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Easy children’s Bloomer Tutorial.

Is there really anything cuter than a little squishy baby in bloomers? No. no there isn’t! Bloomers were & still are a massive seller, back when I used to sell handmade children’s clothing ( all those 1 months ago!), and its not hard to see why, so many combinations of fabrics to make something so […]

Lancashire hotpot- A Northern feast.

Today is Sam’s (my husbands) birthday and as usual I asked what or where he would like to eat tonight, rather than pick a restaurant he decided he’d like some good old home cooking, and as a northerner of course one of his favourite meals is a lancashire hotpot. I’ve been making this for a […]

Rockin’ Handmade.

The reason I learnt how to sew was so I could make my own clothing. I love fashion but I’ve never been an ‘on trend’ type of gal. Opting more for choosing my clothing based on whats inspiring me lately or what type of mood i’m in – mainly tired mum mood, which pretty much […]

Sewing & securing a seam.

So now i’m going to teach you how to sew a seam. Here’s what you’ll need: -Two small squares of fabric, -Snips -Dressmaking pins -Tape measure. -Sewing machine. -An iron. And here’s what we’ll do: Place both pieces of fabric front to front. I’ve used a one sided patterened fabric to show you this. You […]

The Basics (Part two)

  So now we’ve covered materials needed, lets move on to prepping your machine. First up: Maintanace. Extremely important! I have to admit, I am terrible for postponing this until I really have too, mainly because my machine has been on 6+ hours a day for the last year and I just keep putting it […]

Sewing Tutorials – The basics (Part 1)

Happy monday! I’m back with a brand new style, my very first post on the new & improved TLWP blog & today I thought we’d start our first lesson in getting that sewing machine -you bought 6 months ago but havent yet used- plucked from its dusty box & finally put into use. As much […]