A new venture.

I mentioned briefly over on the Facebook page about my new little venture and anyone who follows my insta knows all about it. But I thought I’d bring that info over to the blog with a little more detail. Last Autumn I started my Level 3 in photography, that along with over 3 years of practice has amounted to me finally setting up my own photography business. I’m still learning as I go, every day brings new challenges – though thankfully all have been in a good way- but overall I think, I might have just found my job.. ‘the one’

It all came about once I had finished my course, that combined with the fact that Izzy starts school full time this September means its finally time for me to head back into the working world.  I had three options. 1) Continue further education by going to university to study photography. 2) Start up my own business. 3) Find a completely unrelated job and keep photography as a hobby. I obviously went for option 2.

I thought it would be the easiest option. And though I’m not technically wrong – I’m not right either. I know a lot of you have followed all the way from when this used to be a handmade childrens wear site. Back when my 18 hour days were spent locked in a sewing cupboard trying my best to build something from my love of sewing. It was hard, no… thats an understatement. it was exhausting, it zapped my energy, my creativity, I was wracked with ‘mummy guilt’ constantly. And so I switched to blogging as a way to both keep me sane and give me time to run my house and mother my kids in the way I wanted too.

This is a business, so yes. Yes it does take a lot of time to run. But my sessions are pre-booked, my editing expected and planned for and other than that its all about building online. Which I both enjoy and do anyway with blogging stuff, so its no where near as full on as it was last time.

In the four weeks its been since I made the Facebook page live. I feel I have achieved so much, its pushed me to plan better, to apply myself harder, to use my imagination as much as possible and actually, after hearing and seeing reactions on shoots I’ve been doing. To believe in myself a little more.

Im sure a bad day will crop up soon, one where I ask myself why I started another business. But I’ll remind myself of the old saying…. “its not work if you love what you do.”

So what does the future hold? I hear you ask – probably- Well, I will say honestly, I’ve no idea. I know its not wise to start a business up with no real plan, but thats what I’ve done and what i’ll continue to do until I feel I’ve got to do otherwise. I’m keeping it very simple, get those sessions booked in, stay creative with each and every one. I rope in people when I want to try something new and share my shoots on social media. Thats it. My one real plan for the future is to get the website up and running for Autumn so I can share it all in one place.

Highlights of the past month, have been Going over to Ravenous in Preston town centre for an early morning menu shoot!


Shooting my amazing sister giving birth to my niece – yep that was every bit as terrifying as you could imagine!


And, I think being asked to shoot one of my oldest friends kids amongst the fields that we used to wander round as youngsters. It was a day full of many laughs!


So far its been a pretty amazing Summer! And Autumn is already looking pretty special, from organising a giant look-book shoot in Manchester with a children’s wear brand, shooting what I hope will be many posts photographs for a local fellow blogger, to a family christening and SO much more in between. Its all pretty amazing really!

So, thats what I’ve been up to!

I’m keeping to a pretty relaxed blogging schedule at the moment, with the plan to post just once a week, I can tell you now though, next week’s post is going to be pretty brilliant! I’m off to London later tonight for some AMAZING blog work – all will be revealed next Monday!



The little woman pretends.



Home life project: August edition.

I have really let the blog go this summer. It makes me sad to see it so neglected! In my absolute defence though, I’ve been busy setting up my photography business – how exciting is that eh!- And with the girls off school, its become a ginormous weight off to just not panic about blog posts. And technically, I’m all about living with the seasons – isn’t that what summer is about? just blowing lives pressures away and living freely amongst the sunshine?! I’m clutching at straws here aren’t I! ha ha.

Anyway, I have been updating once a month with a home life project post, and this month is no different. We’ve made it to August, already! The year is flying by!

A lot has happened over this past month, like I  mentioned above, I’ve just started up my own photography business, so every day for me revolves around getting the best photos I possibly can. The brilliant thing about this project, is actually. It doesn’t take much – if any- thinking time. You just shoot. Just follow and shoot. Which exactly what I’ve done this weekend.

For this months session I photographed our Sunday. Soley because I knew it would be as close to staying at home all day as it ever would be in these increasingly busy times. So after a relaxed morning at home, I did a little work and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon pottering around doing some cleaning, getting that Sunday roast cooked and dying izzys hair blue. Yep really – though, It is only. wash out one, so nothing to be alarmed about!

We entered the early evening by watching movies, the girls then went mental and started wrestling each other, before shower and bed time.

And that was that. A beautiful Sunday.




I would have liked a little more sunshine – what with it being THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER! But, this rainy weather isn’t all bad. Its kind of making me all excited for Autumn.


The little woman pretends.





Home life project: July edition.

I feel like our days are getting busier & busier at the minute and this weekend was no exception. I’m having some real issues staying asleep recently, its like I’ve developed some insane fear of being late for anything, waking up in the middle of the night to check the time and stuff. So Saturday morning started with me leaping up & freaking out that I’d missed my alarm and was late for school…. Only, It was Saturday morning, and no alarm was set to go off.  This is literally the tenth time this has happened, I think I might be going slightly crazy. Ha ha. Anyway, After I finally convinced myself it was in fact weekend. I tottered downstairs with the girls for a much needed tea. After a morning spent pottering around the house doing little jobs, we headed up to Euxton golf park. Its not too far from us, and as well as having the usual golf activities they also do loads of really cool – family friendly games like football golf, kick darts and football pool. Though we didn’t actually go up for a family day out, more so I could grab some photos for their website before the sun disowned us again.

Once I’d finished work, we had just enough time to make it to one of Mischa’s school friends birthday party. Typical play centre do, the kids ran riot, I wondered why the hell I started driving when it means I now can’t indulge in a glass of wine at one of those places – Ha- The one great thing about those play centres is you leave with tired kids. And tired they where! The TV in the girls room broke on Friday night, so we took it back to sainsburys after the party for an exchange… only, our local store aren’t stocking electrical goods at the moment so we left empty handed. The kids are only allowed the TV on in their room on weekends, so of course Izzy threw an absolute bitch fit at being told there would be no TV on Saturday night. You can see that exact moment right at the very end of this editions collection.


I did have a little try at this months Challenge (negative space) but overall my main focus of the day was just capture things, anything amongst the business.

You can see all of my July HLP photos below.



So that was our Saturday!


The little woman pretends.

Home life project: May.

Sorry about the lack of posts over on here recently. I’m just away doing other things at the minute, you know what its like, so much to do, so little time to do it in! Anyway, I really wanted to get an entire year of Homelife project captures this year, so there was no way I was missing this months edition. I actually planned to do something a little more seasonal this month, what with the days becoming a little warmer, but Izzy spent the weekend feeling a little poorly, and in all honestly I had one glass too many on Friday night so I wasn’t as fresh as I’d have hoped to be on Saturday morning. However, we decided on a lazy morning followed by an afternoon bowling, some time in the arcades and a dinner to finish off. It was the perfect Saturday plan.

I’m not overly in love with the bowling alley photos, as I mentioned I wasn’t really on top form, my settings are all off and theres a little too much grain there. However, they aren’t completely terrible so I’ve kept them in anyway. Other than that, I’m rather pleased, the bacon shot is a personal fave, I can smell that sizzling smoked scent of bacon every time I look at it! YUM!





The little woman pretends.





Making time for a date night.

Once upon a time, there was. Sam and I, no children (though we did get Minky the cat pretty early into our relationship) there was working hours and free time. It was a pretty simple time, we drank more then, a hell of a lot more, we’d be out with the cool kids every night of the weekend and seen as we lived in Cyprus, we’d spend our hangovers on the beach, trying to quench our hungover dehydration with orange lucozade and Calypso lollies. Ahhh they where the days.

Obviously, our lives have changed a lot since then, we’ve kids for one. Sam runs his own business now as well, so its work for him 8am-7pm every day. I have goals and ambitions now, so if I’m not making sure the house runs efficiantly, I’m blogging, or doing college work. When, finally we do find ourselves finished for the day, both to tired to actually do anything, we opt for tea in bed and whatever box set we’re currently engrossed in.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, one of my favourite times of day is when I slide in between those sheets after a hot shower. And when I asked Sam what he wanted to do for his birthday a couple of weekends ago, well…. it was to ‘do what we always do’

But sometimes, sometimes you’ve gotta’ make a little bit of effort. So when I got an email inviting me to Solita Prestons big unveiling of their private function room. Well, I double checked with Sam that we didn’t have too much on that day and signed us right up.

I was completely ready to cancel a couple of hours prior to attending, I was tired, I had to get dinner ready, cleaning to do, get Mischa to Rainbows. But then I realised… there is always 101 reasons not to go out. So, I applied some make up, dragged something out of my wardrobe and sorted a babysitter (thanks mother-in-law!)

I hadn’t been to Solita before, no real reason, its just on the off chance we decide to go to dinner on a child free night, we usually head to Franco’s, I order the same thing every time, as does Sam. I have two glasses of wine, and when we leave I say the exact same thing to him. ” I’m always so content when we leave here.”

Having said that, it was a lovely change to go somewhere different. I absolutely adore the Winckley square area of Preston, the grand Georgian buildings, the fact that its a suburban middle point between the sprawling peaceful landscapes of Avenham park and the bustling city centre. In fact, Sam and I have been lusting after a house just around the corner from Winckley square for the past few months. So, if anyone would like to give me £250,000 to buy it, that would be lovely! ha.

Anyway, back to our date night. I wasn’t sure what the plan for this event was, but I kind of hoped we’d just be left to it, like a dining experience rather than group activities. Thankfully, I was right and after being met by the front of house staff and guided through the truly chic interiors, we were ushered into the not as big as I expected private dining room.

It was by no means small, not at all. The type of place to host an intimate birthday party – in fact, if I were at all a ‘birthday party’ person, I would definitely choose this place. We were told the drinks on offer for the event, to sit were we fancied and that food would be served a bit later.


The whole experience was very relaxed, from the seating arrangements, to the gentle music in the background. And oh, the food! Served in bitesize portions, we got to try a little bit of everything, the mini beef burgers were DELICIOUS – seriously, I’m still raving about them now!- to the chicken drumsticks with BBQ sauce. I even loved the vegan burgers – though it was a happy accident, I actually bit into one expecting fried chicken. Ha. The kitchen staff worked tirelessly, to keep a constant stream of food being brought out to everyone and the bar staff kept the drinks flowing nicely – maybe a little too nicely!

By 8pm, I had a full stomach, a wine induced gidyyness and I knew it was time to leave, I did after all have the school run and a whole load of pre-birthday preparation to be getting on with on Friday.

So, off we popped home, to do the bedtime run. Back to reality.

Our entire evening was lovely, we got to sit, eat, drink and just chat without any interruptions. something we definitely need to do more off. If anything, I remembered just how important it is for us to have regular nights off from life, we really did have a fabulous time enjoying each others company at Solita. Somewhere we’ll definitely be visiting again.




The little woman pretends.

2nd Blog-aversary!

Two years today I started my journey as a blogger, and published my very first post! WHAAAAT! Two whole years! If you fancy a little re-cap, here’s how that post looked…..


When I first started this blog, it was actually because I had closed the TLWP handmade clothing shop, but didn’t want to lose the small following that had grown, In those last months, I enjoyed writing about and photographing those wears, more than actually making them, and so I figured I’d just blog about sewing instead.

A lot has changed in these past two years, I still do blog about sewing – every now and again- but really, it turns out my passion is interiors and food, DIY-ing, making, photographing and then writing all about it, throw in a bit of family life and we’ve ended up here.


I love where the blog stands now, I love the mix of subjects that I really am passionate about, I love that with every new post my knowledge on blogging just grows. I’d love to say I have a plan, that I know exactly where I want to go with it all in the next year or so, but the truth is… I just don’t. Of course I’d love to blog full time, to be paid for my efforts, but realistically, I know I still have a lot to learn before I get anywhere near ‘proffessional’ status. And truthfully, I love that I’m under no pressure by anyone with my content. Sponsored posts every now and again are cool to get, but I like just going at my own pace.

So having said all that, blog plans for the next 12 months: Work harder on my photography, work harder on producing engaging/informative content, face my fear of being in photos.

I think they are good blogging goals to have, even if they are a bit general.


I’ve been asked a few times over these past few months about ‘how to blog’ its not something that can be answered too easily. In simple terms, you find a subject you’re passionate about, set up your blog and you post about it. In less simple terms you spend a month trying to think of a name, a further fortnight trying to get to grips with the technical side of setting up a blog, you change your mind on themes and layouts at least sixty times before settling on something thats ‘alright’ because you JUST. CANT. DEAL. with this sort of decision making. Before sitting at the blank page of your first post for a few hours, wondering what the hell to write. – Or was that just me?!

Fear not though, If you can just get past that initial though of ‘No one cares what I have to say’ or ‘This is way more hassle than its worth’ I’m sure you’ll agree it is such a rewarding experience.

I’ve complied a lovely list of beginners tips though, if you are trying to push yourself into the world of blogging.

  • Dont freak out if you cant figure out how to use your chosen blogging platform in 24hours. I use WordPress, I hosted my shop on an enfold site, so it just made sense to stick with it for blogging. Because of this, I knew the basics. It has however taken me the past two years to be comfortable with the rest of it. You’ll get a guide to help you with setting up, and from there you simply personalise and post. everything else can be googled, or questioned on the many ‘bloggers’ Facebook groups. So don’t freak out!


  • Don’t get lost in personalisation. Free templates are cracking!! Keep it simple, and build over time. There’ no point in spending three weeks pouring your creativity solely into how your page looks, when odds are in three days time, you’ll probably want to change it all anyway. Concentrate on your content first, let the visual style of your page build gradually.


  • Picmonkey is a cheap and easy way to make a blog header (logo). I highly recommend paying monthly for the deluxe version. I think its only about £3 a month, but if you’re blogging regularly, it really is worth it. You can also use it for gentle photo editing and all that fancy writing you see on post promo pics.


  • Photography matters! SO much. I understand not everyone is blessed with the ability to go out and spend a fortune on a dslr, or has the pro knowledge to create flawless blog photography. However, you can counteract maybe not having the best quality camera/phone by really making an effort with your styling. No matter what you blog about, you’ll need photos. Clean the lens (smudged camera phone pictures really are a pet peeve of mine!) rest your phone on something and set the timer (if you fancy a more styled selfie- though I am not the person to be taking advice from about selfies!) Rest your arm on something steady and find a lovely sunlit part of the house if you want a bright, shake free dessert shot. Making all these little simple steps to improve will really surprise you.


  • Social media matters! The day you set up your blog, set up an Insta/Facebook/twitter account for it too. Even if you’ve nothing on the blog yet. Around 60% of my views come from my Instagram – which is understandable considering how much of my life I spend on there! Social media will bring the majority of your readers. weather you get 10 hits a day or 1,000 most of them will come from one of those three sites, depending on where you put the most effort.


  • And finally, this one comes from a pro blogger friend of mine Clare over from Maybush studio, when I asked her (11 years of bloggers) knowledge on the matter, she told me simply “Pick a name for your blog that is versatile. Initially I picked a blog name that was about my location, but then we kept moving so I had to change it 3 times! I only settled on my current name 4 years ago. I’ve also changed what I blog about a lot in a decade so I’m glad I now have a url that is flexible!” Fantastic advice!

Although, on that note I should probably give an explanation on mine…. I would if I could, I just remember thinking it sounded right, I liked it. And now, its been with me so long – baring in mind I ran the shop under the same name for 18months prior- I just cant change it. Literally. I’ve tried, but nothing seems right, this is just the name of my space forever now.

So, on that note. I’m going to congratulate myself for being on here for the past two years, be grateful that -for some unknown reason- I actually have visitors who come to read my ramblings, which in itself gives me the confidence to carry on. And I’m going to go plan my projects for next weeks.


Thanks for a great two years!


The little woman pretends.

Home life project: February.

This months Home life project, is a little different to how my usual ones are, only because I ended up splitting it up over two days. Saturday afternoon out with the girls ended up being so stressful, I didn’t really have chance to take my camera out and I really liked Saturday mornings photographs, so I just decided to finish it off on Sunday instead.

Our weekend wasn’t really that eventful, it was actually perfect. Everything been so hectic recently, I just wanted to cancel all plans and just be. Which is exactly what happened. We had a lovely lazy morning in bed with the girls. Followed by a lunch out – which wasn’t an all that good experience. I hadn’t eaten all day, they forgot my order, lied about it…. and then sent out the tiniest slither of chicken and some wilted lettuce on bread out too me. – I ordered a club sandwich. I don’t really deal with the hunger that well. Ha ha It should be mentioned they did take it back, send out a very delicious replacement lunch and gave us free desserts to compensate though, so it wasn’t all bad.

Sunday went even slower, Sam made a whole Sunday lunch, leaving me to binge watch four hours of modern family whilst the girls played. I did NOTHING! All day long, other than loading the dishwasher, putting on a wash and showering the girls… I did absolutely nothing. Perfect.



So thats this months home life project. I did completely forget about this months challenge which was Reflections. I really must start making more of an effort with those! And, I didn’t get any photos that I liked with me in them – So this month I really want to practice getting myself in some of these shots, naturally. I’m so ridiculously uncomfortable in front of a camera and it shows! But practice makes perfect doesn’t it? Also Clare (Home life project host) sent me over this really good link last week that gives some amazing tips on getting yourself in on lifestyle pics.

It should be a very productive month, photography wise. Hopefully I’ve made some progress for next months edition.


The home life project.

Real life, real problems.

*Caution, if public expressions of sadness aren’t your thing, you should probably avoid this one – Normal DIY/FOOD/LIFESTYLE posts shall resume shortly*

I don’t often stray too far into my personal life over on here, however today I’m going to share something quite serious. One week ago, I had a phone call that made my heart sink into the lowest most darkest depths of my stomach. My mother has been missing for over fifteen months and last week they found her body.

I’m not sharing this as gossip, I’m not sharing for sympathy, nor to boost any blog stats. I’m sharing this because the week that has followed receiving this news has been one of the hardest of my life. I’ve changed, my life has changed, everything I thought I knew has changed and everything I thought was important has changed. And when anyone who follows my blog life notices the change, I want there to be an explanation.

I’m usually a supporter of change, change is good… this however is the worst kind. The positive outlook I have spent years training myself to default too is disappearing, Issues I’d spent so long working through have returned. This week I had the first panic attack in over a year. Everything is everywhere and I’m in pain, real, raw emotional turmoil. The type that will always alter a person at their very core.

I know some people, quite a lot of people just don’t ‘get’ blogs. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that think this is better off being kept private, written in a journal or something. But yesterday when I broke down to Sam he told me to write, just write it all down… share it, don’t share it… just write. So this is what I’m doing. And really, any writing is at its finest when its so brutally honest. So I just decided to hit that publish button and secretly hope that no one reads it.

My plans for the immediate future are pretty uncertain. I might share this and go back into hiding for a few more weeks… Or It might give me the release I need to get some normality back. I miss my camera, I miss my Insta- buddies, I miss my lists… oh all the lists. And I miss everything that goes into creating my content.

First and foremost, I’m making self-care my biggest priority. I absolutely can’t cope with what these on coming weeks will bring if I’m uncared for. And so I’ll continue sleep and eat well -ish, I’ll stick to exercise as a release – as opposed to screaming with anger, I’ll keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and most importantly, let myself feel what I need to feel, when I need to feel it.

Maybe, just maybe… Then I’ll be alright.


The little woman pretends.

The home life project 2017 : January.

It doesn’t feel like two minutes ago that it was Decembers HLP, but here we are in a brand new month and a brand new year! I’ve been so excited about this months edition, mainly because I rarely have my camera out of my hand nowadays, and I don’t blog much about family life, but our days together really are my favourite thing to photograph.. so its nice to be able to share some of those family photos over here.

So, anyway. This month. I wasn’t really sure what day I was going to photograph this weekend, but then I had a ton of college work to get through on Friday – so that ruled that day out- and on Saturday our day out plans had to be postponed whilst sam recovered from illness *Hangover* So, I just left it until yesterday. We had no real plan in mind, but I’ve been eager to get out of the house a lot more recently, so we settled on somewhere outdoorsy, and seen as we did a woodland hike earlier on in the week, it made more sense to go to the beach. So after a slow morning, we wrapped up warm and spent the majority of the day chasing the tide out on a very foggy beach. *At one point, I had no idea which direction we had come from, or which direction we should have been going, it was so weird, and obviously  unnerving… turns out you follow the tide lines and hope for the best before the tide starts coming back in again!*  After a long walk, breathing in all that refreshing sea air, we headed to a pub close by for  lunch, before heading back home too lounge before the girls were bathed and put into bed. It truly was a lovely Sunday.



…And then of course there was the January Challenge which I dedicated a lot of time to thinking about, but left it so late to actually do! This is about three minutes before bath time, I didn’t want to force them into any poses or anything, so I think I just about managed to grab one before they noticed. It was so weird peering in on the family from outside… felt a little bit like a stalker. Ha ha.


So, thats that. The first Home life project of the year. Its great to be starting a brand new year with this, I can’t wait to see where the year takes us.



The little woman pretends.

2016. The best of this year.

Ahh 2016.  it’s been a pretty crazy year. In normal life I’ve been trying to rear the children into being a less feral state, I’ve been jumping from health kick to ‘how much fried food can I eat in 24 hours’. And I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell I want to do when I’m a grown up. Turns out this year I grew up, I decided on a route. And for the most part of the year I’ve been working on it. hooray for decision making!

The blog world has been just as eventful, 2016 was the year of interiors over here on TLWP. The sewing machine has pretty much lay abandoned this year, instead replaced with a hammer, or miter-saw. This year I’ve swapped spending all of my money at the fabric shop, for spending it all at Savoy, and my home really does thank me for it. All in all, I’m leaving 2016 feeling energised, excited and so much more knowledgeable than I was when we started it. Here are some of my best bits.


I darn’t even guess how much sugar I’ve used this year! But you all know by now, I’m all about the desserts, this years top blog post pick  for food is, my most popular bake of the year the Raspberry & White chocolate loaf cake.




My obsession with home building started way back in April, Sam and I hatched a plan to build a floor to ceiling TV unit, practical, pretty, perfect! It took an entire week of my downstairs looking like a rabbit hutch- seriously, sawdust everywhere! But we did it. And I am so glad we plucked up the courage to give it a go. I don’t think I’ve had a month off building some sort of bespoke unit since. Full posts can be found here & here.


Family life:

2016 Was the year of the Home life project. 12 months, one post a month, detailing our weekend through photo’s. I started this project with absolutely no direction, next to no skill, and absolutely nothing to bring the the table. I’m ending this year proud as punch that I persevered, kept on practicing, upgraded my camera and discovered a passion. Clare has assured me 2017 will bring lots of great things for this awesome link, I can’t wait to see how this next year goes.



This year hasn’t been as crafty as 2015 was, however I have still spent some time on the sewing machine. One of my favourites of the year has been this adorable drawstring bag tutorial. It is honestly SO easy to make up and they are completely customisable! Mine switch between ballet bags and PE bags. cheap, cheerful and so cute!



I dont tend to discuss my real life all that much over here, I tend to prefer keeping it all about the ‘How to’s’ However every now and again, something amazing happens & I just HAVE to share. This year my top pick for the lifestyle post, has to be my birthday trip to London. It re-ignited my love for leaving the hometown, even if for a short while. I spent an incredible 72 hours in the capital, sleeping in luxury, eating the most delicious food, and of course finally getting to visit the Harry Potter tour! It truly was amazing.


All in all, 2016 has been pretty good to me,  here’s to another year!!

Tonight, I’ll be doing what we do every year, I’ll make up our traditional beef wellington (Jamie Olivers incred recipe here.) the girls will settle around 8pm, Sam and I will share a few glasses of fizz, and play a game – usually a themed monopoly- This year we have Game of thrones Monopoly. I’m way more excited than I should be about this. ha. We’ll probably watch a little TV (We started The good wife last night) we’ll toast in the new year and shuffle off to bed at five past midnight, like the little elderly souls we are. There’s no other way I’d rather end and start any year.

Happy new year!


The little woman pretends.