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Getting back into the DIY: A W/C makeover.

I’ve really abandoned the blog lately, I’ve just been a little uninspired and a little tired, so much so that its taken me a month and a half to even finish a pretty simple project, another week or so to write about it. I did spend last night with my notebook open, planning out my […]

The home life project: April.

I actually had no idea it was home life project weekend, well not until about 5pm on Sunday evening anyway. I had it in my head that it was next weekend! Luckily this weekend I felt the urge to get out my camera a bit more (maybe this was my subconscious’s way of telling me […]

Rhubarb and custard cheesecake.

Happy first day of spring! After what has felt like the longest winter in history, seriously! I’m so glad to know the warmer weather is on its way! Though, I won’t get overly excited, I do after all still live in one of the rainiest parts of England. To celebrate the beginning of a new […]

Making time for a date night.

Once upon a time, there was. Sam and I, no children (though we did get Minky the cat pretty early into our relationship) there was working hours and free time. It was a pretty simple time, we drank more then, a hell of a lot more, we’d be out with the cool kids every night […]

Home life project: March edition.

I’m really loving this months HLP, I seem to have gotten my mojo back a little bit after barely picking my camera up for the past month. For this months edition, I wanted to get out of the house for the day, watch my little un’s run free and capture the beginnings of spring with […]

Updating the shabby bathroom.

For some reason the bathroom has always been only half assed decorated. Although I did spend a whole two days in there, in late 2015 stencilling the floor – which by the way looked gorgeous, but I spilt copper hair dye on it, It stained, looked like I had murdered someone in there! So It […]

2nd Blog-aversary!

Two years today I started my journey as a blogger, and published my very first post! WHAAAAT! Two whole years! If you fancy a little re-cap, here’s how that post looked….. Sewing Tutorials – The basics (Part 1)   When I first started this blog, it was actually because I had closed the TLWP handmade […]

Home life project: February.

This months Home life project, is a little different to how my usual ones are, only because I ended up splitting it up over two days. Saturday afternoon out with the girls ended up being so stressful, I didn’t really have chance to take my camera out and I really liked Saturday mornings photographs, so […]

Tweed wallpaper – A quick and easy makeover.

Late last year if you can remember that far back, I started to spruce up the dining side of the kitchen, Everything came along lovely…   But… I made a rookie mistake. The lines of the lining paper above the new pannelling really bugged me, so before I gave it a fresh lick of paint, […]

Seasonal living: January.

I had planned the first seasonal living post to go a little differently than it has done, but the seasons aren’t always how they’re supposed to be, sometimes its freezing cold and raining in Summer, sometimes its blue skies and warm sunshine in October, with that in mind, this month, I’ve just kinda’ gone with […]