Our bedroom makeover plans.

*I originally posted this way back in January of last year, but because of how crazy life got I didn’t manage to even think about starting it, never mind actually doing it!*


A joint Christmas present for Sam and I, was to finally get ourselves a tv for in the bedroom, I’ve always had this thing against having them in a grown ups bedroom – but, I buckled, I let sam get one and let me just say…… I am so glad I did, where have I spent most evenings since Christmas?! In bed watching the Good wife, thats where!!

Spending so much time in the bedroom now, has drawn my attention to the fact that despite being on my to-do list since forever, the bedroom is still sat like a box full of beige.

I’ve been putting this project off for so long now, mainly because I’m so scared of getting paint on the carpet. It ain’t a cheap carpet, and I’m planning on going pretty dark… I just know I’ll spend hours and hours prepping and covering everything, only for a little blob to sneak its way through. Any tips and tricks on avoiding this situation, would really be appreciated.

So here’s what we have now….

I mean, its alright. its  light, its tidy-ish… but its lacking luxury, I want deep colours, textures, something grown up, something you’d find in the most luxurious hotel. I’ve been planning – in my head- what I’d like to do to this room for the past three years, but other rooms have always got in the way. So, room inspo?  These, pretty much sum up what I want to be lounging around eating ritz crackers and watching Netflix in.


They’re luxurious, they’re clean but with character, calming yet so dramatic. Its perfect. Paint wise I originally decided on a moody green, but its now the ‘colour of the year’ and I don’t want to risk painting it up and then hating the colour by the end of the year because its everywhere. So, I think I’m going to keep it simple with black. Its bold, and I’m kind of terrified in case I hate it. But, even still… If I don’t do it I’ll never know. *Also, Sam if you’re reading this – I know you vetoed black…. but I’m just going to go ahead and do it anyway, You’ll love it when it’s done… I hope.*

So, actual plans. I just decided to go ahead and create a list. Its easier, I can tick it off as I go… and we all know how much I love a good list. So here we go.

Bedroom plans:

  • Replace Skirting boards (Boring, but necessary.)
  • Paint the right and left wall a soft white/very light beige (? Colour still undecided)
  • Paint Skirting boards, door frame and door (Homebase Eggshell white is the absolute best for this job!)
  • Paint radiator cover (Eggshell white or the same soft white of the walls… undecided yet)
  • Measure, buy, cut and Fix the MDF wall panelling on the front and back wall.
  • Paint Panelled walls BLACK!
  • Add coving around the whole room and paint (Eggshell white again.)
  • Fit shoe shelves across the right wall, next to Alcove wardrobe.
  • Add floor to ceiling curtains across Shoe/wardrobe rails wall. (Love these ones from Ikea, 300cm long!!)
  • Fit Roller blind. (Simple dunhelm mill one to match the kitchen one.)
  • Sand and stain large mirror (This is where I’ll be adding warmth)
  • New bedside tables (?) Ideally I would like some tall, warm wooded antique ones… however, we are saving… so I might just have to epicycle the lovely ones we already have.
  • Fit wall lights either side the bed.
  • Fit new ceiling light.
  • Fit new socket plates. (Going dark so they can blend into the dark walls.)
  • Create large canvas for over the bed (?) though I might just leave it bare, depending on how much I love the panelling.
  • Large frame for the blank piece of wall by the window.
  • Buy ALL the cushions for the bed. Every single gorgeous cushion I can get my hands on.

So. There we go. Its quite the list and rather unrealistically I was going to try and get it all done for a reveal by next month. But… its a really long list! So instead I’m just going to chip away at it, giving you all an update when something major happens in there. I am SO excited for it to be done.

Ooh, and here’s some of those accessories from the to – do list, so you can see it all put together, it might give you an idea of whats rattling around in my brain for in there.


Black paint – £14 Wilkos

White curtains –  £35 Ikea

Antique bedside tables – Antique world

Wall lights- £59 Ocean lighting

Dark green cushion – £18 Etsy

Charcoal velvet cushion – £2.95 Ideal textiles

Embossed Golden frame – £12.99 ZaraHome

Fern plant – £6.95 Bakker


*Now as mentioned in the top of the post, this is actually from last year, so a few plans have been tweaked slightly. and if you follow of on my instagram page you’ll have seen in my stories that I started work this week and its looking SO good! I’ve scheduled the full reveal post for mid-next month, so keep an eye out. *





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    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      It really does doesn’t it, I’m so excited to see it fnished… although, I’d have to actually start first! ha ha I know it’ll be worth all the effort once its done.

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      We moved in nearly five years ago and I was trying to get the entire house done before we moved in, so this room really was just a case of, get something up. and it hasn’t been touched since. It feels so nice in there already, though the dark is making it very hard to get out of bed in the morning, its just so cosy! I cant wait to get it finished, but I’m guessing that yes, it will.

    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      DO IT! you will not regret it at all! Post will be up on Monday, I’ve shot all the before and after photos and I’m so excited to show everyone. it looks like a completely different room! x


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