Home life project: March 2018.

I actually wasn’t going to bother posting this, but actually there’s a couple of photographs here I really like. And I want a full year of Home life project posts! So, here it is anyway!

The plan for this months HLP was to shoot our Sunday, I got as far as capturing our morning, then we went to the play centre and I forgot my camera, once back home it was literally a a case of dinner, baths all round, tidy up and bed. Though I’m certain I could have captured something good from this, It just didn’t really cross my mind.

I’ve been a bit rubbish with my camera recently, only really using it for work. I’m hopefully that this week I seem to be on my way out of this little slump, I’ve got some pretty cool personal projects planned. Hopefully this will give me the much needed boost and next months edition will be much better.

Here’s our Sunday morning:





DIY art, Friends binge & raising independent kids. #Little loves

Its been a whole month since my last #Littleloves post. I had hoped to squeeze another one in, but there’s just not been time. however with it being valentines week, I just knew it had to be time for a post all about the little things I love. Its been a fairly relaxed week really, what with it being half term, its always the same when the kids are on holiday, I’m a little less forceful with my own routine and I’m just all around less of a busy body. anyway, so this its whats been going on with my week.


I am STILL reading ‘I am am pilgrim’ STILL! Its been a whole month since I started and I’m about 600 pages in. In my absolute defence I’ve only been reading it at bedtimes, and some nights I’m asleep as soon s my head hits the pillow. So that’ll explain why I’m not finished yet. I am enjoying it, its just reallllllyyyyyy long. When I eventually do finish it though, my next book will be ‘Yes man’ – Danny Wallace. Which is the book version of the only Jim Carrey film I like. I’ve heard it is hilarious to read, it’ll be a welcome relief from the very heavy reading I’m currently doing.



Like pretty much everyone, I was overjoyed to see ‘Friends’ arrive on Netflix. Obviously I set about binge watching it straight away. Currently near the end of series 5 and I’ve enjoyed every single second. In fact one of my favourite things to do, is just flop on the bed with a snack and watch a couple of episodes. I love ‘Friends’. I just love it. My favourite bit is when Joeys fridge breaks, when he pushes ross into it to try and blame him for it breaking. Honestly, it makes me laugh so loud every time. Whats your favourite bit?




I’m so sad when it comes to music, though I’ll come across new songs I like, I generally like to just listen to my old favourites over and over again. One of my most favourite albums – ever – is The killers, Sam’s Town. It came out the year before I left school (2006) and I pretty much haven’t stopped listening to it, with this week being no exception! I’ve LOVED the killers ever since I first saw them on The O.C… you remember the episode dont you?! Hot fuss is I think one of the greatest first albums ever realised! it truly was a dream come true to see them live last year, Brandon Flowers is just a GOD! Anyway, Sams town, if you haven’t listened to it, do. Incredible album! favourite song off it? Very close tie between Reasons unknown and Read my mind, but I’ll go with the latter. Belting that song out at the top of my lungs as Brandon sang it in Manchester last year was up there as one of my all time favourite moments.



So this week I’ve been finishing off the bedroom makeover, ready for the big reveal on Monday. One of the things I had to make was some sort of art for over the bed. The attempt for the living room turned out well, so I just figured I’d do that again (post is here for anyone that wants to take a look.) Well, I have to say, it turned out wonderfully! I’m actually more in love with it than the one for the living room. I had a very specific colour pallet in mind, something very calming but not bland. Sneak peek here. You’ll be able to see the full reveal on Monday if you’re interested.



This week, I’m really trying to step it up a gear with my workouts. I was far too relaxed last week. working out started off as a way for me to release tension and just balance out my crazy little brain, but now I’m kind of into it. The change on my body – considering it was never my goal to lose anything – has been incredible. One of my favourite things to do, is to run. I mainly run for clarity, but I’ve found myself getting a little bit competitive. I want to beat myself, effort, distance. everything. And well my old trainers just weren’t up to the challenge. I upgraded with these super comfortable – yet supportive sketchers. First run in them gave me the usual twinges when I change my running shoes, but ever since then its been heaven. my knee’s and hips are feeling much ore cushioned. So yeah, these are pretty much what I’ve been wearing this week.



And lastly…

This week has been half-term! How you other parents managing? We’ve been alright actually. My plan for this week was to force the kids to be a little more independent. They have this thing where they just come to me for everything – without for one second asking themselves if they can find/do/get it on their own. Its completely my own fault. But this week I wanted to just step back a little bit. Its actually going really well! I’m feeling very much less like an overworked mum! even with them being stuck to my hip 24-7.



So thats it for my #Littleloves this month. I will try at some point do more than one a month, but for now I think this is all I’ll be able to fit in.

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Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


Another Blogaversary!

TLWP is as of tommorow 3 years old! Three whole years since I launched as a lifestyle/sewing/diy blog. I’m glad I’ve managed to simplify it all, even if it has taken three whole years to discover how!




So like last year, and the year before. This year I’m writing up a little round up of the year…

Three years of blogging and what have been the high points? Well, Last year’s trip to London for the Style at home Christmas tree challenge is obviously way up there as a blogging high, I mean how could it not be! After a night in a very swanky Shoreditch hotel, I spent the day on set, seeing just how these amazing features are made – and actually being in the feature. Seeing myself in one of the nations top interiors magazines was really rather bizarre – in a fantastic way of course!



As for lows, I feel like the majority of last year was just a huge low – which I know contradicts my last statement, but it really was a year of extremes! I had a lot of personal stuff going on, and so my creativity really just dissapeared. well, on the blog side of things. I just couldn’t muster up the energy to jump back in and so most months I only got one or two posts up.

This year everything seems to back in full swing, but better than before. I combine blog work with my actual job as a photographer, I’m inspired for one, from the other and it all just works! I’m no longer just blogging because I cant stand ‘just’ being a stay at home mum. And mum police, I know that sounds a little harsh, but truly – feeling like I only existed to change nappies and clean up after everyone really, nearly made me lose my sanity. I’m blogging because I’ve now reached a point where this is just normal. Its a part of my life now!

Which is why back in January I took the blog down for the first week and completely re-built it. New layout, new style, new categories, new everything. It wasn’t because I wasnt loosing any of the old blog, just refining what I had. Combining the blog and my day job meant I needed to have a place that wasn’t just about DIY projects and so it became more Lifestyle. And it really does work SO well now.




Top three post’s from the last three years?!

  1. The TV unit build. (phase 1 & phase 2) – The is in no articulate order or anything. But yes, this was and still is one of my favourite posts in the last three years! It was such a big project, it took just under a week from start to finish, the house was everywhere, covered in sawdust. And then I got the measurements wrong for one of the biggest pieces of MDF!!! Oh it was a stress. But one that I’d completely do again, because it has changed my home completely. It was worth every penny (which actually wasn’t a lot considering what it was we was actually building! Just over £200 if I remember rightly!) I still love it now!


2.  Banoffe loaf cake: I think this has been my most requested recipe EVER! Friends family, random teachers at the girls school. everyone loves this cake and seen as it was tested and written up so long ago, having it on the blog is super handy. I just send them the link instead of having to pour through my many notebooks full of scribbles. This truly is a delicious cake, dont let it fool you with its rustic ‘loaf cake’ style and simplistic decorating, this is a true showstopper. Perfect for afternoon tea (if you’re fancy and do the sorta’ stuff), perfect for one of those many, many bake sale requests. Perfect just for a slow Sunday afternoon bake. Well worth every bit of effort. Yum!


3. My last favourite post of the last three years is a really recent one. But one I just cant stop going back to click on. It is of course, our ‘weekend in the Lakes‘ post. I know I’m not alone in my love for this post, I’ve had so many comments on it, so many comments on my social media accs about the photos! So thank you all for those! A few weeks ago, we set off for a lovely little weekend away, these very short few days ignited a full blown love affair with the Lake District! it just has beauty everywhere! And when I miss it, I sneak onto my computer and scroll through counting down the days until we next go back ( FYI its 22 days! ha ha.) Anyway, I wont bore you about it anymore. But this post is absolutely up there as one of my favourites.




So. What do I have planned for the next 12 months. Thats pretty hard to answer, because as my fellow bloggers know, you really have no clue whats round the corner. Here’s what I’d like to do this next 12 months though.

  • Actually post. more than once a month. My mojo’s back and I’d really like to keep it this year.
  • Keep the quality of those post photos high. Its my job now, there’s really no excuses for rubbish images from me.
  • Keep the collaborations coming. The blogging world can be quite tight knit, but having stepped out my comfort zone with the day job, its given me so much more confidence with speaking to people, proposing some of my ideas to people I think would fit well. I’d really love it if I could keep this confidence and get some more super cool collaborations in.
  • Linkies. Up until this year I only took part in one! Now I’m up to three already, what will be four by the end of this month! They really are such a cool way to interact with the rest of the blogging community, and even if you dont dare or want. to takl to someone else, these Linkies are a brilliant way of keeping up that creativity.
  • And finally, this year I want to feature more on these posts. It is after all me thats writes them, speeds hours shooting, editing, brainstorming ideas, promoting ect. I really should have my face over here a little more.



So thats it my Blog baby is THREE!

Here’s to another blog filled year, and as always, thank you SO much for all your clicks and comments, both on here and on the social media sites. You’re all amazing!





Home life project: February 2018.

I wont lie, this weekend has been so hectic, I completely forgot it was HLP weekend!

Luckily, I had a lovey Sunday night adventure planned anyway, and I took my camera. I did remember that I was supposed to be shooting the project whilst the girls where getting ready for said adventure, and managed to get a couple, then some really greta shots of being out and about. However once we got back, it was washing, dinner, bath the girls and collapse in bed myself. So its not really a thorough collection I have to share today.

However, I do have something. So I’ll just share those instead.

So, Sunday, after a really busy weekend, celebrating various birthdays, drinking a little too much, I needed to go somewhere quite on Sunday. I love that we’ve been getting out on these adventures near every weekend recently, it really makes a difference to my whole week just having those few hours on a warm Sunday afternoon, exploring, just being somewhere natural. anyway, so we got wrapped up, went for some lunch before heading over to Beacon Fell. A gorgeous set of woodlands in the heart of Lancashire. It takes up an entire hill… though its not really a hill. I’m unsure what it is, either way a couple of years ago, Sam and I found the most gorgeous little spot off the track that has incredible views over Lancashire, seeing out as far as Blackpool! it truly is perfect.

Anyway, seen as those are really the only photos I have, I’ll just get them up.



So, thats it. Febuarys Home life project.


Hopefully next month I’ll have my shit together a little bit more! Ha.



Home Life Photography Project

#Myfamilyadventures – A weekend in the Lake District.

Readers beware….. This is a very photo filled post.

So, if you follow me over on Insta, you would have no doubt seen my many, many stories updates of our lovely little lakes break. I had originally wanted to get this booked for New Years. But I was extremely naive in thinking that I’d be able to book somewhere for it in November. LOL.

Anyway, I found a brilliant deal at Keswick lodge retreat, £235 for the only weekend in January I wasn’t working. It was within budget, not too far away and looked bloody lovely. Sam rang up to book – he wanted to make sure we had a hot tub and a log burner…

Fast forward to last Friday morning and we were beyond excited for our little trip.

It all went slightly tits up for a while, when we rang to confirm, only to be told we hadn’t in fact been booked into a lodge with a hot tub OR. log burner. One quick call to Hoseasons confirmed that the girl who took our booking basically just said yes to everything we wanted and then ignored it all when assigning us a lodge. Anyway, I wont hold a grudge. Besides a lovely man by the name of Sean who does front of house at Keswick lodge retreat was an absolute star, though there just wasn’t the availability to upgrade us to a hot tub lodge with such short notice, he did instead move us over to one of the ones with the best view. Sean, you’re an angel. we loved our lodge!

Anyway, boring story over, we set off straight after the school run, and after a rather dull drive down the M6 arrived in the gorgeous little town of Keswick.

We arrived at the retreat at what seemed to be the exact time that everyone else who was staying over did. It was quite the wait to check in, however the staff were quick and the surroundings pretty, it wasn’t too shabby at all.

Once given our keys ( in the most adorable little keepsake mini suitcase) we drove down to our home for the weekend, and ran in to take a peek. It was luxurious, clean, modern, cosy. I’d expected for the price the photographs online would have probably been outdated, I’ve stayed in worse places that cost much more! but nope, it really was as lovely as I’d hoped.






So, we arrived. Finally. A little flustered, but hungry and ultimately relieved we actually was still getting our lovely weekend break. Sam set out with making a delicious dinner, the girls played happily – well izzy did, Mischa is a weird child and instead flourished with the opportunity to organise all the new wardrobes.- We just spent the evening hanging around, before the girls eventually went off to bed and Sam and I popped open the very delicious rhubarb and ginger Gin, we’d been waiting so eagerly for. It really was the perfect Friday night.






So Saturday morning, surprisingly fresh, I set out breakfast, filled my teapot and we spent the morning not really doing much, as much as I wanted to explore, I know fine well, if you spend your whole holiday busy-bodying you come home more exhausted than when you left! So, we didn’t leave the lodge until mid-day.



When we did it was to go to Derwentwater I had done a little research about this place, and from the second I set eyes on it I knew we had to go. I can say absolutely, it did not disappoint! We must have stayed on the waters edge for at least two hours, before heading to one of the lovely little waterside cafe’s for a bite to eat, before taking a lovely walk further down the lake. The full walk around Derwentwater is roughly 10miles long and though I really did want to do it on Saturday, being realistic, neither of my girls would be able to do that. So we just stayed local and enjoyed the scenery.



After a good four hours of adventures, we headed back to the lodge to change and warm up a bit. We were all slightly damp, and cold. So the first thing we did was crank up that fire, make a pot of tea and settle down on the sofa. We booked our reservations for the onsite restaurant  -Copper fells- the day before (definitely advised to pre-book, it got so busy, so quickly! ) and so after a quick change we headed off for some belly warming comfort food.



Once back, it was fair to say we were all a little tired. So it was a quick clean up, a bubble bath for the girls, and films in bed for us all, ready for another (and our last) day in the Lakes.





Sunday started slow, we had managed to organise a late check out (thanks to the ever helpful Sean) so I sat sipping’ tea, trying to really embrace where I was for as long as possible. Though unfortunately, the time came.

We loaded the car and said goodbye to our home for the weekend. 



However, instead of just driving home, we decided on a little detour! to the castlerigg stone circle. A really short drive from the lodge, and in fact one of the walking routes from Derwentwater had we have not been with the girls. It was extremely windy! Rather cold but the views where just oh so worth it!!



Finally though, I could no longer prevent the inevitable and it was time to come home. Though I did get one last hurrah, because instead of travelling all the way home on the M6 we drove right through the lakes only using the motorway just before Lancaster. Scenic route!



So thats that, our amazing weekend in the Lake District. I have fallen utterly in love with the place, I’m debating us actually moving there, its just such a perfect place. Who knows, maybe one day soon we’ll call this glorious part of England our home.




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Bargain boots, late night reading and a first day at rainbows #Littleloves

WHY has it taken me so long to join in with Coffee, work, sleep, repeats #Littleloves link up?! I literally have no idea! But I thought this year, I’d finally start. I probably wont manage to get one up every week, but I’m aiming for one a month at least. Anyway for those blogger friends who dont know, its basically just a post to help remind you – no matter how crappy your week has been- about all the lovely things that have happened this week. You can find the full details for the link up here

Anyway, so this week. Its been a bit of a weird one, It was my mums first death anniversary on Tuesday, which kind of knocked my inner balance a bit. But I let myself feel what I needed to and made a promise that I’m only allowed to dwell on it this one day a year. So it was of course back to business by Wednesday morning. Though by spending just that one day not sticking to my ever organised to-do lists and whatnot, the rest of the week has kind of been spent just trying to catch up a little bit. However, writing this post has cheered me up immensely because I’m forcing myself to remember all the lovely bits…




This week I started reading ‘ I am pilgrim – Terry Hayes’ It was mentioned on someones Insta stories last weekend with the description of being utterly obsessive. Thats pretty much all I need a book to be. Its only been a bedtime read so far, but already yes, I am a little bit hooked. Its absolutely not my usual type, but its been described as having a bit of a homeland vibe, which I can understand. So yeah. Give it a try if you haven’t, really interesting read. 





I haven’t really got in much TV time this week, but when I have, its been to fit in a couple of episodes of ‘The tunnel’ which I’m still hooked on! We binged watched our way through the first 2 seasons, and now we’re on the 3rd and pretty up-to date, I’m kind of trying to stretch them out a little bit!





Dolores O’Riordan of The cranberries, sadly passed this week. So literally ever since the news was released, I have not been able to get ‘Linger’ out of my head! She truly did have a distinctively beautiful voice.




I’m not sure this one fits, but I’ve not been very crafty this week or taken any decent photos of my meals *Gasp! And I call myself a blogger!* Ha. But this week, I’ve been giving the Office another decor overhaul (there’ll be more of that up next week..) So, I’ll say I made… the office look pretty again! Ha ha. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek…




I don’t tend to really photograph my outfits. Usually because I generally look like a bit of a scruff bag. But, one thing I’m wearing at the mo, that I’m super in love with are these gorgeous bargain Boots! A replica of the Topshop buckle boots, these were only TEN POUNDS in the sale from Dorothy Perkins. I’ve been wanting them forever, and finally they stocked some in my size -just a bonus that they were SO bloody cheap!



And lastly…


This week i’ve been loving Izzy being five, she’s finally gone back to school after the Christmas holidays/chicken pox dilemma, and each day has come home and told me something new she can do because she’s now FIVE! Another thing she can do now, is start rainbows! She’s been excited to join ever since Mischa started and now finally, last night was her very first session!




SO, thats it. My first Little loves post! What a fun post to write up!



Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Self care series: Relax and read.

When I was younger, I was a reader. I was one of those little kids with their noses constantly in one book or another, I remember fondly the realisation that I’d just been completely absorbed in the Lion the witch and the wardrobe for three hours straight. It was my first memory of being in the that ‘reader bubble’.

I’m sure many of you know what I mean, the amazon prime guy delivers your order just after lunch… you’ll just have a quick flick before you start your chores…. And then its 2am. Who picked up the kids from school? who made tea? what day is it?

Thats the reader bubble, and its a feeling I chase a lot.

Not because I want to ignore my family! I feel I should point that out! Ha ha. No, but sometimes, particularly in this past year, reality can get a bit much. You’ve a couple of options when it comes to escaping reality for a while, almost all of them self destructive. So my choice? I read.



I grew out of the habit when I started high school, I remember coming home from school one day and hiding all of my “The sleepover club” books at the bottom of my wardrobe because – OMG reading for pleasure is so not cool –  I was a delightful teen! ha ha. which is Sad really, because they were the years I could have really done with that Non-destructive escape from reality. I did of course do some reading, the usual forced stuff in school. I think I randomly found a copy of Mel B’s autobiography. Ha.

I do remember when I Re-deiscovered my love of really loosing myself thoroughly in the pages. I was sixteen, and I picked up my dad’s copy of Neil Gaimans ‘Neverwhere’. I lay on my bed and I didn’t move until  finished it. To this day this remains one of my favourite books. Its one I always go back too. I like it when a story doesn’t just tell a tale – no matter how engrossing. I seemed to have developed a liking of stories that pick up on the divide between rich and poor, the class system in our country is one of those things that both infuriates and fascinates me, and so when its an underlying theme in a book I pick up, I’m automatically more interested. Neverwhere’s thought provoking twist on homelessness is one of my favourite things about the book – along with the imaginative use of the London underground stations, one of the bits that stick my head most about this story is when Richard is on his way to finding the market for the first time and he’s on the bridge with the little rat girl. I dont know why, but I re-read that part like five times, it just made me feel so sad! Anyway, I wont spoil anymore if you haven’t read it. But if really well written fantasy – I swear it could be true!-  is your thing  then give this book a go.



All this has got me thinking, Instagram is full of avid book lovers – Or rather my instagram is all of creatives and I think a big part of any creatives life is reading. Its been proven many times that reading is in fact exercise for the brain – the brain is a muscle, it needs those work outs too! – it stretches out that imagination, it transports you to different places, it forces you to think as though your someone else, you learn and you learn with every single new book you read.

The reason why I’ve included reading in my self care series, is really very simple. It is good for you, its proven to make you happier, healthier and smarter, as well as being really bloody good way to entertain yourself. One of lifes simple pleasures is being somewhere warm and cosy, having a cuppa’ maybe a snack. There’s nothing but silence and you open that first page, climbing in to explore a brand new world.

So, if I’ve convinced you to jump (back) on that reading wagon, but need a little Inspo. I’ve asked a few of my favourite Insta-huns what their ‘must read’ book is and a little on why.


“My favourite book is probably Paper towns – by John green. I read it in one sitting and absolutely loved how it left me feeling inspired and being the world through different eyes, even if for a short period of time. The characters are relatable and John Green has a wonderful way of depicting scenes so beautifully that its hard not to imagine each chapter as its played out in words.” – Jodie, Dear little daisy.



“One of my favourite books is the classic novel, Wuthering Heights. I first read this at fifteen whilst studying for my GCSE’s. I’ll readily admit that it wasn’t love at first sight fro me. I initially found it difficult to get into, it was full of brooding imagery and complex characters. Yet, as I unpicked the book, unraveled the imagery and got to know the characters, I began to have a reverence for it. Emily Bronte’s use of imagery is second to none and every time I read this book, I enjoy it more and more.”Morgana, Coffee, work, sleep, repeat.


“Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. Because as a child I needed to escape the real world and this book allowed me to do that. To believe in magic. As I was older and went to live with my nana, se bought me the series and we would read and discuss. They have the happiest memories of the most special relationship I had.”Kara, Innocent charms chats.




” Possibly Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – It just feels like home, when I’m sad or anxious I just need to put my headphones on and I start becoming calmer.” – Lucy, Hopelessly Lucy.



“My favourite book is The butterfly effect. I love that it is thought provoking and gripping at all times and although I dont read much these days, I love it to be really interesting when I do.”Laura, little ladies big world.



“If you love cars or dogs or both, The art of racing in the rain is the book for you! I still remember sitting on a sun lounger in Cyprus and crying my eyes out at the ending. I passed it onto may mum who had re-read it several times and friends of ours even named their dog after the dog in the book!” – Clare, Maybush Studios.



So, hopefully by the end of this post you’re excited to grab a book and get stuck in. Its hard sometimes to remember to do something you actually really love, life gets hectic, things get in the way, sometimes it takes a little effort to get stuck into that ‘readers bubble’ and its not always effort you have spare. If you’re wanting to do a bit more reading this year, there’s no time like the present to start! Self care and all that!

Also, if you’re local to Preston,  Lucy of Hoplessly Lucy has set up a Book club! We’ll be meeting once a month at the Town house coffee and brew bar – Our first meeting is on the 23rd Jan at 6pm. – facebook page is here if you want to join.

I’m interested to know, What are your all time favourite books to read?





Home life project: January 2018

Happy new year!!

I’m back, after a lovely long Christmas break – which actually wasn’t so lovely because Mischa caught the Chicken pox and both Sam and I have been so ill for pretty much the entire week of Christmas. BUT everything all good now, and even more exciting than it being a brand new year, I’ve also got a brand new blog!

I’ve got big plans for 2018, and so a lot of stuff needed updating, I hope you like the new layout?

Anyway, on with what I’m actually here to post about HOME LIFE PROJECT! If you read last months post, you’ll remember I said I wasn’t sure if Clare was going to be running this link up again this year, but it turns out she is!!! Yay! So here we are to start a brand new year.

I’m going to just cut the point this year, just assume all HLP days are shot on the Sunday. I dont know what it is, but even on a day like yesterday when I’ve been running around like a headless chicken with sessions and trying to get the blog finished in time for todays re-launch, but I just feel more relaxed on a Sunday. So yes, this months and all the other months will be on a Sunday.

Other than that, I also this year am determined to get in on these photos more. Its not that I have low self esteem or anything, I’m just uncomfortable in front of the camera and why would anyone want to do something that makes them fee uncomfortable? I tell my clients all the time, “Just relax, stop overthinking it.” So I figured it was time to practice what I preach really wasn’t it!

Sunday this month has been a little bit hectic. So I’ve not really got a full day worth of photos to show. But I did grab as many moments as I could to pull out that camera and take something before I was onto my next thing. The morning was actually really lovely. I woke up before the entire house, snuck down stairs, made a cuppa and just sat staring out at the sun glistening over the frost covered back garden. Now this, unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of. I haven’t cleaned my windows in about three weeks so all you would have seen would have been hand prints and mud covered cat paw marks.

Anyway, the girls came down and enjoyed some cuddles before it was breakfast, getting changed then off to drop them at grandmas house for a couple of hours whilst I did a session. Grandma asked if she could keep them until three in the afternoon which gave me so much time to work! YAY!

Once back we went out to a lovely pub in a nearby local village for some delicious dinner, before coming back and lazing in a food coma. That was pretty much all that happened.

So, here’s my images for Januarys addition.





So thats that. First Home life project of the year.

They obviously dont flow very well this month, but with so much on I’m just grateful I managed to get something at all! Its certainly a bit manic round here recently.





If you fancy joining in with the Home life project, you can find all the info over on Claire’s blog.


Christmas Cookies.

I haven’t done a blog bake for SO long!!! But finally, I managed to scrape something together in time for Christmas. Today I’m sharing a really easy Christmas cookie recipe. These are basically vanilla biscuits, but the fab thing about them is not only are they easy, but you could decorate them a little fancy and give as beautiful handmade gifts or you could rope the kids in as a little Christmas Eve activity – get some delicious homemade biscuits under that tree for Santa!

Anyway, so simplicity, below you’ll find just how to make them.




What you’ll need:

  • 325g plain flour
  • 200g unsalted butter
  • 125g caster sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 100g of chocolate drops
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract.

* These quantities will make roughly 24 biscuits.*



And here’s how to make them:


Firstly, tip your butter and sugar into a mixing bowl and give it a good whizz up.

Second, add your eggs and vanilla before giving another stir.

Next pour in half of your flour, combine, then add in the second half.

Then tip in your chocolate chips.

Give it all a good mix, before tipping out onto cling film.

Wrap your dough nice and snugly, before placing into the fridge to chill for at least an hour.

Once your dough has become nice and hard. Simply sprinkle your side with a little plain flour and roll out your dough to about 5mm thick.

Using any cookie cutters (I’ve gone with stars) cut out your biscuits and place on a baking paper lined baking tray.

Place your cookies on the middle shelf of your oven, bake at 160 (fan) for roughly 20 minutes or until golden.

When it comes to decorating you can be as fancy – or simple- as you like! These biscuits are melt in the mouth delicious. So I kept it super simple with only a dusting of icing sugar. However,, the girls wanted to give some out to their teachers and so they decorated them with a little melted chocolate and some sprinkles (you can see the mess they made over on my instagram stories!).

Easy as that!




They really are SO easy to make up. Its the perfect Christmas Eve activity with the kids if you’re stuck for something to do this weekend. Talking of this weekend, its only Christmas isnt it! – like you didn’t know! Ha – I hope you’re all a little more organised than I am. The year for the first time in over 7 years I am not making Christmas dinner! Instead we’ll be heading over to my mother-in-laws for the day, I think because I’ve not had to plan this big fancy meal for everyone I’ve just kind of bumbled my way through December thinking I’ve got load of time left! So, I’ll be spending this weekend running round like a headless chicken!


Anyway, have a happy Christmas readers, however your spending it! I’ll be back next week with a little look into our celebrations, plus some New Years news about the blog. Exciting!


The little woman pretends.





Winter wonderland.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, tra-la-la-la – la, la- la – la – la. …. You know the rest!

So here  we are! Its the week before Christmas and the festivities are stepping up a gear round about now! I wont lie, I’ve mentally checked out. I tried to fit as much work as possible into last week, so this week is pretty much just tidying up those loose ends ready to spend the rest of the month eating and being merry. However, sticking with my promise of re-connecting with the blog this month – I’ve still got plenty of posts to come before 2017 is over! Starting with todays, which is all about our visit to Prestons winter wonderland.



I love how magical this time of year is for them, but I’m also super aware of how long – realistically – I have left of these magical Christmases, before it becomes all moody teenagers and no one believing in Father Christmas. So I’m desperate to squeeze every last little Christmas drip from every year.

So on Saturday, we made our way down to town to visit Prestons very own winter wonderland.

We started off by being separated into smaller groups – which was a very good decision on the organisers part. This meant the children all got enough time in each tent. We started in the Elf workshop, where the girls decorated some baubles. Then it was over to make reindeer food in another tent. From there we visited Mrs Christmas to decorate biscuits and then over to meet Father Christmas, practicing some circus tricks whilst we waited.

All in all it really was a festive way to spend Saturday morning. The staff worked tirelessly to keep the children entertained, the only things that really did irritate me a little was the stampede of Parents (yes actual grown adults) pushing past younger children to get theirs into the next tent first – but that really wasn’t a fault of the organisers, just humanity in general. Ha. It was also a little bare. Not much in the form of atmosphere, maybe a little Christmas music, some more decorations, a snow machine. Something to just jazz it up a bit. We did after all pay £15 a ticket!  The girls however, were made up and that is the most important thing.

I think if they were to do this event the same

again next year I wouldn’t go, but with a couple of minor changes, it really could be something fabulous, I’d just remember to wrap up a bit warmer next time. Two degrees with only a thin Mac on, really wasn’t my brightest of ideas!




The little woman pretends.