloggers night out.

I remember The Guild hall when I was growing up, it was always a little shabby – but the gateway to the bus station (Preston bus station that is, if you’re not clued up on my home town.) With its Grahams for cheap Charlie deodrant, Hydes shop – the perfect spot to spend your pocket money! Gabbots farm shop, which was THE place to get a little cheeky Chinese chicken snack before catching the bus home and not forgetting the weigh shop – which was basically a shop full of bins, the bins were full of everything from sweets to washing powder, Bombay mix to dry dog food – a real eclectic mix. You’d scoop what you wanted into plastic bags, weigh them and buy them. I think that was probably my favourite – you’d get to use the machine and print of your sticker – it helped me live the dream of working in a sweet shop!

Anyway, life moved on – quickly and then one day after living out of Preston for quite a few years, we returned and ended up taking a little trip through town. The guild hall was derelict to say the least. I know there’s been a big problem with shops closing in town/city centres, but this was just so far beyond this. The once fully occupied mini-shopping centre was just empty, nearly every shop front dark, about three people just scurrying through, trying to get through to the bus station. It really was grim.

Flash forward to now, and earlier on in the week attended a pretty amazing launch of a complete new leisure complex in there. Level, holding a bowling alley, interactive darts, crazy golf course, karaoke booths, Later tag, Children’s and adults assault course.

The whole of The guild hall has been transformed by local business man Simon Rigby. From Review the bustling metropolitan cocktail bar, Villa Italia restaurant, there’s coffee shops, a Tapas restaurant, a newly opened ice cream parlour and now of course this new venture.




Though the entire unit isn’t fully finished yet, it still is pretty marvellous. The Bowling alley is really something special! Our only other local place to bowl Isn’t up to much, but this place is shiny and new. With its neon lights and leather seats, its high tech player sheet is pretty cool too – with a selfie function if just writing your name is a little to mainstream for you.



One of the more luxurious aspects to this as a bowling alley, is its private bowling party option. Entering through your own entrance, you have two lanes just for you, as well as large chesterfields to lounge one, fridges ready to be stocked for your party, a small stage, plus the option to connect your phone up to the sound system – if you fancy getting your own playlist on. It really is a treat.


Its not all about the bowling, another cool feature to this place – and actually so far my favourite activity here – is the interactive dartboards. Set in a more relaxed environment, just off the main room. You’ll find a cosy little section. The walls lined with warm wooden panels, holding a row of dart boards at one side, the rest of the room filled with a pool table and shuffleboard – which is also a lot of fun! And though the ‘interactive’ aspect is a little tricky to set up – the staff here can help you figure it out – once you get going, it is actually really simple. Even for a complete novice like myself (who actually ended up winning the game with a bullseye!!) its so much fun to play, the room itself is a much more relaxed area, somewhere you’d come after work for a quick drink and a de-stress with your mates.



And last but not least. The main hall. And I call it a hall, because it is just HUGE!  I didn’t actually get a number on how many people this place can seat, but I’ll just say its a lot. There’s seating everywhere, including a raised little diner style setup overlooking the bowling alleys. The food served here is from Mundo’s Street Kitchen – which if I’m not mistaken is a side business from the Mundo’s tapas bar – also in The guild hall. We were treated to a lovely selection of bites, I was a massive fan of their garlic & chilli prawns. YUM!



The decor of the place is hard to fit into any one box. It’s a little industrial, but soft. Its playful with some incredible wall murals painted by the very talented local Artist Shaun Sharpe, but its still got a grown- up vibe. Most importantly is that when you combine all of these elements together, you end up in a place where you can relax, enjoy yourself, wether its a family day out or a date night. After work drinks or a children’s party. This place caters to it all.





We really did have such a good night trying this place out, the only bad thing I can say, is that I want to see the rest of it! I’m most excited for these karaoke booths! But the adult assault courses that will be filling the top level is definitely going to be something special! I’ve had word that everything on every level is expected to be up and running by the 15th – or there abouts – of December. And its open today, if you fancy having a pop in to see what all the fuss is about first hand.

It truly is such a brilliant addition to the city.




The little woman pretends.


If you want more information on the place you can find it over on their website or facebook page.



Home life project: December edition.

Its the very last month of 2017!! December, already! Seriously, the year is pretty much over! – I’m going to stop now, before I fill this entire post with exclamation marks.

But, here we all ready to finish up another year. I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the Home life project this year, I know the blogs been fairly quiet these past 12 months, but its just been so difficult to try and get this stuff organised, when my personal life has been so ridiculously chaotic. One of the constant things over here though has been this project – some months is been the only post. But truly its been a pleasure to shoot in the first weekend of every month.

Anyway, this months edition, I did have big plans to shoot our Saturday at the Manchester Christmas markets – but it turns out the first weekend after payday in December is absolutely not the time to go! It was so packed apparently, so we just gave it a miss. Instead – I just stuck to what I know best.. how to record a Sunday.

And thats what we did! We lazed, we watched cooking programmes, we ate delicious carb packed food. We did some Christmas crafts and the girls made a start on their Christmas lists. We didn’t really do much of anything, other than embrace the slow Sunday. This coming week is so beyond hectic with work, I knew I really needed to get the most. out of this lazy day.

Anyway, here it is… Decembers edition, complete with fairy light backdrops and all.



So, thats it. I’m not certain wether Clare will be continuing with this link up in 2018 – though I really do hope she does. Either way, I’ve been doing this project for 2 years now & I’ve learnt so much and captured so many memories. Its wonderful to look back on. Hopefully, I’ll back next month – which will also be next year! Do I say ‘ see you next year?’ ha, I’m such a child. – to start the #Homelifeproject 2018!


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Home life project: Novembers edition.

I’m going to skip the “Oh my god its November already” you get it as much as I do, times going fast! But with life fishing by so quickly, this month I’ve decided is the month for education. As many of you know back in July I started up as a photographer, which as been brilliant,business is going really well. But as I’ve been so focused on learning the ropes, I feel my work has kind of just become a little bit stagnant. I’ve been so focused on getting those jobs in, selling what I’m used to dong, there’s been no real time for growth. So, thats why I decided to keep November pretty free, just to go back to learning – This absolutely does tie in with this months HLP, just bare with me.

So when it came to this months HLP (See!) I wanted to tackle my first objective – Editing. I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut with Lightroom, but after a bit of Pinterest scrolling I found out that actually it can do WAY more than what I’ve been using it for. I’ve discovered things like the HSL tab! The before and after option – Seriously! And so with this months edition, I really wanted to put these things to use. You may not notice much difference to my usual stuff, but I can see so many changes already, my educational month is getting off to a good start!

So, more about this months photographs. With it being Bonfire night yesterday, Documenting our Sunday was an obvious choice. It started off pretty slow, all half term I’ve been pinging out of bed by 7.30, but typically on the last day, I woke up groggy at 10am questioning if something had happened to time, there was seriously no way I slept in that late! Apart from I did, and so did the rest of the house. I think the past week just caught up on us all.

Anyway, once we all finally dragged ourselves down stairs, it was sausage butties and a morning of lazing for everyone – but me who had to spend it working on website stuff. Once finished I got started on the first Sunday roast we’ve had in over a month!

Before dinner we decided to head out on a nice little Sunday afternoon stroll, Izzy had been a bit poorly over the weekend and Sam and I were feeling a little sore and stiff from Saturday mornings Gym session. So we took off into the local woodlands to stretch our legs.

Once dinner was done, we headed out into the garden for some sparklers and fireworks, I don’t tend to make a massive deal out of bonfire night – I’m all about Halloween – But even still, just a few for the girls, before we huddled back into the warm sanctuary of the house for Banana & Butterscotch pudding. Yum.

A really lovely Sunday.




The little woman pretends.



Home life project: October edition.

Its October, already! seriously. October! How on earth are we here already?! – glad I’ve got that out of my system!

Right, so Octobers Home life project is here! This weekend, I documented ‘some’ of our Sunday. I say some because, I spent most of the morning out of the house, helping my dad. When I got back we took the girls for a lovely little bike ride. This makes up pretty much most of my HLP photographs this month. I have to admit, it was a slightly half assed attempt, but I did try and I did actually edit and gather them together. so thats alright isn’t it?

My original plan was to take the girls collecting conkers. because – Hello amazing autumn photographs.- but also they’ve been asking all week. On the way back from seeing my dad though there was just traffic everywhere, I know most of the tree’s around our area have been rinsed, so it would have been up to one of the bigger parks. I was just tired, achey and I needed to make them some lunch before we could even leave the house. So a lovely ride round our local area it was. As you’ll see, it was rather muddy!




The little woman pretends.




A bloggers night out.

The blogging scene isn’t massive in Preston, but every now and again I get an invite to something cool in my hometown.

Last night I attended the opening of the new combined Thomas Sabo/ Peter Jackson The Jeweller shop in St George’s Shopping Centrewhich was so much fun! It was a very swanky affair, A very talented singer and her saxophonist gave a jazzy performance, plates of very delicious canapés where handed out, the prosecco was flowing and was treated to a showcase of their gorgeous products, as well has being given the most adorable bracelet to be engraved there and then on their cool engraving machine. It was all very grown up and I had a blast. Thanks for the invite!



The little woman pretends.

Home life project – September edition.

I have to be honest here, I don’t believe this is my best Home life project edition, which I really was expecting it to be, seen as I’ve upgraded my photography kit in the past month – Happy birthday to me!- Anyway, So this month I documented our Monday. I did this because A) even though I both saw & commented on Clares Friday night HLP reminder post, I forgot. ha. and B) It was the last day of our Summer holidays, and I had a lovely little day planned for the girls.

So, Monday morning started pretty slow. I made croissants and tea, we sat at the kitchen table with the radio on, just enjoying that last morning of relaxation before the school year restarted. I headed off to a session for a little while, leaving the girls playing, before we spent the afternoon at the Trafford centre. I’d been promising the girls for ages that we’d go to the build a bear workshop there, and as I only passed my driving test a couple of months ago, I hadn’t quite yet built up the courage for a long drive on the motorway. However after our summer glamping, Im not really that scared of being on there anymore! so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get up there. The girls were so excited to pick their new cuddly best friends, and I have to say the whole experience was pretty heart warming. The staff there are so great with the kids, they are really involved with the whole process of building their bear. From peddling the stuffing in, to kissing their heart before its placed inside the bear, even to naming and creating a birth certificate for their new friend. It was lovely! The plan is to take them back at then end of each half term, if they have been given a good report, they get to choose a new accessory. win-win.

So, after that little adventure, we had a stroll, went to the food court for lunch, before rocking home to get their school uniforms named and set out. It really was a lovely way to spend the last day of the holidays.




The little woman pretends.


A rural retreat.

Last week we headed over to the most serene little corner of the countryside. We wound up driving down that bumpy country road last Wednesday after a completely last minute decision. I was supposed to book us a lovely sunny holiday abroad before the holidays even started, but one day turned into two, and before I know we’re four weeks in and I still haven’t found anywhere that doesn’t cost two grand for a week in a 2 star at best. So I went to plan B. Camping.

I have to admit, I wasn’t overly sold on sleeping out in the elements. I mean, it would have been fine was it just me and Sam, I’m low maintenance, cup of tea, a good book. I’m right as rain. The girls however, rather ashamedly are big on their electronics – though our ‘iPad’ break of last year is still standing!- Mischa’s gasp of “But mum, how will we watch TV?!” Sold me on it. I spent my youth wandering the local woodlands, playing on rope swings, nursing nettled legs. My girls are slightly more sheltered. I let them run free, we regularly go out and about. But the actual freedom of spending the whole day from morning till dinner time “playing out” isn’t something my two have really managed to live through yet.

So, we went back to basics. Well, I say basics. I ended up booking a luxury teepee at the rather gorgeous looking Kings acre glamping. We got a really good last minute deal on Pitch up, £129 for 2 nights. And after creating a mini meal plan of very delicious and non-boring food we cook cook over the fire. we spent no more on £180 for the entire trip!

So, after receiving a very lovely email from Jess (the co-owner) giving me all the details for our stay, I got us packed up and off we went on our journey. The trip took less than 1 hour 10mins from Preston (if any locals are interested.) and the actual campsite was really easy to get too, they’ve even put up little signs to guide you to them.

Once at the site, we parked up and was led to our gorgeous little home for the few days we had the “Little owl” tent, which consisted of a large double bed, two fold out single futons, bedside tables, a chest for storage, a fire pit and enough comfy outdoor chairs for us all. It. Was. Perfect.

We jumped right on in, unpacked, and sat on those chairs out in the sunshine, looking over at the welsh valley views and hearing nothing but the sounds of birds and gentle winds blowing through the acorn tree above. I would go into loads of detail about what we did there, but truthfully, we did nothing for two days. We lazed and ate, we sat by the lake and read. I lay with a cold beer and watched the girls run around freely with the two adorable and completely friendly resident dogs. it was everything I could have hoped for. My only regret is that we didn’t book an extra night!

So, that was it. our little family trip away. If you’re wanting to do something similar before the summers out, here are a few of my best tips.

  • Make a meal plan. For our trip I pre cut and mixed Chicken fajita’s and Garlic n’ herb steak, potatoes and veg. I kept them in a those takeaway style foil trays, in a cool bag with a constantly frozen ice pack. We ate the chicken on the first night (for obvious reasons) and the steak was so beautifully marinated for our second night. I also made cheese and peppered ham pizza pockets wrapped in foil for lunch, you just literally throw them on the fire, turn after a few minutes, unwrap and enjoy.


  • Take a washing up bowl, liquid, sponge and a tea towel. Simple, but it just makes clean up after meal times quick and easy.


  • Take carrier bags for your rubbish. Again, simple but make sit easy to keep everywhere tidy. (don’t forget to find out if your camp recycles before you start just throwing everything into general waste.)


  • Find out if your camp can supply firewood. If they do, use it. Our lovely hosts dropped off a massive wheel barrow of wood for only £5. otherwise we would have been left with the random coal bag we brought. Which will cook the food, but won’t give you a glorious camp fire to spend you’re evenings staring into.


  • Don’t forget to pack entertainment for the kids. We where lucky a few of our campmates let the girls play with frisbee’s and footballs, but really I should have been a bit more organised than telling them they can pack one rucksack with toys – Mischa brought a star cushion ?! Next time we’ll be bringing some more outdoor games.


  • And finally. This is a biggie, but if you can… turn off your phone. Completely for the whole trip. It was the best thing I did, I was completely present for the entire thing, I had no idea what was happening in the world, and even though I had my camera I wasn’t spending the whole time creating Insta worthy shots. It was just us, our little garden and the sweet silence of the countryside. Perfection.


You can see all the shots I took below. I did narrow it down from about 900 photos!




I’m already so excited to book our next trip to kings acre. Bring on the Easter holidays!


The little woman pretends.


A very happy birthday.

This will be my third year of doing this birthday post, I kind of love looking back to the previous year and seeing what was important to me then, and how I’ve managed to accomplish my list for goals through the past year – or not like it stood last year!- ha ha

So here’s my list of resolutions from last year-

“Pass my driving test. I’m gunna’ get it done this year.”

I can confirm, that this year I DID IT!!! I finally passed my test back in June, which was SO surreal after years of on/off practice, a whole lot of money, I finally just pushed myself to get it done, and I passed first time, so yay! Driving has completely changed my life, people don’t lie when they say it gives you so much independence.

“Maintain the perfect online/offline balance.”

Again, I think this year I’ve managed to crack this one. I genuinely no longer care about online acceptance, follower numbers, or getting that constant stream of posts up. Sometimes life can be really hard, things happen and I kind of realised, ultimately its just an online world, its okay if I don’t have it in me to put up a front for the sake of sharing a blog post.

“Stop finding reasons NOT to pitch potential articles to local newspapers/magazines. Just do it.”

I’ve kind of done this, but also not really. I haven’t found any reasons to not pitch articles, but also I’m just not overly bothered about this too much right now.

“Build that vegetable patch.”

Another ‘kind of win’ resolution. Though the vegetable patch hasn’t been built this year, we did spend Spring getting the entire garden fixed, it had major drainage issues so it was a three week job outsourced, they had to dig massive channels, fill them with drainage pipes, gravel and cover the entire thing up again. it was a very messy job, but it no longer floods! Also, we do have a giant sweetcorn crop, carrots and beetroots growing in pots on the decking.

“Continue along the path of inner peace and contentment. Kind of a joke, but also kind of not. I used to be all about the rage… i’m pretty zen these days… unless I’m hungry, or tired. Ha ha”

I’m going to say that this year I smashed this goal. Some of you may remember back in January I did a brief post on my absence, on how my Mum who had been missing for two years had been found dead, she’d been purposefully hidden by someone for all that time. As you can imagine it has been crazy, so much about me changed on January 16th, So many things that I used to obsess over, or freak out about just went away. I had two options when dealing with that situation. I could implode, revert back to the self-destructive mode that blighted so many of my teenage years. Or I could breath, take myself away from the situation regularly to access how best to rationally react. I did the latter. I focused on each day, I concentrated on keeping normality for my girls, to making sure my household stayed unaffected from the insane-ness of everything. I started running again, I at times rather selfishly made my mental health the top priority. And in turn, I made it out of the other side in tact. I won’t lie and say its all over now, it isn’t, its far from. There will always be a lot of unresolved issues around my relationship with her, how it all turned out the way it did and why he did what he did with her. But, I’m strong enough to tackle them as and when its time too. See, inner peace. I’m basically Buddha! HA HA.

Anyway, heavy stuff out of the way. Resolutions for my 26th year.

  1. Feel the fear & do it anyway. I never used to fear much, I was quite ballsy in my younger years. Like the time when I was 16 and I moved to Peckham with my best mate, I got a job in a back street caf & spent a while pretending to be a grown up. Or the time when I married my boyfriend of 3 months and moved to Cyprus with him when I was 17. See, Ballsy. But since I had kids, they make fear EVERYTHING! I’m not wanting to go back to my borderline-insane days, I just want to bite the bullet with more things, step out of my comfort zone.
  2. Progress with my photography. This also comes in with the above. New places and new people scare me. I prefer to be invisible, but I want to be a better photographer. No, I want to be a brilliant photographer. So I need to work hard, I want to be able to walk into a shoot and say ‘This is what I envision and this is how we’ll do it.’
  3. Keep using exercise as a way to deal with stress.  I haven’t always dealt with stress all too well, but during these past 12 months, when I’ve been pushed to my absolute limit, I started developing migraines, breakouts, insomnia, anxiety became a constant cloud and my old pattern of not eating when under intense stress had started to creep back up. Luckily I recognised that these are all how my body (and mind) reacts to these situations. So I started running, I started taking regular spin classes and resistance training. I needed to fuel these sessions properly and so my diet improved, I needed to be motivated and hydrated and so my alcohol intake decreased (quite massively – I mean I wasn’t an alcoholic, but all those ‘oh I’ll just have a glass or two’ adds up!) Just exercising to try and expel the pressure turned into quite the lifestyle change. One I hope I will continue to use to keep me ‘balanced’ – This post is seriously making me sound like a right crack pot!! ha ha.


And thats pretty much all I want to accomplish this year! Nothing overly extraordinary, but resolutions I know will help me excel into my next year of life. I’m actually really bloody excited to see where I’ll be when I’m writing this post next year!

So, now thats done, I can fill you in on my birthday, well actually my birthday week would be rather more apt. It started last Monday with a trip down to London. I was invited by the incredible Style at home magazine team, to take part in their Christmas tree challenge (for the December issue.) Basically, they paid for me to come down to the capital, stay in a swanky hotel, then spend the day watching how a massive feature like this is made up. I was given a gigantic collection of (un-released) Christmas decorations from Hobby craft and given free range to Christmas our location house up to be photographed. And if that still doesn’t make you super envious, I was given a makeover by the amazing Alice Theobald, given a £100 gift card from hobby craft and they all repeatedly thanked me for the pleasure of my company – like it was some sort of massive favour I had done for them!?!

I also happened to mention how much I LOVED this giant pom pom wreath that was from the set – to which I was told the guys at hobby craft have said I can keep it!! I totally wasn’t hinting!! ha ha but yes, I am so excited for you to see the feature and so ridiculously thankful for the Style at home team for going out of their way to get me down! it really was a dream experience!



So, after that whirlwind couple of days, it was my actual birthday! And I woke up to the most incredible gift ever! I am now the super proud owner of a Nikon d750 AND a Sigma art 35mm lens! Lucky, lucky lucky!

I spent my birthday just faffing about with my new camera and chilling out, before I met up with a group of my favourite people for dinner at Tangs, an amazing Chinese restaurant that also gives you a private karaoke room after dinner. We drank wine, we sang, we danced and I spent Friday laughing my (rather sore) head off at the memories!

All in all, I’ve learnt four things this week. 1. My family are mental! seriously. 2. The Nikon d750 is everything I imagined and more. 3. Watching a giant set being built in someones home for a national magazine shoot is beyond fascinating and 4. I am an extremely lucky lady!.

Here’s to another year!


The little woman pretends.

A new venture.

I mentioned briefly over on the Facebook page about my new little venture and anyone who follows my insta knows all about it. But I thought I’d bring that info over to the blog with a little more detail. Last Autumn I started my Level 3 in photography, that along with over 3 years of practice has amounted to me finally setting up my own photography business. I’m still learning as I go, every day brings new challenges – though thankfully all have been in a good way- but overall I think, I might have just found my job.. ‘the one’

It all came about once I had finished my course, that combined with the fact that Izzy starts school full time this September means its finally time for me to head back into the working world.  I had three options. 1) Continue further education by going to university to study photography. 2) Start up my own business. 3) Find a completely unrelated job and keep photography as a hobby. I obviously went for option 2.

I thought it would be the easiest option. And though I’m not technically wrong – I’m not right either. I know a lot of you have followed all the way from when this used to be a handmade childrens wear site. Back when my 18 hour days were spent locked in a sewing cupboard trying my best to build something from my love of sewing. It was hard, no… thats an understatement. it was exhausting, it zapped my energy, my creativity, I was wracked with ‘mummy guilt’ constantly. And so I switched to blogging as a way to both keep me sane and give me time to run my house and mother my kids in the way I wanted too.

This is a business, so yes. Yes it does take a lot of time to run. But my sessions are pre-booked, my editing expected and planned for and other than that its all about building online. Which I both enjoy and do anyway with blogging stuff, so its no where near as full on as it was last time.

In the four weeks its been since I made the Facebook page live. I feel I have achieved so much, its pushed me to plan better, to apply myself harder, to use my imagination as much as possible and actually, after hearing and seeing reactions on shoots I’ve been doing. To believe in myself a little more.

Im sure a bad day will crop up soon, one where I ask myself why I started another business. But I’ll remind myself of the old saying…. “its not work if you love what you do.”

So what does the future hold? I hear you ask – probably- Well, I will say honestly, I’ve no idea. I know its not wise to start a business up with no real plan, but thats what I’ve done and what i’ll continue to do until I feel I’ve got to do otherwise. I’m keeping it very simple, get those sessions booked in, stay creative with each and every one. I rope in people when I want to try something new and share my shoots on social media. Thats it. My one real plan for the future is to get the website up and running for Autumn so I can share it all in one place.

Highlights of the past month, have been Going over to Ravenous in Preston town centre for an early morning menu shoot!


Shooting my amazing sister giving birth to my niece – yep that was every bit as terrifying as you could imagine!


And, I think being asked to shoot one of my oldest friends kids amongst the fields that we used to wander round as youngsters. It was a day full of many laughs!


So far its been a pretty amazing Summer! And Autumn is already looking pretty special, from organising a giant look-book shoot in Manchester with a children’s wear brand, shooting what I hope will be many posts photographs for a local fellow blogger, to a family christening and SO much more in between. Its all pretty amazing really!

So, thats what I’ve been up to!

I’m keeping to a pretty relaxed blogging schedule at the moment, with the plan to post just once a week, I can tell you now though, next week’s post is going to be pretty brilliant! I’m off to London later tonight for some AMAZING blog work – all will be revealed next Monday!



The little woman pretends.