The big build – Phase 1.

Every year at the start of spring I go through the same phase. With summer looming I am itching to redecorate, or in most cases completely renovate various areas of my house. This year is no different and what started as a conversation with sam over replacing our tv has spurned the biggest build we’ve done yet. A new TV unit.

We wanted something big, a built in and so I turned to trusty Pinterest for inspiration.



And over the course of an evening I had our new unit sketched out – measurements and all. (Unfortunately, I only took a photo at the end of the project… it was much neater prior to the mid-project scribblings.) Throughout, things changed. Like deciding to ditch drawers in favour of cupboards, and getting rid of the top shelf on the sides to give more height to the other shelves.



Our lounge isnt massive, but its a good clean rectangle, we decided we wanted floor to ceiling, wall to wall unit. Choosing this wall as the spot.



Next up, was buying the materials. With our plan in hand, we decided to head to Savoy. Sam bought the MDF (3/4″) for my craft unit from there, its good quality, good prices AND they’ll even cut it for you, which is a massive time saver on such a big project.




Once home the prep could begin, which involved, all photos down, de-nailing the wall & taking off the old skirting boards, so the new unit would fit flush against the walls.


From there the build could begin. Only… it couldnt because I had written down the wrong meaurements for the new tv. In my defence I did ask sam to double check my measurements and instead of writing the width as 116cm I had written it as 106cm. So, begrudgingly,  we had to go buy a whole new set of MDF for the centre part of the unit, and get the side units trimmed. That pushed us back an extra £40 and half a day that could have been spent building.

Once we had all the pieces we needed (in the right size) we could try again. And over one day and two evenings we got the whole thing completed. Starting with the side shelves, and then the section that would hold the TV, finally adding the back panels. We also have cupboard doors to hang and a top cover that will build the gap from the top of the stand to the ceiling, but both of those can only go on once the whole unit has been pushed back.













Cost breakdown of phase 1:

MDF- £130 + £40 extra after my measuring mistake. (This includes backing pieces which are floor to ceiling  1/4″ thick pieces)

Brackets- £8.40 (12p each x70)

Screws- £3.98 (400)

Total cost – £182.38


I’m absolutely ecstatic that we’ve managed to pull this off, that we’ve managed to build something so big and so solid for so little. And the fact that its only 30cm deep means we have made great use of the space we have.

So thats how the first half of last week panned out, on Wednesday I’ll be back, shring phase two – my favourite part. Painting and finishing touches.



The little woman pretends.



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