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Fixin’ up a car boot haul.

As i’ve mentioned before (about 9 million times) I love a good car boot. My home is made up of about 20% Ikea & 80% of other peoples junk restored to fit in with my interior vibe. About three months ago I found the most beautiful set of drawers at my local car boot sale, […]

Another year older.

  A few weeks ago it was my birthday (August 17th to be exact.) I’m now twenty four. Like new years, I find birthdays very much an anti-climax. Its supposed to be this big ‘thing’ but really it just marks another year of your life gone… God i’m depressing. Ha. Ha. I do enjoy my birthdays […]

Always a day for celebration.

    Almost daily you’ll see announcements on social media that its some national day or other. Yesterday was international Lazy day, the day before International book lovers day. It got me thinking, firstly who makes up these days? also is there some sort of list, so I can be aware of all these weird […]

Bake off ready. DIY: Apron.

  The great british bake off  kicks off its new season tomorrow, so with that in mind I switched around a couple of tutorials to bring you this snazzy little number in time for all the baking shenanigans that the programme will no doubt inspire. It’s really simple and the perfect cover up to protect […]

Weekend Brunch: Blueberry Pancakes.

I woke last Sunday morning with a craving for pancakes.. Not our usual british Sugar and lemon version, but the lovely, fluffy American variety. This was strange seen as I had never made nor had I actually ever eaten them before. Luckily I chased that craving straight to my kitchen. I found an amazing recipe […]

What i’m reading: July.

I love reading, ever since I was little, i’ve been fascinated by stories and how easily I get sucked into these other worlds. Its my love of reading that spurred me on to write. One of my life goals is to one day be a published author. A very long way off, but until then, […]

Skincare Saviour.

  I was lucky enough to be blessed with clear skin throughout my teens, apart from the odd few spots I never had any issues. Fast forward a few years and its a whole other story. Over the past few months my skin has suffered an unknown change, my chin imparticular has bared the brunt […]

North west bloggers event.

  As many of you who follow me on my social media pages will know, on Sunday I attended my very first blogging event. I wasn’t at all sure it was something I wanted to do, but a chance to meet many fellow bloggers just pushed me to buy my ticket. Finally this weekend it […]

Top five: Beginner sewing tips.

So you have a machine,  you’ve spent a small fortune on fabric and your ready to go… Not just yet, have a quick read through my top 5 tips for beginners before you start. 1: Patience. You need to have it or you’ll crumble. Sewing is a testing craft, one minute your flying through, creating […]

Best of both Lasagne.

    It may be the middle of summer, but after our little heatwave last week, its gotten rather cold and wet. Kate has the perfect recipe if your stuck for dinner ideas tonight.   Hi guys, Kate here.  Today I have ‘The Best of Both Worlds Lasagne’. A lasagne with rich bolognese and roasted butternut […]