Another year older.

another year older


A few weeks ago it was my birthday (August 17th to be exact.) I’m now twenty four.

Like new years, I find birthdays very much an anti-climax. Its supposed to be this big ‘thing’ but really it just marks another year of your life gone… God i’m depressing. Ha. Ha.

I do enjoy my birthdays really, especially since I have grown up and started a family. Even more so because as the years go by I get a little wiser, a little more focused on what kind of woman I want to be and where I want my life to go. With this in mind I’ve decided to start setting myself yearly goals. Kind of like new years resolutions, but not… I stopped making new years resolutions after the ‘learn to drum’ fiasco of 09′ – Drums are really, REALLY loud!

So here are my Birthday resolutions for my 24th year.

– Pass my driving test.. I took my very first driving lesson a few weeks after my 17th birthday, I then took about 300 euros worth of lessons when I lived in cyprus. Sam even went so far as to buy me a car for my 22nd Birthday…which I then had to sell, because it sat unused for so long. And still, I can’t get past passing my theory test. The next go will be my fifth time. This year I’ll do it.

– Finish a novel. I started writing after I had Mischa, I had a lot of free time thanks to us being based in Germany, Mischa was sick for a very long time meaning we couldnt come home to England for a while & I needed an outlet for all the built up – new mother, prem baby, missing home’ emotion. Writing eased that. So much so I wrote a 60,000 word ‘story’ *I use that term very loosely*  in just under three months.. I still haven’t finished it, nor the other ten to twelve stories saved on my laptop. It doesn’t have to be publisher worthy, or even really any good. But I’ve started and left so many unfinished, this year I’d like to stick it out & complete the process.

– Take regular breaks from the internet. If you follow me over on any of my social media accounts you’ll know i’ve been taking a little time off. I love Instagram especially, but I found myself spending a lot of time during the day staring into my screen, completely oblivious to the world around me. I was finding it impossible to really get stuck into any projects, my thought process always revolving around what would look better on Instagram. This is no good, and so I decided to take a little break. It was just what was needed, last monday I wrote eighteen pages for my latest -never to be seen, by anyone- novel. The most I have ever done in one day.

Thats it really, I have the usual eat less junk, do more exercise. Turn down the invites for wine & takeaway with my sister more often – they always result in a mammoth hangover. But these are my main must do’s.

My birthday itself was lovely. I was treated to a shopping trip to the Trafford centre, where I was spoilt rotten & later in the evening I had our traditional birthday dinner out with my sisters at our favourite italian – there was A LOT of pasta & wine consumed. All in all a bloody perfect way to introduce my twenty forth year.



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