A little love, goes a long way.



Self care, an alien term for most women.

This week I decided to spend a bit more time on me, and the crazy thing is, its made absolutely no difference to the rest of my responsibilities, the kids have still been fed, the house cleaned. I even spent the entire day binge reading a novel. Which begs the question, why do so many of us put our needs last on the list?

It started a few weeks ago, tired of always looking tired. I’m 23, and although I live as though i’m 43, I was kind of annoyed at myself for not giving myself more time. I’ve never been a big lover of make-up, preferring the light covering of a tinted moisturiser to foundations, my only necessity is mascara. But Fashion has always been an obsession. Until I became a mum of two, when I switched beautiful prints & quirky combinations for plain black leggings & vest tops. I was having a look through my wardrobe when I realised I had stopped wearing so much simply because it wasn’t plain enough. Last week I decided to try something new.

Instead of trying to wake up slowly with a cup of tea in the morning, I instead spent those twenty minutes choosing something nice to wear & applying a little make- up. That in itself has made all the difference! and honestly most days i’ve changed half way through the day – partly because of the typical great british weather, but also because my mood/vibe – or whatever had changed. And after all, fashion is more that just clothes. Its a part of life, the costume to represent your personality, to assist you in who you want to be that day.

Theres so much more to this than just vanity though, every day we gives much for others, rarely giving even 5% of that to ourselves. It’s about giving yourself what you deserve, about giving yourself some time to relax and re-boot. Taking care of your mind, body & spirit – after all a happy mother/wife/girlfriend/woman makes for a happy household.

This week i’ve listened to music at full volume, regardless of who else could hear,  i’ve scoffed a mound of chocolate – just because I wanted to, I bought pricey concert tickets on a whim – no usual “But I could buy the kids something” or “it could go something for the house”, I’ve laid out in the sun, day dreaming instead of doing housework. And for every time i’ve done what I wanted, instead of what I ‘should’ I feel a million times better. More free, more relaxed and in the end more creative – which is all I pretty much ask for in life.

So as you sit this evening, planning out what you need to do this new week, think of yourself as well.  Just twenty minutes a day of making yourself feel lovely, doing something you want instead of the boring job you ‘have to do’ – isn’t that after all one of the perks of being an adult?

 Hopefully by this time next week you’ll feel refreshed and ready instead of dreading monday morning.


The little woman pretends.

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