Bonfire night: Banana & butterscotch pudding.



Ahh Bonfire night. Family, fireworks and food. Food is always, in my eyes the most important part of any gathering. This year, just like last we’ll invite family over, we’ll huddle on the deck, gazing up at the explosions of colour, all whilst eating something delicious.

* Or it really could end up like last year, Izzy will cry and i’ll end up sat inside watching cebeebies, trying to sooth her whilst everyone else enjoys the fireworks*

Anyway, last year I made way too much, so this year I’m simplifying it all. Something simple and satisfying like soup or a gigantic shepards pie, then I’ll be making a massive dish of this beautiful desert for afters.

Originally seen on Lorraine about three years ago, I searched out Bill Grangers actual recipe and have made it a bunch of times since. You can find the original Here.

Heres what you’ll need.

  • 125 g plain flour
  • 115 g caster sugar
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 2 ripe bananas, 1 mashed, 1 sliced into quarters lengthways
  • 250 ml milk
  • 85 g unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 140 g soft brown sugar
  • 90 g golden syrup
  • 250 ml boiling water
  • And either Custard, ice cream or fresh cream to serve with.




Here’s what you’ll need do.

  • Reheat your oven to 180 (160 fan/ gas mark 4) and grease your baking tin. (I use a pyrex dish.)
  • Now sift Flour, sugar, baking powder and a pinch of salt in a bowl.



  • Next add the mashed bananas, milk, melted butter, egg and vanilla and give it a good whisk until completely smooth.
  • Now pour it into you’re baking dish.


  • Next we move on to the butterscotch sauce. Put the brown sugar, golden syrup and boiling water in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
  • Pour the butterscotch sauce all over the banana cake mixture. DO NOT stir it in, just leave it as it is & place it in the oven (middle shelf), for 30-40 minutes or until golden and risen.


*I strongly advise leaving for five to ten minutes to cool before serving, as delicious as that sauce is, its like scalding lava when its that hot.*




Now cut out a big piece, serve with your accompaniment of choice (I like a good quality vanilla ice cream, it turns the butterscotch sauce all fudge like on your tongue… Mmm) go grab a spoon and enjoy the fireworks.



The little woman pretends.



DIY: Autumn twig wreath.


I first tried this project back when I lived in Germany, using the array of bushes and trees we had in our garden. Its so simple and cheap, also makes you wonder why the ones in the shops are so expensive.

Once we moved back to the UK I cherished it even more, knowing I could bring a little part of our German life back with us. That was until I came home one day to find Sam had thrown it after seeing a few of the twigs had come loose. It still bugs me that he threw it, knowing I could have just re-threaded them.

Anyway, here I am having another go, showing you just how easy it is too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Twigs, take into account length when picking them, they’re going to be bent round into a circle, so not too small. They also need to be striped of leaves.
  • Cable ties, I’ve gone with the smaller ones, they’re easiest to hide.
  • Ribbon. *This is completely optional*



And heres what you need to do.

First, grab a few of your de-leafed twigs, join the ends, crossing them over one another and use a cable tie, secure them.


Now, grabbing another twig, start to weave it fairly loosely throughout the twig circle.


Continue the last step over until you have your desired size wreath. the main thing to remember here is you don’t want them pulled tightly against each other. Just weave loosely. Also, you don’t want a flimsy looking thing, so remember to work inwards when adding new twigs, rather than on the outer circle. This will give a lovely fullness.


Now you can use your remaining cable ties to fasten back any of the stiffer twig ends. The finer more flexible twig ends can be tucked away. don’t forget to clip off the ends from the cable ties to neaten it up.



Finally you can either hook your wreath up as it is, or fasten a nice little ribbon around it. These are ideal for Autumn/Winter decorations. You can personalise more by adding acorns and leaves for a real Autumnal feel, adding sparkly string beads for christmas or spraying black for halloween, the possibilities are endless.





Easy as that.



The little woman pretends.

A family favourite – Carrot & coriander soup.



Back when TLWP was a online shop, I first dipped my toe into the world of blogging. This little side blog only held a couple of posts, one of them was this simple yet amazing recipe for Carrot & coriander soup. I realised since taking the shop down at the beginning of the year, the first blog came down with it. So I’ve decided to re-share the recipe for one of my favourite soups.

This is the perfect winter warmer, its also so simple to make and I think costs the whole of about 20p per pan of soup, so perfect for your pre-christmas purse strings.

Heres what you’ll need.

  • 6 Carrots
  • 1 onion
  • 1 tablespoon of  dried coriander or the equivalent in fresh.
  • 900ml of chicken or vegetable stock (I prefer chicken).
  • A blender (Hand or freestanding)



And here’s what you need to do.

First chop your carrots & onion, Throw into a sauce pan with heated oil & fry for around 5 minutes.

Next, add your stock and sprinkle in the coriander, giving it all a good stir.

Boil on a medium heat for around 30-40 minutes. It actually makes no difference other than the stock condenses down a little, that can easily be resolved by adding a little more hot water.

Once your carrots have become soft (just stab a knife or fork into check) you can turn off the heat and put aside whilst you set up your blender.

Now your carrot stock is ready, you can ladle your mixture into the blender and give it a good whizz up.  Your soup is Done.

Serve with a large, warm slab of butter smeared bread and bask in the deliciousness that is winter food.






The little woman pretends.

A very DIY halloween.



Its officially the week of halloween! We love this holiday in our house. We aren’t one of those overtop types, the ones that decorate every centimetre of their house in fake spider webs & life-size ghouls. But we do like to put a little around the front of the house for when the trick-o-treaters start coming round.

Over the years we’ve developed our little tradition of carving pumpkins & watching The nightmare before christmas on halloween-eve.  Then last year, because the girls were a little older we decided to do some crafts & make some cakes.

This year I’m stepping it up a bit, its half term so we have a few days *months* worth of spooky crafts lined up, as well as some halloween baking before we dress the kids up & let them loose on our neighbours sweetie collections.

I’ve been scouring the web, for everything you need to have your own DIY halloween, from homemade decorations the kids can help with (half term holidays, you need to keep them busy… two birds one stone) to Cheap costume ideas & easy to prepare food for a crowd.


Crafty decorations:

  1. Dangly bats. – I actually made these last year with Mischa, really easy, even better if you pre- cut the bats for the little ones, cover the table and give em’ some glue and glitter & googly eyes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 14.22.37


2. Black bag spider webs. – As simple as Halloween decorating gets, only three things needed. Scissors, black bags & sticky tape.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 14.26.31


3. Jack Skellington hanging garland. – What is Halloween without The nightmare before christmas?! I love these garlands, I will be making them this week with Mischa & Izz. Little side note to the original post, If you can’t get hold of liquid starch, i’m pretty sure a mod podge/ PVA water mixture would work just as good.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 14.30.34


4. Puffy ghosts. –  I think these will work best for the littler ones, a glue stick, some cotton balls. and you can just let them get on with it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 14.34.18




  1. Ewok. – There’s no tutorial for this one (it doesn’t need one really though does it?) Photograph from

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 14.34.31


2. Homemade Cupcake. Again no instructions, but theres a pretty good rundown of what was used over at

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 14.37.41


3. Emoji’s! Isn’t this just the best idea?! You can find full instruction on how to make over at Buzz mills.



4.  Wind up doll. I’ve found the simplest tutorial for this wind up key, simply pop on a pretty frock, add your key belt, some rosy cheeks and you’re done.  You could add some blood, or have one of those amazing make up sessions done to make you up a creepy doll, if you prefer the spooky look. You can find the wind up key tutorial over on ehow.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.16.06


5. Mummy. And old classic & so simple, All you need is an old bed sheet, cut up into strips. Easy on time & money. Full tutorial is over on One good thing by Jillee – Along with a few other simple DIY costumes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.31.49





  1. Poison apples. How amazing do these look?! Another one I’ll be trying this Halloween, You can find the (extremely simple) recipe over on Simply delicious food.  I’ll be trying the original recipe for toffee apples & also switching it up a bit by trying a chocolate version.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 09.10.33


2. Pumpkin krispie treat. Something to make with the kids, you can find the recipe over at Yummy healthy easy. It is an american recipe, but apparently asda sell tootsie rolls ( what is used for the pumpkin stem) alternatively you could use the fun size fudge bars.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 09.57.19


3. Jack- O – Lantern cheeseburgers.  Simple, cheap & so obviously halloween. Perfect  if you’re having people over and don’t have the time or money for anything super fussy.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 09.59.26


4. Severed finger hot dogs. Another easy one if you’re having a few people round. They’re actually quite revolting! But completely within keeping of a gruesome halloween celebration. Recipe can be found over at Party Tipz. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 21.04.30


5. Spider web cupcakes. You don’t need to be a master baker, these cupcakes are so easy. You could even buy pre-made cupcakes just to save on time. You can find the full instructions over at Seakettle along with another simple tombstone cupcake tutorial.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.10.07


I’ll have a couple of my own DIY halloween posts up this week. A no sew tutu tutorial (perfect for costumes) will be up on Wednesday and a lovely recipe for one of my family favourite soups later on in the week – Also something quick to bulk make if you do have people over.

Happy Halloween week.


The little woman pretends.



The Craft room re-dec.

I was supposed to get this post up weeks ago, but then I kept buying little bits and bats to add to the room, I was putting it off until everything was finished. Then I realised this would be an ongoing project, I don’t think it will ever be finished.  If I don’t show you now, you’ll never see it.

My craft room was originally Izzy’s nursery. But then late last year, we decided to move the girls into the bigger room together, and so we were left with a spare room. After hours of debating, Sam wanted it for his workspace – which consists of a computer on a  desk- and I wanted a half craft room, half play room.  I won (obviously) and after what seemed like an eternity cleaning out junk, I set up my little area.

old sewing room


It was all a little bit pink, and honestly deciding to share my sewing room with the kids toys was the most ridiculous idea i’ve ever had. I couldn’t focus on anything for longer than 20 seconds without telling them to put down the pot of pins, or get chocolate hands off my pretty fabric. It was completely counter productive. Finally after one particular day of having every scrap of fabric I owned, pulled from off the shelves and scattered across the floor. Mischa & myself sat down, went through all her old toys, got rid of anything broken, donated anything she didn’t want (which wasn’t much) and cleared that room out ready to make it mine.

I toyed with idea of just using a cupboard to store my things and giving the kids the full room, but they have a bedroom and at least three large baskets downstairs for their toys, it would just be another room for me to clean once they’ve trashed it… Also, I really wanted a craft room… Soz kids.

I stood in the empty room for ten minutes here and there, figuring out what sort of vibe I wanted my creative space to have. The rest of my house is very light & airy, a cosy family home. My room however had to reflect me and my mind, a place to inspire my creativeness. I jumped on Pinterest (As I always do) and found myself being pulled towards rooms filled with emotion, dark, moody, calming spaces that had a lot of personality, a place I could write through the night in and never be short of inspiration.


Obviously with quite a small space & little funds, I was limited to what i could actually achieve in there. Nether the less I followed my thoughts, got out my paintbrush and gave those pink stripes a lick of paint. I repainted the machine desk, fitted in a desk for me to write. I hung some new curtains and bought a few bits from the car boot – The lamp & the side table, some frames and other bits- and started to put it all together.

It still needs a lot of work. I want to replace the fabric shelves with something thinner and taller to slip in-between the sewing desk & the wall. I want to fit a bookcase along the wall where the lamp is for all my books and other pretty bits. And I’m toying with either a small sofa bed for when guests staying over, or keeping with the ‘Its my room’ theme and just finding a beautiful Queen Anne wingback arm chair to re-upholster.











Life has been hectic for the past five weeks, I’ve been helping a family member deal with some pretty heavy stuff, so I haven’t spent as much time in here as I would have liked. But everything is settling down a little bit now, I’m looking forward to the many days I spend in here sewing up pretty things, working on blog posts and the long nights nestled under the soft light, sipping tea and writing.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress.


The little woman pretends.



Cheesecake brownies.




As with every week Wednesday was bake off day. Word seems to be spreading amongst friends that I make treats at this time of week, and so we had a few extra visitors to settle down and stuff our faces with my sweet treats, while watching GBBO.

Knowing I was having a few extra people around I decided too make something that would require minimum effort for maximum loveliness..  Chocolate & cheesecake brownies. These are the bomb! I know I say this about everything I bake – I’m a dessert lover, what can I say?- But seriously, these are unreal. Little word of warning, If your on a diet, these aren’t for you!

I originally found this recipe over on trusty Pinterest, i’ve made a few tiny tweaks, but you can find the original here.

So now I’ve bigged up my baking, time to give you all the details on how to make them yourself.

These brownies are made in two parts, first the brownie mixture then the cheesecake mixture.

For the brownie mixture you’ll need:

225g Butter

450g sugar (I did warn you this was no good for anyone on a diet.)

4 eggs

1/2 Tablespoon Vanilla essence.

155g Cocoa powder

1/2 Tablespoon Baking powder.

170g Plain flour

100g Chocolate chips.

And here’s what you’ll do to make up the brownie:

  • First, line a baking tray with some baking paper. I’ve used a 9″ by 12″ rectangle tin. It can be slightly smaller, but any bigger and your brownies will be too thin.


  • Combine your Butter and sugar in a saucepan, simmer until the butter and sugar have melted and the liquid starts to bubble. Once its bubbling, turn the heat off and leave your mixture for around 20 minutes to cool, longer if its still hot. You don’t need it to be a completely cold syrup, but too much heat and it will scramble your eggs. 


  • Next add your eggs and vanilla, using a whisk to combine. An electric whisk is best for this, get those eggs nice and frothy.


  • Now add your Cocoa powder, baking powder and flour, giving another good whisk to thoroughly combine everything.


  • Lastly, add your chocolate chips. Before spooning your mixture into you baking tray.




Before starting your cheesecake mixture, preheat your oven to 180/ gas mark 4.

Now we can start on the cheesecake mixture. Heres what you’ll need.

  • A tub of cream cheese, just those standard tubs ( I think they hold about 180g)
  • 75ml of sour cream
  • 100g Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  • 1 egg.


The Cheesecake element to the brownies is really easy to make, just pour it all in a bowl and give it a good mix. I like to use an electric whisk for this, even better if you have a free standing mixer, then you can leave it for five or so minutes to really froth up. The longer you whisk the lighter the cheesecake.

Once you’re cheesecake mixture is finished, we can add it to the brownies.

  • Using a spoon, scoop a tunnel down the width of the brownie tin, not too deep, you want a layer of brownie at the bottom. I find it best to just drag the back of the spoon down, making the perfect little ridge.



  • Now, using another spoon, scoop up some of your cheesecake mixture and fill the space you’ve just made.



  • Repeat this across the rest of your brownie, making sure you leave a gap of brownie in-between. You want a striped effect, brownie – cheesecake – brownie – cheesecake ect. Don’t worry about it being super neat, its homemade and after the next step it will look amazing regardless.



  • Now, using a knife or kebab skewer. drag from the top (length ways, not width) lightly down through the mixture.



  • Move a long a little and starting from the opposite end (so the bottom of your tray, drag your knife/skewer back up to the top, giving this effect.



  • Continue this along the rest of your tray, until you’ve reached the end.



  • Now place in the oven, middle shelf for around 30 minutes for lovely warm and gooey brownies. Forty minutes  if you like your brownies a bit firmer.



And thats it. Your Chocolate & cheesecake brownies are ready to slice and serve. I’d leave to cool for around ten minutes before eating, just to save your mouth from molten hot brownie lava burns.



Easy, peasy. You can eat them on their own, as a side to a lovely cup of tea or even warm with a dollop of ice cream. Delicious. Enjoy.




The little woman pretends.






Autumn is my favourite time of year. I do love the beautiful warm, activity packed days of Summer. But I’m naturally a hermit, my home is my sanctuary and If I don’t have too, I’d prefer to just not go anywhere.

During the Autumn months, its cold, grey, wet and generally miserable. This makes it easier to turn down any plans made outside the house. Instead, I get to do the things I love best, I’ll cook something hearty –  It almost always involved Gravy… I’m a northerner after all. I’ll sit sipping Tea, whilst reading, writing, watching, listening. And this is my happy place.

To be honest I’ll do this all year round, regardless of the season. But knowing its Autumn, just means its a little more acceptable to blow off life and lounge round the house.


The little woman pretends.

Boston cream cupcakes.



I’ve never had a Boston cream pie, i’ve no idea why not. They look amazing, a custard-cream filled cake, topped with a slathering of melted chocolate. It makes me drool at the thought.

Every Wednesday Sam’s younger brother comes by to ‘spend some time with his big brother’ (thats code for watch The great british bake off with us) And most weeks i’ll bake up something delicious for us to eat. Earlier on yesterday whilst scrolling Pinterest as Izzy napped on me, I decided this week I’d do Boston cream cupcakes. A slight tweak on the original pie.

They’re everything I imagined them to be… and more. And they’ve very swiftly knocked Lemon drizzle cake of the top spot as my all time favourite dessert.



So if you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about, heres the recipe –

There are three parts to these little custard filled beauties, Here’s what you’ll need:

Creme Patissiere.

  • 300ml milk (plus a little extra set aside)
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 60g caster sugar
  • 15g plain flour
  • 15g cornflour
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Vanilla sponge cake.

  • 175g butter
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 175g self raising flour
  • Teaspoon of vanilla exact

– Plus 1/2 family size bar of milk/dark chocolate (I use milk because I really don’t like the bitterness of dark)

– 12+ cake cases.


Now you know what you’ll need heres what you’ll do.

First up you’ll need to make your Creme Patissiere, I always thought it was really hard to make, turns out it isn’t at all. These quantities will make more than enough for 12 cupcakes. I use this to fill profiteroles, eclairs and more often than not me, Mischa & Izzy will just sit with spoons and eat whatevers left over.

– First pour the milk into a saucepan and heat to simmering point.

– In a separate bowl cream together the egg yolks and sugar, before adding the flour and cornflour.

– Once your milk is ready slowly add it to your egg/sugar/flour mixture, making sure to whisk thoroughly in-between adding more.

– Now return your custard mixture back to the pan, placing on a low heat and whisking constantly. This is so important, it’ll look like nothing is happening and then all of a sudden it will thicken up really fast. once that happens take it off the heat & continue to whisk making sure its completely lump free. *This is what I call the pre-cake binge workout*

– More often than not you’ll find your mixture is really thick, you don’t want a sauce, but  you don’t want something thats almost solid either, this is where I like to beat in trickles of milk until I get a lovely creamy, pipeable consistency.

– Now you can add your vanilla before setting aside to chill.

* Always layer some cling film directly on top of the creme pat, this will prevent a thick skin forming. Leave it on the side until its cooled down before putting in the fridge until you need it. You can leave it in your fridge, covered with the cling film layer for up to 3 days, just give it a good stir through when you want to use it.



Now its time for the cupcakes. I found what I think is the best vanilla sponge recipe around over on All recipes you can find that Here or just read on and i’ll explain.

– First preheat the oven to 170 degrees/ gas mark 3

– Next mix up the butter and sugar, before adding in the eggs and vanilla extract.

– Now add the flour and whisk for a good five minutes. The extra whisking time is a pain if you only have a hand whisker, but it really is needed for a light and fluffily cupcake.

– Spoon all of your mixture, divided evenly between twelve cupcake cases.

– And finally place on the middle shelf of your oven, baking for 12- 14 minutes.



So now you’re all ready to put everything together and build the cupcakes that dreams are made of.

First you’ll need to knife a circle inside your cupcake, making sure you don’t stab right through to the bottom. You can use the tip of your knife or a teaspoon to scoop out the middle of your cupcake. Slice of the centre of the cake from the bit you’ve just taken out, leaving a lid. Your cupcake should look like this.



Now, using a spoon scoop up some of your chilled creme patisserie and pack it into your cupcake. As tempting as it may be to really pack that cupcake, you want to be able to place the lid on and not have it all being pushed out. So not too much.



Now simply place your lid back on while you get to work on melting your chocolate.



There are a couple of ways to melt your chocolate, I like to do it the easiest way, simply snap up the chocolate and microwave in 20 second intervals. The only thing to remember when doing it this way is to stir in-between melting. Even if you chocolate squares are still perfectly formed once you’ve opened the microwave door, odds are if you give it a stir, they’ll all melt together. I usually only need around 40-50 seconds, there will still be lumps but after a bit of stiring the heat will melt whatever solids are left and I’ll have a lovely, glossy melted chocolate.

Now your chocolate is melted, simply dunk the top of your cupcakes in.



And thats it, it does take a little effort, but I promise it is so worth it. These cupcakes are just incredible.




The little woman pretends.


Another year older.

another year older


A few weeks ago it was my birthday (August 17th to be exact.) I’m now twenty four.

Like new years, I find birthdays very much an anti-climax. Its supposed to be this big ‘thing’ but really it just marks another year of your life gone… God i’m depressing. Ha. Ha.

I do enjoy my birthdays really, especially since I have grown up and started a family. Even more so because as the years go by I get a little wiser, a little more focused on what kind of woman I want to be and where I want my life to go. With this in mind I’ve decided to start setting myself yearly goals. Kind of like new years resolutions, but not… I stopped making new years resolutions after the ‘learn to drum’ fiasco of 09′ – Drums are really, REALLY loud!

So here are my Birthday resolutions for my 24th year.

– Pass my driving test.. I took my very first driving lesson a few weeks after my 17th birthday, I then took about 300 euros worth of lessons when I lived in cyprus. Sam even went so far as to buy me a car for my 22nd Birthday…which I then had to sell, because it sat unused for so long. And still, I can’t get past passing my theory test. The next go will be my fifth time. This year I’ll do it.

– Finish a novel. I started writing after I had Mischa, I had a lot of free time thanks to us being based in Germany, Mischa was sick for a very long time meaning we couldnt come home to England for a while & I needed an outlet for all the built up – new mother, prem baby, missing home’ emotion. Writing eased that. So much so I wrote a 60,000 word ‘story’ *I use that term very loosely*  in just under three months.. I still haven’t finished it, nor the other ten to twelve stories saved on my laptop. It doesn’t have to be publisher worthy, or even really any good. But I’ve started and left so many unfinished, this year I’d like to stick it out & complete the process.

– Take regular breaks from the internet. If you follow me over on any of my social media accounts you’ll know i’ve been taking a little time off. I love Instagram especially, but I found myself spending a lot of time during the day staring into my screen, completely oblivious to the world around me. I was finding it impossible to really get stuck into any projects, my thought process always revolving around what would look better on Instagram. This is no good, and so I decided to take a little break. It was just what was needed, last monday I wrote eighteen pages for my latest -never to be seen, by anyone- novel. The most I have ever done in one day.

Thats it really, I have the usual eat less junk, do more exercise. Turn down the invites for wine & takeaway with my sister more often – they always result in a mammoth hangover. But these are my main must do’s.

My birthday itself was lovely. I was treated to a shopping trip to the Trafford centre, where I was spoilt rotten & later in the evening I had our traditional birthday dinner out with my sisters at our favourite italian – there was A LOT of pasta & wine consumed. All in all a bloody perfect way to introduce my twenty forth year.



The little woman pretends.

Always a day for celebration.




Almost daily you’ll see announcements on social media that its some national day or other. Yesterday was international Lazy day, the day before International book lovers day. It got me thinking, firstly who makes up these days? also is there some sort of list, so I can be aware of all these weird appreciation days.. Turns out there is & I found it.


A couple of my personal favourites are:

August 27th – Just because day – This is a day to do anything you fancy, y’know within the law. For no other reason than ‘Just because’.

September 5th – Be late for something day – I feel like this day was made for me, I spend my entire life trying (and failing) not to be late, to be fair though, I have two kids and a husband that insist on faffing. Mischa always needs the toilet the second I strap her into the car seat, and Sam likes to wait at least twenty minutes after we’ve supposed to have left the house before he puts his shoes on. On september the fifth, I won’t even have to try to be on time.

October 14th- National Desserts day –  Does this really need any explanation? I don’t think it does.

December 7th – Letter writing day –  I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter, I actually can’t remember the last time I used a pen.. Can I even write anymore?! who knows, but on December the 7th I’ll have a go at penning a lovely letter to someone.

January 3rd – Festival of sleep day – I think this is my favourite day. I’m really going to go all out celebrating this one.

January 14th – Dress up your pet day –  I’m won’t be taking part of this day, I do have a pet, a rather beautiful, yet vicious cat called Minky. Just changing her collar results in my arms looking like i’ve been dragged through broken glass, I can’t even imagine what  she’d do if I tried to wrestle her into a costume.  I will however scour instagram for the cute, cuddly non aggressive pets that have allowed their owners to dress them up like teddy bears and such. Adorable.

March 3rd – If pets had thumbs day – I don’t really know how this would be celebrated… Do we all try to cellotape fake thumbs to our pets paws? If so, see the above point for why I won’t be celebrating this one either.

May 9th – Lost sock memorial day – For all those lone socks, where did they go? why did they just disappear? Today, we can very weirdly mourn their loss.

June 13th & September 10th – Sewing machine day – Sadly, I actually celebrated this last year. I cleaned my machine, give her a good oil and dedicated a Facebook post to her. Ha, seriously, I did.

There are hundreds more, A day to celebrate anything and everything you could imagine. Today is in fact Sons & Daughters day, I’ll be sure to give Mischa and Izzy a high five in appreciation for their birth.

Whats your favourite appreciation day?


The little woman pretends.