Another Blogaversary!

TLWP is as of tommorow 3 years old! Three whole years since I launched as a lifestyle/sewing/diy blog. I’m glad I’ve managed to simplify it all, even if it has taken three whole years to discover how!




So like last year, and the year before. This year I’m writing up a little round up of the year…

Three years of blogging and what have been the high points? Well, Last year’s trip to London for the Style at home Christmas tree challenge is obviously way up there as a blogging high, I mean how could it not be! After a night in a very swanky Shoreditch hotel, I spent the day on set, seeing just how these amazing features are made – and actually being in the feature. Seeing myself in one of the nations top interiors magazines was really rather bizarre – in a fantastic way of course!



As for lows, I feel like the majority of last year was just a huge low – which I know contradicts my last statement, but it really was a year of extremes! I had a lot of personal stuff going on, and so my creativity really just dissapeared. well, on the blog side of things. I just couldn’t muster up the energy to jump back in and so most months I only got one or two posts up.

This year everything seems to back in full swing, but better than before. I combine blog work with my actual job as a photographer, I’m inspired for one, from the other and it all just works! I’m no longer just blogging because I cant stand ‘just’ being a stay at home mum. And mum police, I know that sounds a little harsh, but truly – feeling like I only existed to change nappies and clean up after everyone really, nearly made me lose my sanity. I’m blogging because I’ve now reached a point where this is just normal. Its a part of my life now!

Which is why back in January I took the blog down for the first week and completely re-built it. New layout, new style, new categories, new everything. It wasn’t because I wasnt loosing any of the old blog, just refining what I had. Combining the blog and my day job meant I needed to have a place that wasn’t just about DIY projects and so it became more Lifestyle. And it really does work SO well now.




Top three post’s from the last three years?!

  1. The TV unit build. (phase 1 & phase 2) – The is in no articulate order or anything. But yes, this was and still is one of my favourite posts in the last three years! It was such a big project, it took just under a week from start to finish, the house was everywhere, covered in sawdust. And then I got the measurements wrong for one of the biggest pieces of MDF!!! Oh it was a stress. But one that I’d completely do again, because it has changed my home completely. It was worth every penny (which actually wasn’t a lot considering what it was we was actually building! Just over £200 if I remember rightly!) I still love it now!


2.  Banoffe loaf cake: I think this has been my most requested recipe EVER! Friends family, random teachers at the girls school. everyone loves this cake and seen as it was tested and written up so long ago, having it on the blog is super handy. I just send them the link instead of having to pour through my many notebooks full of scribbles. This truly is a delicious cake, dont let it fool you with its rustic ‘loaf cake’ style and simplistic decorating, this is a true showstopper. Perfect for afternoon tea (if you’re fancy and do the sorta’ stuff), perfect for one of those many, many bake sale requests. Perfect just for a slow Sunday afternoon bake. Well worth every bit of effort. Yum!


3. My last favourite post of the last three years is a really recent one. But one I just cant stop going back to click on. It is of course, our ‘weekend in the Lakes‘ post. I know I’m not alone in my love for this post, I’ve had so many comments on it, so many comments on my social media accs about the photos! So thank you all for those! A few weeks ago, we set off for a lovely little weekend away, these very short few days ignited a full blown love affair with the Lake District! it just has beauty everywhere! And when I miss it, I sneak onto my computer and scroll through counting down the days until we next go back ( FYI its 22 days! ha ha.) Anyway, I wont bore you about it anymore. But this post is absolutely up there as one of my favourites.




So. What do I have planned for the next 12 months. Thats pretty hard to answer, because as my fellow bloggers know, you really have no clue whats round the corner. Here’s what I’d like to do this next 12 months though.

  • Actually post. more than once a month. My mojo’s back and I’d really like to keep it this year.
  • Keep the quality of those post photos high. Its my job now, there’s really no excuses for rubbish images from me.
  • Keep the collaborations coming. The blogging world can be quite tight knit, but having stepped out my comfort zone with the day job, its given me so much more confidence with speaking to people, proposing some of my ideas to people I think would fit well. I’d really love it if I could keep this confidence and get some more super cool collaborations in.
  • Linkies. Up until this year I only took part in one! Now I’m up to three already, what will be four by the end of this month! They really are such a cool way to interact with the rest of the blogging community, and even if you dont dare or want. to takl to someone else, these Linkies are a brilliant way of keeping up that creativity.
  • And finally, this year I want to feature more on these posts. It is after all me thats writes them, speeds hours shooting, editing, brainstorming ideas, promoting ect. I really should have my face over here a little more.



So thats it my Blog baby is THREE!

Here’s to another blog filled year, and as always, thank you SO much for all your clicks and comments, both on here and on the social media sites. You’re all amazing!





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