Home life project: March 2018.

I actually wasn’t going to bother posting this, but actually there’s a couple of photographs here I really like. And I want a full year of Home life project posts! So, here it is anyway!

The plan for this months HLP was to shoot our Sunday, I got as far as capturing our morning, then we went to the play centre and I forgot my camera, once back home it was literally a a case of dinner, baths all round, tidy up and bed. Though I’m certain I could have captured something good from this, It just didn’t really cross my mind.

I’ve been a bit rubbish with my camera recently, only really using it for work. I’m hopefully that this week I seem to be on my way out of this little slump, I’ve got some pretty cool personal projects planned. Hopefully this will give me the much needed boost and next months edition will be much better.

Here’s our Sunday morning:





Home life project: February 2018.

I wont lie, this weekend has been so hectic, I completely forgot it was HLP weekend!

Luckily, I had a lovey Sunday night adventure planned anyway, and I took my camera. I did remember that I was supposed to be shooting the project whilst the girls where getting ready for said adventure, and managed to get a couple, then some really greta shots of being out and about. However once we got back, it was washing, dinner, bath the girls and collapse in bed myself. So its not really a thorough collection I have to share today.

However, I do have something. So I’ll just share those instead.

So, Sunday, after a really busy weekend, celebrating various birthdays, drinking a little too much, I needed to go somewhere quite on Sunday. I love that we’ve been getting out on these adventures near every weekend recently, it really makes a difference to my whole week just having those few hours on a warm Sunday afternoon, exploring, just being somewhere natural. anyway, so we got wrapped up, went for some lunch before heading over to Beacon Fell. A gorgeous set of woodlands in the heart of Lancashire. It takes up an entire hill… though its not really a hill. I’m unsure what it is, either way a couple of years ago, Sam and I found the most gorgeous little spot off the track that has incredible views over Lancashire, seeing out as far as Blackpool! it truly is perfect.

Anyway, seen as those are really the only photos I have, I’ll just get them up.



So, thats it. Febuarys Home life project.


Hopefully next month I’ll have my shit together a little bit more! Ha.



Home Life Photography Project

Home life project: January 2018

Happy new year!!

I’m back, after a lovely long Christmas break – which actually wasn’t so lovely because Mischa caught the Chicken pox and both Sam and I have been so ill for pretty much the entire week of Christmas. BUT everything all good now, and even more exciting than it being a brand new year, I’ve also got a brand new blog!

I’ve got big plans for 2018, and so a lot of stuff needed updating, I hope you like the new layout?

Anyway, on with what I’m actually here to post about HOME LIFE PROJECT! If you read last months post, you’ll remember I said I wasn’t sure if Clare was going to be running this link up again this year, but it turns out she is!!! Yay! So here we are to start a brand new year.

I’m going to just cut the point this year, just assume all HLP days are shot on the Sunday. I dont know what it is, but even on a day like yesterday when I’ve been running around like a headless chicken with sessions and trying to get the blog finished in time for todays re-launch, but I just feel more relaxed on a Sunday. So yes, this months and all the other months will be on a Sunday.

Other than that, I also this year am determined to get in on these photos more. Its not that I have low self esteem or anything, I’m just uncomfortable in front of the camera and why would anyone want to do something that makes them fee uncomfortable? I tell my clients all the time, “Just relax, stop overthinking it.” So I figured it was time to practice what I preach really wasn’t it!

Sunday this month has been a little bit hectic. So I’ve not really got a full day worth of photos to show. But I did grab as many moments as I could to pull out that camera and take something before I was onto my next thing. The morning was actually really lovely. I woke up before the entire house, snuck down stairs, made a cuppa and just sat staring out at the sun glistening over the frost covered back garden. Now this, unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of. I haven’t cleaned my windows in about three weeks so all you would have seen would have been hand prints and mud covered cat paw marks.

Anyway, the girls came down and enjoyed some cuddles before it was breakfast, getting changed then off to drop them at grandmas house for a couple of hours whilst I did a session. Grandma asked if she could keep them until three in the afternoon which gave me so much time to work! YAY!

Once back we went out to a lovely pub in a nearby local village for some delicious dinner, before coming back and lazing in a food coma. That was pretty much all that happened.

So, here’s my images for Januarys addition.





So thats that. First Home life project of the year.

They obviously dont flow very well this month, but with so much on I’m just grateful I managed to get something at all! Its certainly a bit manic round here recently.





If you fancy joining in with the Home life project, you can find all the info over on Claire’s blog.


Home life project: December edition.

Its the very last month of 2017!! December, already! Seriously, the year is pretty much over! – I’m going to stop now, before I fill this entire post with exclamation marks.

But, here we all ready to finish up another year. I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the Home life project this year, I know the blogs been fairly quiet these past 12 months, but its just been so difficult to try and get this stuff organised, when my personal life has been so ridiculously chaotic. One of the constant things over here though has been this project – some months is been the only post. But truly its been a pleasure to shoot in the first weekend of every month.

Anyway, this months edition, I did have big plans to shoot our Saturday at the Manchester Christmas markets – but it turns out the first weekend after payday in December is absolutely not the time to go! It was so packed apparently, so we just gave it a miss. Instead – I just stuck to what I know best.. how to record a Sunday.

And thats what we did! We lazed, we watched cooking programmes, we ate delicious carb packed food. We did some Christmas crafts and the girls made a start on their Christmas lists. We didn’t really do much of anything, other than embrace the slow Sunday. This coming week is so beyond hectic with work, I knew I really needed to get the most. out of this lazy day.

Anyway, here it is… Decembers edition, complete with fairy light backdrops and all.



So, thats it. I’m not certain wether Clare will be continuing with this link up in 2018 – though I really do hope she does. Either way, I’ve been doing this project for 2 years now & I’ve learnt so much and captured so many memories. Its wonderful to look back on. Hopefully, I’ll back next month – which will also be next year! Do I say ‘ see you next year?’ ha, I’m such a child. – to start the #Homelifeproject 2018!


The little woman pretends.

Home life project: Novembers edition.

I’m going to skip the “Oh my god its November already” you get it as much as I do, times going fast! But with life fishing by so quickly, this month I’ve decided is the month for education. As many of you know back in July I started up as a photographer, which as been brilliant,business is going really well. But as I’ve been so focused on learning the ropes, I feel my work has kind of just become a little bit stagnant. I’ve been so focused on getting those jobs in, selling what I’m used to dong, there’s been no real time for growth. So, thats why I decided to keep November pretty free, just to go back to learning – This absolutely does tie in with this months HLP, just bare with me.

So when it came to this months HLP (See!) I wanted to tackle my first objective – Editing. I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut with Lightroom, but after a bit of Pinterest scrolling I found out that actually it can do WAY more than what I’ve been using it for. I’ve discovered things like the HSL tab! The before and after option – Seriously! And so with this months edition, I really wanted to put these things to use. You may not notice much difference to my usual stuff, but I can see so many changes already, my educational month is getting off to a good start!

So, more about this months photographs. With it being Bonfire night yesterday, Documenting our Sunday was an obvious choice. It started off pretty slow, all half term I’ve been pinging out of bed by 7.30, but typically on the last day, I woke up groggy at 10am questioning if something had happened to time, there was seriously no way I slept in that late! Apart from I did, and so did the rest of the house. I think the past week just caught up on us all.

Anyway, once we all finally dragged ourselves down stairs, it was sausage butties and a morning of lazing for everyone – but me who had to spend it working on website stuff. Once finished I got started on the first Sunday roast we’ve had in over a month!

Before dinner we decided to head out on a nice little Sunday afternoon stroll, Izzy had been a bit poorly over the weekend and Sam and I were feeling a little sore and stiff from Saturday mornings Gym session. So we took off into the local woodlands to stretch our legs.

Once dinner was done, we headed out into the garden for some sparklers and fireworks, I don’t tend to make a massive deal out of bonfire night – I’m all about Halloween – But even still, just a few for the girls, before we huddled back into the warm sanctuary of the house for Banana & Butterscotch pudding. Yum.

A really lovely Sunday.




The little woman pretends.



Home life project: October edition.

Its October, already! seriously. October! How on earth are we here already?! – glad I’ve got that out of my system!

Right, so Octobers Home life project is here! This weekend, I documented ‘some’ of our Sunday. I say some because, I spent most of the morning out of the house, helping my dad. When I got back we took the girls for a lovely little bike ride. This makes up pretty much most of my HLP photographs this month. I have to admit, it was a slightly half assed attempt, but I did try and I did actually edit and gather them together. so thats alright isn’t it?

My original plan was to take the girls collecting conkers. because – Hello amazing autumn photographs.- but also they’ve been asking all week. On the way back from seeing my dad though there was just traffic everywhere, I know most of the tree’s around our area have been rinsed, so it would have been up to one of the bigger parks. I was just tired, achey and I needed to make them some lunch before we could even leave the house. So a lovely ride round our local area it was. As you’ll see, it was rather muddy!




The little woman pretends.




Home life project – September edition.

I have to be honest here, I don’t believe this is my best Home life project edition, which I really was expecting it to be, seen as I’ve upgraded my photography kit in the past month – Happy birthday to me!- Anyway, So this month I documented our Monday. I did this because A) even though I both saw & commented on Clares Friday night HLP reminder post, I forgot. ha. and B) It was the last day of our Summer holidays, and I had a lovely little day planned for the girls.

So, Monday morning started pretty slow. I made croissants and tea, we sat at the kitchen table with the radio on, just enjoying that last morning of relaxation before the school year restarted. I headed off to a session for a little while, leaving the girls playing, before we spent the afternoon at the Trafford centre. I’d been promising the girls for ages that we’d go to the build a bear workshop there, and as I only passed my driving test a couple of months ago, I hadn’t quite yet built up the courage for a long drive on the motorway. However after our summer glamping, Im not really that scared of being on there anymore! so it seemed the perfect opportunity to get up there. The girls were so excited to pick their new cuddly best friends, and I have to say the whole experience was pretty heart warming. The staff there are so great with the kids, they are really involved with the whole process of building their bear. From peddling the stuffing in, to kissing their heart before its placed inside the bear, even to naming and creating a birth certificate for their new friend. It was lovely! The plan is to take them back at then end of each half term, if they have been given a good report, they get to choose a new accessory. win-win.

So, after that little adventure, we had a stroll, went to the food court for lunch, before rocking home to get their school uniforms named and set out. It really was a lovely way to spend the last day of the holidays.




The little woman pretends.


Home life project: August edition.

I have really let the blog go this summer. It makes me sad to see it so neglected! In my absolute defence though, I’ve been busy setting up my photography business – how exciting is that eh!- And with the girls off school, its become a ginormous weight off to just not panic about blog posts. And technically, I’m all about living with the seasons – isn’t that what summer is about? just blowing lives pressures away and living freely amongst the sunshine?! I’m clutching at straws here aren’t I! ha ha.

Anyway, I have been updating once a month with a home life project post, and this month is no different. We’ve made it to August, already! The year is flying by!

A lot has happened over this past month, like I  mentioned above, I’ve just started up my own photography business, so every day for me revolves around getting the best photos I possibly can. The brilliant thing about this project, is actually. It doesn’t take much – if any- thinking time. You just shoot. Just follow and shoot. Which exactly what I’ve done this weekend.

For this months session I photographed our Sunday. Soley because I knew it would be as close to staying at home all day as it ever would be in these increasingly busy times. So after a relaxed morning at home, I did a little work and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon pottering around doing some cleaning, getting that Sunday roast cooked and dying izzys hair blue. Yep really – though, It is only. wash out one, so nothing to be alarmed about!

We entered the early evening by watching movies, the girls then went mental and started wrestling each other, before shower and bed time.

And that was that. A beautiful Sunday.




I would have liked a little more sunshine – what with it being THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER! But, this rainy weather isn’t all bad. Its kind of making me all excited for Autumn.


The little woman pretends.





Home life project: July edition.

I feel like our days are getting busier & busier at the minute and this weekend was no exception. I’m having some real issues staying asleep recently, its like I’ve developed some insane fear of being late for anything, waking up in the middle of the night to check the time and stuff. So Saturday morning started with me leaping up & freaking out that I’d missed my alarm and was late for school…. Only, It was Saturday morning, and no alarm was set to go off.  This is literally the tenth time this has happened, I think I might be going slightly crazy. Ha ha. Anyway, After I finally convinced myself it was in fact weekend. I tottered downstairs with the girls for a much needed tea. After a morning spent pottering around the house doing little jobs, we headed up to Euxton golf park. Its not too far from us, and as well as having the usual golf activities they also do loads of really cool – family friendly games like football golf, kick darts and football pool. Though we didn’t actually go up for a family day out, more so I could grab some photos for their website before the sun disowned us again.

Once I’d finished work, we had just enough time to make it to one of Mischa’s school friends birthday party. Typical play centre do, the kids ran riot, I wondered why the hell I started driving when it means I now can’t indulge in a glass of wine at one of those places – Ha- The one great thing about those play centres is you leave with tired kids. And tired they where! The TV in the girls room broke on Friday night, so we took it back to sainsburys after the party for an exchange… only, our local store aren’t stocking electrical goods at the moment so we left empty handed. The kids are only allowed the TV on in their room on weekends, so of course Izzy threw an absolute bitch fit at being told there would be no TV on Saturday night. You can see that exact moment right at the very end of this editions collection.


I did have a little try at this months Challenge (negative space) but overall my main focus of the day was just capture things, anything amongst the business.

You can see all of my July HLP photos below.



So that was our Saturday!


The little woman pretends.

Home life project: May.

Sorry about the lack of posts over on here recently. I’m just away doing other things at the minute, you know what its like, so much to do, so little time to do it in! Anyway, I really wanted to get an entire year of Homelife project captures this year, so there was no way I was missing this months edition. I actually planned to do something a little more seasonal this month, what with the days becoming a little warmer, but Izzy spent the weekend feeling a little poorly, and in all honestly I had one glass too many on Friday night so I wasn’t as fresh as I’d have hoped to be on Saturday morning. However, we decided on a lazy morning followed by an afternoon bowling, some time in the arcades and a dinner to finish off. It was the perfect Saturday plan.

I’m not overly in love with the bowling alley photos, as I mentioned I wasn’t really on top form, my settings are all off and theres a little too much grain there. However, they aren’t completely terrible so I’ve kept them in anyway. Other than that, I’m rather pleased, the bacon shot is a personal fave, I can smell that sizzling smoked scent of bacon every time I look at it! YUM!





The little woman pretends.