Berry jam thumbprint biscuits.

For most of you, its currently the Summer holidays, which means trying to find a multitude of projects to keep your littles occupied.. you’re not alone, i’ve been doing the same and I think you may just appreciate  this post as one of them. I’m not big on those boxed-character cupcake sets, they taste a bit rubbish and other than having a sugar paper image of a disney/peppa pig character on, my kids aren’t overly keen on them either. One will get half gnawed, before being left amongst a trail of crumbs, the rest growing stale over a few days, before the whole lot gets thrown out. So, to save you from yet another bland cupcake, I thought I’d share one of my favourite kid friendly recipes. The ol’ fashioned jam thumbprint biscuit. The perfect rainy day activity – because it may be summer, but it certainly aint sunny.




Here’s what you’ll need:

300g plain flour.

225g butter (softened)

225g caster sugar.

2 egg yolks

1 egg white

the zest of 1 lemon.

teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 tablespoons milk

Jam. I’ve used about 1/4 jar of both Raspberry and Blackcurrant.



And here’s what you’ll need to do:

First, combine your caster sugar and butter, give it a good mix up until its all pale and fluffy.



Next, add the vanilla, lemon zest and egg (one  white, two yolks.) again giving it al a thorough mix.



Now, add your flour. Add it in two parts, so half, give it a good mix, and then add the second half. Its important not to over mix at this stage, the more you mix, the tougher your biscuit will be, you want soft and crumbly.



By this point, your biscuit dough won’t look as you would expect it too, it won’t have balled up into a solid dough, instead it will look little mousse like, this is as it supposed to look. Pour it onto a sheet of cling film, wrap it up and pop it in the fridge for half an hour.




Once your dough has chilled, you’ll be able to pull of a piece and roll it into a ball.



Once you’ve rolled all of your biscuit balls out, its time to make the thumb prints. It is a slightly sticky dough, so if it starts to stick to you, just pop your thumb in some water before you press the biscuit down.



Now, you can fill them with jam. I’ve used both Raspberry & Blackcurrant in mine, you only need a teaspoon per biscuit.



Its actually much easier to do the last step whilst the biscuits are on the baking tray. Once you have as many biscuits as you can fit, filled and on your tray, pop them in the oven, near the top (but not at the top) for 10-15 minutes on 180dg. You’ll know your biscuits are done because they’ll be lovely and golden.




Leave your biscuits to cool for at least 15 minutes (that boiling jam WILL scald you if you touch it.) before placing on a cooling rack and leaving to cool fully. Once they’ve finally cooled down, you can share and eat.



They really are the butteriest biscuits, that combined with the sharp fruitiness of jam (the blackcurrant in particular) makes for a very delicious tea side snack.





As always, if you try this recipe, do let me know how you find it. You can find me over on Instagram & Facebook. 


The little woman pretends.




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