Vanilla baked doughnuts.

Tonight marks the biggest night in food TV, The Great british bake off starts again! (Hooray!) To mark this spectacular occasion, I’ve whipped up something a little bit party-esque. Doughnuts, but not ordinary doughnuts. These are sponge cake doughnuts… way better than their fried sisters, a fab alternative to cupcakes (especially if you’re useless with a piping bag.) or even if you just need to keep the kids occupied for half an hour, these are quick and easy enough to do that. As well as being completely delicious. Anyway, lets get started.


Here’s what you’ll need:

150g Butter

150g caster sugar

150g self raising flour

teaspoon of vanilla extract

3 eggs

2 tablespoons milk.

1 150g bar of white chocolate

1 normal size bar of milk chocolate.

Food colourings of your choice.

Sprinkles for decoration.



And here’s what you’ll need to do:

First, place your butter and sugar in a bowl. Give it a good whisk up.


Next add one egg and whisk. Repeat this until all of your eggs are combined into your creamed butter and sugar.


Now add all of your dry ingredients, giving it a good mix up.


Thats really it, a simple vanilla sponge batter ready to be made into doughnuts. So, now we need our doughnut tray. I found this one on Amazon. Before you pipe in your cake batter, give each ring a good rub with butter. This will make it super easy to tip out your doughnuts.


So, I used a piping bag to pipe the cake batter evenly into my doughnut ring tray. However, if you don’t have on, two teaspoons will work fine. don’t fill your trays up completely, around 3/4 full will be just right.



Now, pop them in the oven on 180 (fan) for roughly 10-15 minutes. Or until golden brown and baked through.


Leave your tray for five minute for so, your doughnuts can cool a little then, before you tip them out to be decorated.


Whilst waiting for your doughnuts to cool down, you can move on to prepping your decorations. For these I’ve kept it very simple, topping them with melted chocolate. I snapped up the chocolate and popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds. It may still look unmelted but give it all a good stir and it’ll be melted in no time.


Now simply hold your doughnut and dip into the melted chocolate.



As well as milk chocolate I decided to make up some coloured toppings too. This was really easy, melting down white chocolate and simply adding a drop of food colouring into each bowl before stirring. I went for pastel shades as well as a plain white chocolate.


It may get a little messy whilst you finish topping the rest of your doughnuts. But they do look adorable.


Now comes the fun part! Decorating! I used a combination of different ones, all bought at Asda.


And thats it! You can either wait for your chocolate to cool and set, or just tuck in! They are delicious and a fab alternative to the fried version.




Don’t forget The great British bake off, starts tonight, BBC 1 at 8pm.


The little woman pretends.




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    • TLWP
      TLWP says:

      The crazy thing is, they take so little effort! But they really are delicious. I’m already planning halloween themed ones for our annual party. The doughnut theme possibilities are endless! ha ha xx


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