Big kitchen makeover- part two.

Earlier on in the Autumn (or late summer to be exact.) I finally pulled up my socks and started to transform one of my most hated rooms in the house. the kitchen. Little recap of the before and afters below (and you can find the full post link here.)


Well, that side went well, but it made the other side, the dining table side look twice as bad as it did before, which.. was pretty bloody horrific to be honest. So over the past two weeks, I’ve been hard at work trying to transform that side too.

Very stupidly, I deleted the file of photographs from before any work had been done in there. Which means I only have one before photograph. So, this is how it started.



Dark, plain, just completely un-inspiring and not at all cosy. So, I got planning. I knew exactly what I wanted to do in here (mostly) and it came in the form of board & battern. For anyone who doesn’t know, it looks a little something like this… (which was also my inspo board for when I was planning how I was going to tackle this room.)



I knew, I was using MDF (Of course heading to my favourite project suppliers Savoy timber.) But before that I needed to figure out my measurements. To do this I measure from the floor, to the height I wanted it, marking it off with pencil all the way round (135cm high if anyones interested.) Then I needed to fill in those gaps. I marked 6″ from the floor – up. This was how high the new skirting boards went.  I then decided on 15cm high for the bottom board. and 13cm for the top board. Which left me with 90cm. this would be the height of each vertical board. All these measurements won’t make much sense now, but they will once you see the photos.

So, first things first, was ripping off those old disgusting, yellowed- gloss skirting boards. It was a horrible job, but armed with a crow bar, a hammer and a screw driver. I ripped them right off.



I then gave a spritz of mould and mildew spray to kill any potential growths and awaited a delivery of the new skirting boards and My new toy. A nail gun. Once I had all of my supplies I got on with it.



The nail gun was my best friend through this project, at first I was a little scared, there’s so many warnings and precautions to take with any power tool. But, it was all actually really easy. I bought this one from screw fix. It comes with 100 nails and 200 staples, and is fitted with a lock, so unless you put pressure on the front part of the gun against something, it won’t shoot nails into anything, this prevents any nasty accidents.

Once the skirting boards had been attached I could start on the main event. building up my board and pattern. I am not lying when I say attaching the entire thing to the wall took me an hour. Thats it. One hour. This was down to two things. Having my wood pre-cut and having the nail gun. So here’s how that went.




When it came to deciding on the space between each vertical board, it was very simple. I just used the lines from the lining paper and centred each board on those. Then went on the top panel. By this stage, I was SO excited at seeing it all come together.



Even though I loved it quite a lot at this point, it still needed some finishing touches before the painting could begin. I lined each rectangle with a decorative beading, and added a picture rail to the top of the entire thing.



Then I filled in every single gap with some builders calk – not a particularly fun job, but its vital for a lovely smooth finish.



Finally, I could paint it. I went for a light and clean white – using my favourite, and easy to clean Homebase Eggshell in brilliant white. It took 4 coats altogether, the last two applied with a small sponge roller. And after a while, I could still see patches, turns out I’d been staring at it for way too long. Once fully dry, it had no patches on it at all.



That was the biggest part of the Kitchen makeover pt 2 finished. But there was still a lot more to do. Including freshening the top half of the wall up with a re-paint, and one of my favourite bits, building another custom radiator for in there. (this one cost £19 and took less than 30 minutes to put together.)




And because, of course we hadn’t built enough, I also drew up plans for a custom cupboard to take up that place next to the fridge. The cleaning stuff has now been relocated to the cupboard in the living room (i’ll have a full re-organised/re-decoration post up for in there at some point over the next few months) so that freed up room, but i still wanted something a little more snug than the old cupboards turned on their side.

I’ll have a full post up about this build next week, its mid way through construction.

And finally there was some little projects to finish, like spray painting the large mirror over the radiator.



Fitting new lights in both the kitchen and the dining side of the room – These Fleuron lights btw are AMAZING! They come with a remote, you can dim, brighten and change the tone, cooler, warmer. All for £30 I’ll pop the link for those here if anyone else wants to know where to buy them.



And finally, all that was left to do, was to dress the room, pull out all those home accessories, fancy up those new areas.


Little before and after?!



Its all so much more cosier, so much more clean and homely. Of course I haven’t completely finished – I’ll have the DIY cabinet up next week. And I still need to replace the artwork to something a little more natural and in keeping with the rest of the room. I also have to get the coving up, but seen as thats my least favourite job, i’ll leave that ’till last. All, in all though, i’m so happy with how its turned out, and its all now ready for our annual halloween bash!



The little woman pretends.




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  1. Salma instagram name:kousarmenaal
    Salma instagram name:kousarmenaal says:

    Wow. Me and my husband are in awe of you. Such an amazing job. Especially with the dining room wall.
    Wall mounting the microwave is very clever. I will probably do that. I have a country kitchen but I feel it’s a little cluttered and I’m desperate for a solution to the laundry. Where do dirty clothes belong if you don’t have a utility? Mine are all over the place.

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      Ahhh thank you! Oh that wall has just made all the difference hasn’t it?! Well the green cabinet we made actually houses the washing basket, its one of those long ones that are separated into 3 sections. We actually built it with those measurements so it hides the unsightly washing basket perfectly. xx


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