Bake off ready. DIY: Apron.



The great british bake off  kicks off its new season tomorrow, so with that in mind I switched around a couple of tutorials to bring you this snazzy little number in time for all the baking shenanigans that the programme will no doubt inspire. It’s really simple and the perfect cover up to protect your clothes from all those icing sugar explosions.

So first up, heres what you’ll need:



– Fabric.. Having three different fabrics is completely optional, but I thought I’d go all out with the brights. The Geometric triangles is for the main apron, the teal blue is for bias binding (if you don’t know how to do this, just buy it, its cheap, I just forgot to pick it up & had to improvise) and the coloured cross fabric is for the pocket.

– Tape measure.

– Dressmakers pins.

– Fabric shears.


And here’s what we’ll do:

First cut your fabric. I’m 4 foot eleven & a size 8, this is a comfortable fit on me, I’d advise adding an inch  in width per dress size up you go. This is a folded fabric, so the 18″ is actually  9″ folded to make cutting easier.




Next there are a couple of measurements you’ll need to take – the good thing about an apron is it’s not fitted, you can go a little over and it will still be perfectly sized.. with this is mind you can either use my measurements below or measure your own.

5″ is for the chest panel width (Once unfolded will be 10″)

8″ is for the chest panel length.

9″ is for the waist width. (Once unfolded will be 18″)

17″ is from the waist down to how long I want the apron to go.




Once you’ve pinned or marked off your measurements from above, you can cut a nice gradual slope down and around.



So when you open it out, you’ll end up with this.



Now, overlock & hem the top, sides and the bottom – NOT the sloped arm area- You can find out how to do that using just your sewing machine here. Or just use an overlocker & top stitch like I have.



Now, I had to make my own biased Binding today, I’m full of a cold and not super focused so it’s a little tatty, not that it matters, you won’t see the insides anyway. but unless you want a very specific fabric bias binding, I’d always recommend just buying it. It’s so ridiculously cheap and such a quick and easy way to finish an item of. For those that would like to know how to make there own you can either Google it, or wait a few weeks & ill have a quick how to put up.




I ended up with two 45″ length pieces of biase binding, this fits me perfectly with some left over, so anywhere round this will be the perfect amount for most of you. When attaching the binding to your apron, remember to leave your required amount to tie behind your neck before attaching it to the apron. (Mine was 14″) – So I measure 14″ and then started attaching the apron & binding.




Once pinned, sew along the inner edge of the binding (open side) securing it to the edge of your apron.



And then do the same to the other side.




Your Apron is now ready, you can either leave it be or add any trims, frills or pockets. I’m adding a pocket. Here’s how I do that.

First cut your desired pocket  size, for some crazy cold in ducked reason I went for a curved bottom pocket, this isn’t the easiest way, but it isn’t that hard either. cut your curve round the bottom.




If you want to attach any trims or folds. you can do that now, heres how I added my contrasted teal fabric.






Once you’ve attached that, you can overlock, zig zag stitch or use pinking shears to prevent fraying around the inside of your pocket.  Turn it pattern down, and pinch a little of the fabric over, ironing to press into place.




Now pin your pocket to your apron, and sew to secure.







Easy as that. Now I need to go and make Mischa one, she made me promise to  make her a matching one for when we bake. Cutie pie that she is. I’m really excited to settle down and watch the new series of GBBO, that combined with having my new KitchenAid makes me think i’m gunna’ be putting on quite a few pounds over these next few months… Ahh lets call it insulation for the winter.


The little woman pretends.



Weekend Brunch: Blueberry Pancakes.


I woke last Sunday morning with a craving for pancakes.. Not our usual british Sugar and lemon version, but the lovely, fluffy American variety. This was strange seen as I had never made nor had I actually ever eaten them before. Luckily I chased that craving straight to my kitchen. I found an amazing recipe online courtesy of BBC Good food (i’ll share that in a second), they took less than twenty minutes to whip up and tasted Oh My God Amazing! Seriously! Why haven’t I been eating these for breakfast every weekend?!

So here’s the recipe I used, this should make around 10 pancakes.

  • 200g self-raising flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 300ml milk
  • knob butter
  • 150g pack blueberries
  • sunflower oil or a little butter for cooking
  • golden or maple syrup




– First, mix together the flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt in a large bowl. Beat the egg with the milk separately before making a well in the centre of the dry ingredients. Whisk in the milk/egg to make a thick smooth batter.

– Next beat in the melted butter, and gently stir in half the blueberries.

– Now heat a teaspoon of oil or small knob of butter in a large non-stick frying pan (I used oil).

– Drop a large tablespoonful of the batter per pancake into the pan, you can do three or four a time.

– Cook for about 3 minutes over a medium heat until small bubbles appear on the surface of each pancake, then turn and cook another 2-3 minutes until golden.

Finally, drizzle over some maple syrup and a sprinkle of your leftover blueberries.



And thats it, finished. Delicious, filling, super fluffy pancakes. You. Are. Welcome.

The perfect way to start a weekend.


The little woman pretends.


What i’m reading: July.

what i've been reading July

I love reading, ever since I was little, i’ve been fascinated by stories and how easily I get sucked into these other worlds. Its my love of reading that spurred me on to write. One of my life goals is to one day be a published author. A very long way off, but until then, the world is full of books to read.

I like to read as much as I can, some months I devour story after story, some I don’t manage any. But ever since discovering Amazon Kindle unlimited (yes this is a thing £7.99 a month and unlimited kindle downloads! *Not every book is covered under this, so check before you purchase*) I’ve been reading every week.

I’m not a book review blogger, I won’t be going into serious details of characters or plot breakdowns, just a little paragraph on what i’ve been reading each month.

So this month I’ve read:

Grey – E.L. James. 


Yes, Yes I know, some love it most hate it. I honestly liked the whole fifty shades story. I enjoyed the blossoming romance of Anastasia and Christian. I cringed to death throughout the film and  Grey… well, honestly I had to force myself to finish it.


The girl on the train – Paula Hawkins. 


This really is a good read. I lay out in the sun – back when we actually had a summer- and read until it was finished. If you want something to get sucked into, this is your book. The perfect holiday read.


Stranger child – Rachel Abbot.


I loved this book! Loved, Loved, Loved it! I started it at 6pm, with my head still firmly stuck in the book I managed to give the kids supper and get them to bed (Parent of the year! ha). Before I knew it, it was 2am and I was finished. I was exhausted but, this really big thing had just happened in my life.. It took me a few hours of going through the story I had just read before I finally got to sleep. If you haven’t read it yet, go download it now!


Sleep Tight: Rachel Abbot.


So this is actually the book previous to Stranger child, I did no research before I read the last one. I think thats maybe why I don’t really like it. I’ve given it a good go (145 pages in) but its just not grabbing me like Stranger child. Meh.. I really hate leaving books half finished, so I will continue it at some point. hopefully it gets better.


So thats what i’ve been reading this month, I’d love more recommendations. What have you been reading?


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North west bloggers event.



As many of you who follow me on my social media pages will know, on Sunday I attended my very first blogging event. I wasn’t at all sure it was something I wanted to do, but a chance to meet many fellow bloggers just pushed me to buy my ticket. Finally this weekend it happened.

From the moment I woke up on Sunday morning it was a disaster! My blog business cards hadn’t arrived, Sam was really ill so couldn’t drive me down to Liverpool (where the event was being held) and I missed my train. Within an hour or so I went from really excited to cancelling on the whole thing, luckily my lovely mother- in- law swooped in and offered to drive me down – she’s amazing! I threw on my glad rags (handmade skirt tutorial will be up later this week), applied a bit of lippy and off I went.



I arrived a little early, but within a few moments the room started to fill and the nerves started to get to me, considering blogging is just me rambling on, I was all of a sudden struck with absolutely nothing to say. I there was around 20 or so other bloggers in the room, each of us handed our own personalised blogging pass and Sweet Cecily gift boxed body balm, before all taking our seats.



I was so fortunate to find myself being sat next to the lovely Hannah from Motives and Sarah from Salico in wonderland. Who from the get go settled my nerves, seriously you girls are so much fun, thank you for guiding me through my first event!

We had a couple of very intresting talks given from Jenny from The secret beauty box , Lisa from Hollybobbs & Melanie from My showcase. Hannah spent the entire time terrified for the impending talk she had to give for her Motives cosmetic range, before swiftly taking her place up at the front & owning it completely with a fantastic eyebrow tutorial.



We had a chat with the Skinny Tan ladies, before a quick quiz and food.. lots of food, by this point I hadn’t eaten since the day before – I was just too nervous!!- So my plate got piled high with cheese and tomato toasties, chips and other carb fuelled loveliness. After that we were all handed a mountain of goodies to leave with, before Hannah & Sarah ever so kindly offered to walk me to the Lime street station – I would have got lost on my own, without a doubt!



Codie from Codiekinz convinced pretty much everyone in the room that we NEED to buy one of her super cool cameras – Its my birthday next month, I may well treat myself!


Photograph courtesy of Codie at CodieKinz


And that was that really. The day itself was more informal than I was expecting, which was a massive relief. I don’t really count myself as a blogger – which is odd considering how much time I spend creating content-. So the thought of having to tell actual bloggers what I do was quite terrifying, but somehow I seemed to make sense, I didn’t nervously make awkward jokes, or go bright red and run from the room in tears, which quite honestly I was expecting. I think that is all down to the event organisers for creating such a relaxing atmosphere and I will without a doubt be trying to grab tickets to their next event.



Photograph courtesy of Event organiser Jenny at


After nearly falling asleep on the train back, I finally arrived home, I was shattered, completely ready for bed once 7pm rolled by. But then I remembered..  MY GOODIE BAG!

I hadn’t opened anything whilst I was there, wanting to have a good root once home, and boy was I in for a treat. LUSH cosmetics,  Crabtree & evelyn hand cream, Thomas Tucker popcorn, Earthnicity finishing powder and a Boden make up pouch amongst other lovely things.



So thats that, my very first bloggers event done. I all of a sudden feel as though I can say I’m a blogger (my Pass said so!! Ha.) I feel more confident to engage with other bloggers on social media and in real life, a little more confident in myself as a blogger and a little more confident that actually, I might be good at this, people actually like what I do.

All in all, a fantastic day. Massive thank you to Jenny & Katie for all their hard work, I know everyone had a blast! I’m so excited for the next one.


The little woman pretends.


*Below you can find details for all of the event sponsors*

The Little Macaron Shop –

Lush Spa Liverpool –

Virtue drinks – https://www.

Tommy tucker –

Earthnicity –

ProBlo –

Greener cleaner –

Passion for Natural –

W7 Make Up –

PlayBoy Make Up –

Mello Mallo –

Sweet Heart Wax Melts by Kirsty –

Crabtree & Evelyn – 

Boden –

Manuka Dr –

Sweet Cecily –

Milton Lloyd –

Ohh Deer –

Motives –

MyShowCase –

Skinny Tan –

Fuji Instax –

Best of both Lasagne.




It may be the middle of summer, but after our little heatwave last week, its gotten rather cold and wet. Kate has the perfect recipe if your stuck for dinner ideas tonight.


Hi guys, Kate here.  Today I have ‘The Best of Both Worlds Lasagne’. A lasagne with rich bolognese and roasted butternut squash, corgette, spinach and ricotta cheese. A little bit of naughty with a whole lot of nice!

There are four steps to building this up, First the Roasted Butternut Squash, Corgette, Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Filling!


1 butternut squash
1 large corgette
1 bag fresh spinach
Tub ricotta cheese
Olive oil
Rosemary and thyme
Salt and pepper

– Quarter up the butternut squash and corgette brush all over with olive oil, salt and pepper and sprinkle over the herbs

– Roast on 180 (fan oven) for 45 minutes. Take out of oven and allow to cool completely!

– When cooled, scape the lovely soft roasted squash out of its skin and mash coursely with the back of a spoon in a bowl. Chop the corgette coursely too and leave to one side for the moment.



Next the Bolognese,

Olive oil, a good slug!
1-1.5 large onions
2 large carrots
2 sticks of celery
3 cloves garlic, crushed.
500g lean minced beef
400g minced turkey
Glass red wine
500ml tomato passata
1 Knorr beef stockpot
Rosemary & thyme few sprigs of each.
2 tsps sugar
Splash of balsamic vinegar


– Finely chop the carrot, celery and onion and place in a large saucepan with the olive oil to sweat away on a medium to low heat for 5 minutes.

-Add the garlic, rosemary and thyme and continue to sweat off for a further 15 minutes.

– In the 15 minutes the vegetables are sweating away this is your time to Brown your mince in a separate large frying pan with a little olive oil. Brown off for 5-10 mins then add the wine and stockpot. Let this bubble away for 5 mins with some salt and pepper.

– Carefully put the browned mince and the cooking juices into the veg pan, place on a med-high heat and stir together thoroughly for 5 mins, add the passata, sugar and balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt and pepper and let the pan simmer away on a low heat for 35 minutes until the Bolognese is thick and luxurious!

You could serve this up with some freshly cooked pasta for an awesome spaghetti bolognese topped with some freshly grated parmesan cheese or continue with the next step to make the lasagne.




And now for  the Bechamel cheese sauce.

60g butter
60g plain flour
600ml milk
2 Bayleaves
Half a block mild cheddar
Small spoonful of the recotta cheese
Salt and pepper
– Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium-low heat.

– Stir in the flour. Whisk in a little of the milk at a time, stirring continuously until you have a smooth, slightly thick sauce.

– Remove from the heat; add the cheeses, season with salt and pepper.

– Add bay leaf for additional flavour.


And finally for the last step, putting the Lasagne Together! (the best bit!)

You will need

Fresh lasagne sheets or pre cooked lasagne sheets
A large, deep ovenproof dish or baking tray
Your bolognese
Your butternut squash and corgette
Spinach and Ricotta Cheese
The other half of the block of cheese!

– Brush the bottom of the oven proof dish with a little olive oil.

– Spoon in a small amount of the bolognese, cover with small amount of cheese sauce, add a layer of pasta.

– Next layer add some of the crushed butternut squash, spread around, add some of the chopped corgette, sprinkle in a handful of spinach and crumble in chunks of ricotta cheese (no cheese sauce on these layers, if you want to be extra naughty you absolutely can do!).

– Keep alternating these layers until you run out of ingredients but save some cheese sauce for the top.

– Sprinkle the remaining ricotta cheese and the remaining cheddar (grated) on top and place in a preheated oven at 180 for 45 minutes!

Take out after 45 minutes, lasagne is soooo much better if given time to rest and firm up, it will keep its shape more when cut to serve and will allow the pasta to soak up all those delicious juices!



Awesome on a cold rainy day or even better, served outside in summertime with a crunchy leafy salad (preferably to a crowd of hungry friends!) with a fruity red wine or an iced rosé wine!

Hope you Enjoy this recipe!

Kate x

So much to do, so little time.



You’ll have to excuse me if i’m slightly less focused on the blog over these next few weeks, i’m (attempting) to write a novel & i’m doing some freelance work for my husbands business – to fund my fabric addiction- so its pretty hectic around here. We will still have the #supportsmall this weekend – i’ve secured the most amazing business to showcase, I know you’ll be in love!


The little woman pretends.




I decided to cut down on the sugar a few months ago, I’m having a little bit of a gradual lifestyle change and its going well, really well.. I no longer have sugar in my tea, instead switching to a delicious natural honey. The same for most things, if I can find a way to cut down – or even take away all of the sugar content then I will.  The hardest part has been snacking, I am such a chocolate lover – although strangely I won’t eat chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse or drink chocolate milk shake or hot chocolate –  Actual melt in your mouth chocolate is a major weakness though, so if you saw my recent kinda’ healthy muffin recipe posts ( Here & Here )  you’ll know i’m trying to find some skinny alternatives to relieve my cravings.

I bought Davina’s Sugar free book a while ago, lots of controversy surrounding the ‘Sugar free’ claims – I’d just like to point out she does state on the first couple of pages, this book is for cutting out refined sugars and slowly cutting down on the natural alternatives (honey, maple syrup).

Anyway, Powerballs where my first ‘must make’ although its taken me until now to actually make them, oh my goodness they are so good! I spent last night resisting the urge to eat them as I would a box of chocolates. – There was three left this morning – although the entire house loves them, so i’m not completely to blame!

These are high in protein, great for an pre or post work out energy boost and they have no refined sugar or any artificial crap. A completely natural snack. They’re also perfect to make with the little ones, Mischa loved helping me.

So heres what you’ll need:

100g Crunchy Nut butter,

100g Honey

25g Cocoa powder (plus extra for dusting)

50g Desiccated coconut (plus extra for dusting)

50g Oats


And heres what you do:

First mix the Nut butter and Honey into a pan and on a low heat until the butter melts and the two combine -dont butrn the butter or it will taste revolting-

Next mix the dry ingredients (Oats, Cocoa powder, Coconut) and set aside to cool.

Once its cooled, place the mixture in the fridge to firm. – around 10 minutes will do the trick.

Then, pull a bit of the mixture out, roll into a ball using the palm of your hands, this will warm it slightly, its then that you can roll in  the extra Coconut or Cocoa.



You can find more delicious, healthy sugar free recipes in Davina’s 5 weeks to Sugar free.


The little woman pretends.


A little love, goes a long way.



Self care, an alien term for most women.

This week I decided to spend a bit more time on me, and the crazy thing is, its made absolutely no difference to the rest of my responsibilities, the kids have still been fed, the house cleaned. I even spent the entire day binge reading a novel. Which begs the question, why do so many of us put our needs last on the list?

It started a few weeks ago, tired of always looking tired. I’m 23, and although I live as though i’m 43, I was kind of annoyed at myself for not giving myself more time. I’ve never been a big lover of make-up, preferring the light covering of a tinted moisturiser to foundations, my only necessity is mascara. But Fashion has always been an obsession. Until I became a mum of two, when I switched beautiful prints & quirky combinations for plain black leggings & vest tops. I was having a look through my wardrobe when I realised I had stopped wearing so much simply because it wasn’t plain enough. Last week I decided to try something new.

Instead of trying to wake up slowly with a cup of tea in the morning, I instead spent those twenty minutes choosing something nice to wear & applying a little make- up. That in itself has made all the difference! and honestly most days i’ve changed half way through the day – partly because of the typical great british weather, but also because my mood/vibe – or whatever had changed. And after all, fashion is more that just clothes. Its a part of life, the costume to represent your personality, to assist you in who you want to be that day.

Theres so much more to this than just vanity though, every day we gives much for others, rarely giving even 5% of that to ourselves. It’s about giving yourself what you deserve, about giving yourself some time to relax and re-boot. Taking care of your mind, body & spirit – after all a happy mother/wife/girlfriend/woman makes for a happy household.

This week i’ve listened to music at full volume, regardless of who else could hear,  i’ve scoffed a mound of chocolate – just because I wanted to, I bought pricey concert tickets on a whim – no usual “But I could buy the kids something” or “it could go something for the house”, I’ve laid out in the sun, day dreaming instead of doing housework. And for every time i’ve done what I wanted, instead of what I ‘should’ I feel a million times better. More free, more relaxed and in the end more creative – which is all I pretty much ask for in life.

So as you sit this evening, planning out what you need to do this new week, think of yourself as well.  Just twenty minutes a day of making yourself feel lovely, doing something you want instead of the boring job you ‘have to do’ – isn’t that after all one of the perks of being an adult?

 Hopefully by this time next week you’ll feel refreshed and ready instead of dreading monday morning.


The little woman pretends.

Banana-Chocolate Oat muffins.



I’ve gone a bit muffin mad as of late. Last weeks Almost healthy Chocolate muffins were such a hit, so i’ve been on the look out for other healthy alternatives of my favourite snacks. I managed to find this fantastic recipe from Running with spoons. They are so delicious and is also another flour free recipe. It does contain some sugar, but i’m hoping to have another go & try to replace the sugar with honey or Maple syrup, to make it a little healthier.

This recipe will make 12 (if not more) muffins & will take only 20/25 minutes to make.

So here’s what you need:


– 240ml of greek yoghurt.

– two eggs,

– 470g of oats.

– two ripe bananas

– 55g brown sugar

– 110g chocolate chips.

– 2 teaspoons of baking powder.




And heres what we’ll do.


First put all of your ingredients bar your chocolate chips into your blender & give a good whizz up.



Then add 3/4 of your chocolate chips, give it a good mix up with a spoon.

Next line your muffin tray with paper cases & spoon your mixture in, you want them to be rarely full but not over running. Sprinkle the rest of your chocolate chips over the top.

Bake near the top of the oven for 15/20 minutes or until an inserted skewer comes out clean.


Now come the fun part. Eat & enjoy! Such a simple recipe, and such a delicious, nutritious snack.



These can also be eaten at breakfast (yoghurt, banana, oats) I had one this morning in fact, perfect if like me your not overly keen on eating first thing, they go beautifully with a cup of tea.


The little woman pretends.


(Almost) Healthy chocolate muffins.


I’ve been on a real health kick recently. I started P90x3 four weeks ago & with (tough) daily workouts I’m getting more reluctant to ruin my hard work with junk food. But as motivated as I am to be strong & healthy, I do still also have a major sweet tooth, once the girls are in bed I’m craving chocolate or sweets. Both of which are packed full of sugar, and so I’ve had to start looking for alternatives.

I found a recipe on My whole food life for flourless chocolate muffins, but was sceptical… some of these healthy alternatives just taste bland and aren’t worth the effort or ingredients to make.

I can confirm however, these are delicious!

Lets be honest, these won’t taste like a double chocolate chip muffin from Starbucks or wherever.  But as a sugar free, gluten free, healthy alternative, its pretty damn good! Its hard to believe something with such a chocolatey/nutty- Fudgey centre can come with only 250 calories. *calorie estimate from the main recipe source* And the best thing about this recipe is not only can they be made in only four steps, but you also only need four ingredients!

The perfect guilt free sweet treat.


So here’s what you need.  (These quantities will make 8 muffins)

225g Peanut butter (any other nut butter will be fine)

2 ripe bananas

56ml maple syrup or honey (I used Maple syrup)

40g cocoa powder.



And heres what you need to do:

– First preheat your oven to 180c (fan 160 or gas mark 4)

– Next, pop all your ingredients in a blender & give it a good whizz up.



– Then spoon out the mixture and put into cake cases *Remember to place your cake cases in a muffin tray before you put your mixture in* And place into the oven ( you want your shelf near the top) for 15 minutes. If you want you can top with a few sprinkles of some chopped chocolate for a little bit more chocolatey-ness  – but this is completely optional.

– Finally after taking your muffins out, leave to cool for ten minutes or so – if you can last that long- and they’re ready to eat.




Easy as that!








The little woman pretends.