Autumn staple: Jam roly poly

You all know by now I’m a sucker for dessert, extra points if its nostalgic. So obviously a recipe for Autumn staple: Jam roly poly, just HAD to be put up on here. I can’t believe it took me so long to be honest. Its a firm favourite in our house, though I have to admit I have been known to just pull one of Aunt bessies finest out of the freezer. *Shame on me!* I think it was the suet that always stopped me from just making up my own, its never something I just have in.. Well for a while now, its something I make sure to always have in, if its not making up steamed puddings, its going in dumplings! it is stew season after all. Anyway, less about stew. Jam poly poly is SO simple to make, its a ‘shove all your ingredients in a bowl’ recipe. The longest part is the cooking, but even then you just leave it to do its thing. so no real effort. And at the end you get to smother a deliciously sweet dessert in warm, creamy custard. The whole thing is best devoured by candlelight, whilst the rain batters against your windows. Oooh Autumn. I do love you.

Anyway, heres how you can make it too.


Here’s what you need:

-250g self raising flour.

– 50g cold butter

– 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

– 50g suet (contrary to what you’d think, shredded beef suet from the supermarket is fine.)

-150ml full fat milk,

-1/2 jar of jam, flavour of your choice. I’ve gone classic with raspberry.

-Custard/ice cream to serve with.




And here’s how you can make it. 

First, put your flour, cold butter, and vanilla into a blender and pulse together until there is no more solid pieces of butter remaining.


Next, pour your flour mixture into a mixing bowl, adding your shredded suet and milk.


Use a knife to combine everything together. You want it to be quite a sticky dough.


Now its time to prep for putting your roll poly in the oven. First, place two racks into your oven, on the bottom place a large baking tin half filled with boiling kettle water. Put your oven on 180 (fan) and close the door.


Next, lay out two pieces of tin foil. You can do this with them side by side, or just crossed over like I have. then place over a piece of baking parchment.


Sprinkle a dusting of flour over your parchment, before dropping your dough down. Give it all a good roll out until it’s roughly the thickness of a £1 coin, maybe a tiny bit thinner.


Now, slather over your jam, using the back of a spoon to spread. The key to getting this pudding right, is jam, lots of jam. The dough is quite a heavy suet pudding dough, so it needs lots of fruity -sweetness to balance that out. If in doubt wether you’ve put enough on, always put more on.


Once you’ve finished the last step, you can now roll your pudding up. Because you rolled your dough out on greaseproof paper, you’ll find this fairly simple. But to be safe just roll it slowly. Giving all the ends a good pinch together when you’ve finished.


Next, fold your paper/tinfoil up, scrunching the edges together to seal. You don’t want to ‘wrap’ the roll poly up. It will expand when cooking. So just loosely pull the pieces together, leaving lots of room inside the foil. Also it helps to make sure all the edges of your foil are sealed, this will keep the steam in and help your pudding rise better.


Now, pop it in the oven, on the shelf above the tray of water, for roughly an hour. Its not something that will need to come out of the oven straight away, so if you like, once your hours up, you can simply turn off your oven and leave until your ready to serve.


Serve when you’re ready.



Slather in custard, and enjoy.


The perfect pudding for any cosy Autumn night.



The little woman pretends.

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