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A bloggers night out.

The blogging scene isn’t massive in Preston, but every now and again I get an invite to something cool in my hometown. Last night I attended the opening of the new combined Thomas Sabo/ Peter Jackson The Jeweller shop in St George’s Shopping Centrewhich was so much fun! It was a very swanky affair, A […]

A rural retreat.

Last week we headed over to the most serene little corner of the countryside. We wound up driving down that bumpy country road last Wednesday after a completely last minute decision. I was supposed to book us a lovely sunny holiday abroad before the holidays even started, but one day turned into two, and before […]

A very happy birthday.

This will be my third year of doing this birthday post, I kind of love looking back to the previous year and seeing what was important to me then, and how I’ve managed to accomplish my list for goals through the past year – or not like it stood last year!- ha ha So here’s […]

A new venture.

I mentioned briefly over on the Facebook page about my new little venture and anyone who follows my insta knows all about it. But I thought I’d bring that info over to the blog with a little more detail. Last Autumn I started my Level 3 in photography, that along with over 3 years of […]

Home life project: July edition.

I feel like our days are getting busier & busier at the minute and this weekend was no exception. I’m having some real issues staying asleep recently, its like I’ve developed some insane fear of being late for anything, waking up in the middle of the night to check the time and stuff. So Saturday […]

The classic: Victoria sponge.

Hello there! Its been a while hasn’t it. I’ve been so busy carving out this new life, I’ve not really been very present over here… or on the internet in general. However, last week, I just had the urge to bake, to shoot, to create a lovely new little recipe post. So here we are. […]

Home life project: May.

Sorry about the lack of posts over on here recently. I’m just away doing other things at the minute, you know what its like, so much to do, so little time to do it in! Anyway, I really wanted to get an entire year of Homelife project captures this year, so there was no way […]