Happy Blog-Birthday to me! Its been an entire year since I published my first post! During the past twelve months I’ve published 82 posts. 14 Sewing tutorials, 22 delicious recipes, 11 interior projects, 8 peeks into our family life and from that tally that leaves 27 random rambles . I’m quite impressed,  I spend most of my life rambling- to myself mainly- I expected SO much more.

I can’t believe I’ve hit the year point and I’m still so buzzed by it all. Anyone who knows me, knows how quickly I fizzle out, but blogging is so much fun! Of course it helps that I’ve not pocketed myself into one certain subject. I like prettiness, making things pretty, looking at things that already pretty. When you love what you do, its not hard to just keep on going.

Of course I wouldn’t have lasted this long if it wasn’t for you lovelies that come and read, every Instagram like, Facebook comment, every hit on my blog views. Its that, which stops me from giving it up when i’m lacking in inspiration.

I’m not completely mental in thinking that its a big deal, in the entire world of internetting. My little corner is just that, little. So little it almost doesn’t exist. But that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I could have one view a day and It would be enough to keep me going.

The thing about this blog is, its not here for me to pretend I’m this super organised, perfectly crafty person that just exists to gloat about how together my life is. My life isn’t together, I spent last week having twice daily meetings with Mischa’s teacher to discuss her disruptive behaviour. I use microwave rice, because I JUST. CANT. COOK. RICE! I haven’t worn make-up in nearly a fortnight and my anxiety has been so bad these past few months I had pretty much stopped leaving my house.

For me, the blog is here as a distraction almost. Amongst the crappiness that just has to come with life, I still always have this place, and these projects. Sewing, baking, projects for around the house, these are all things i’ve always done when I need a break. Blogging about them, just gives me a little extra something to focus on and hopefully some ideas on ways to give yourself a break should you need it too.



Here’s to another DIY packed year.


The little woman pretends.

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  1. Clare
    Clare says:

    I was going to punch the air with happiness about how stoked you are about blogging, but the other stuff is not so great. 🙁 Are you going to come to Britmums this year. Please, please do! I know you would get so much out of it and I promise I wouldn’t leave you on your own anywhere.


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