From an early age I’ve been a DIY gal, the reason? I just cant process spending money on something that I can do myself. There are obvious things I would never attempt to do myself, any electrical work, plumbing, dangerous things. But pretty much everything else i’ll have a go at before I call in a proffessional.

My main love is sewing, making clothes.. making myself and my daughters clothes, of course I still buy them (far too many in my husbands opinion) but if there’s a special occasion coming up, or I see something designer that just inspires me, I’ll attempt my own version and its so rewarding.

My other love is interiors, a well decorated home is a relaxed and happy home. I know to some interiors means nothing, but I feel theres something so up-lifting & motivating about waking up in a well presented home.

And then there’s food & family. I’m a mum to two beautiful girls Mischa (4) & Izzy (2) aswell as being Wife of 6 years to Sam. My little gang come first & foremost, that includes making sure they eat real wholesome home cooking. I’m not adverse to a takeaway but if I can make a more delicious & sometimes healthier version why wouldn’t I?

All of these things make up The little woman pretends, thanks for coming to visit, I hope you find lots of useful tips & tutorials to help you with your DIY life.

The little woman pretends.