Our bedroom makeover: The reveal.

This room has been due some sort of decorating for years now! It should have been done last year, but things got in the way! This year however, I’ve done it! and it looks AMAZING! I was slightly wary of making the leap over to the dark side (you can find my mood board and everything for the room here…) However, I can say now to anyone considering it, DO IT! Light and bright is all well and good, but you’ll have no better sleep that in a room that absorbs all light during the night. It’s almost what I imagine being in the womb was like! ha ha.

So, before I start with the ‘what I did’s’ here’s what the room looked like a month ago. Dull, beige, bland, box. A pretty good description I think!



Jumping straight in, paint. I knew I wanted something dark! And ended up going with Dulux Night Jewels 2 in Matte. It is one of those got to get it mixed by the machine paints, but it is so worth the added wait. Its luxurious and rich, nothing bland about this grey at all! Also little tip, this paint goes on incredibly well! like one coat and a little touch up well. So dont do what I did and buy the biggest tub and end up with LOADS left!



So painting wise, I wanted it ALL done dark. Every single last bit of it. Well, there was an original plan to convert the wall next to our clothing rails into a wall to floor shoe shelf. however, I had to re-asses when I realised I didn’t want any clutter and it would have been a bit too much on show – anyway back to my point, so this wall was going to remain white, but after the change of plan I just got it all painted dark. Radiator cover included! I’m one of these weirdos that love painting, so it really took no time at all. I just popped some friends on, made a cuppa’ and cracked on!


So, once the painting was done it was about dressing the room. One of the first things I wanted to do was to upcycle our bedside tables. Originally I wanted some gorgeous tall-fish dark wooden, antique style ones. However I didn’t have th budget for them. *Sob* rather than buying any new ones at all, it just seemed much cheaper and easier to use what we already had! Again I wanted dark, so I went with Black matte. And being a Pinty pluser, I got a chance to try their new spray gun!



The gun makes SUCH a difference! It was just overall easier to cover the units! Full reveal a bit further down, but here you can see what they looked like just before I started spraying.



And handle wise I went with something a little Moree modern, something that would intertwine the boldness of the room against the traditional shape of the tables. a very simple but oh-so pretty TBar handle.


So that was that. Next on my list was the old mirror. A simple pine thing, nothing overly fancy, fancied up very easily with some gold spray paint!


Then it was onto the wall behind our bed. I new straight away I was gong to do another one of my “Abstract” canvases. Lol I love how that makes me sound so arty, the reality is that you cant do abstract wrong. Figure out your colour pallete, slap it on. done. Though I like to first layer on some decorators filler to give some texture.



Once the art was up, it was time for the wall lights to go up. our bedside tables are quite tiny, and I’ve always loved how luxurious wall lights look beside a bed. I wasn’t going to faff about with electricians or anything but I knew already how much I loved these ones from Ikea….

You’ll recognise them from the TV unit in the living room. They have the perfect mix of modern and traditional. and at only £20 they wont break the bank.



Finally, it was time for a few last minute little touches, adhering frames and putting them up – including getting some of my mucheed love photos from our lake district break up! – new bedding and a couple of new cushions. all those lovely little finishing touches that really make it so comfortable.


So… You wanna see the full room finished?!




I mean its not 100% finished. I still need to fill a few of those frames, and I’m currently on the look out for some sort of stylish/storage bench for underneath those lakes photos. preferably something brown leather, but that isnt a big ugly brown box. I ask for miracles sometimes! But, it is 95% done and I am SO in love with it! Its a retreat, its such a wonderful room to sleep in, to wake up in, to get ready and lounge around in. its stylish and comfortable, modern but still very cosy. Its just perfect!

Before and afters? This is where you see the real transformation!


So thats that! Finally I have a lovely grown-up bedroom!

What do you think?










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  1. Kara
    Kara says:

    I LOVE IT!!!
    I knew I would but what a transformation and if you really think about only a few things changed. I bet it didn’t even cost a crazy amount.

    It is so luxurious I bet it feels amazing to sleep in, well done my lovely xxx

  2. Zoë
    Zoë says:

    Looks great. I’ve been thinking about painting a whole room dark, it makes such a difference especially with your art and pictures!


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