£30 Rustic farmhouse table upcycle.

As many of you know, i’ve spent the past couple of months updating the kitchen/dining area. As of last month it was “finished” But a recent trip to Ikea this weekend forced me to realise it wasnt. Nope, not at all. Whilst strolling through the kitchen section of our local ikea, I fell in love with almost every dining table there. This of course made me realise just how shabby ours looked in the newly decorated dining side of the kitchen. Re-cap below.



After spending at least ten minutes stroking a very beautiful “Farmhouse” rustic wood topped one, longing to have the space to fit it, I realised… I could just do what I always do, and make my own. We headed over to the table leg section (yes, this is a real section of ikea, its for those who want to mix and match their table tops with the bases.) but at £40+ for a very basic (kind of ugly) one, I planned to just up-cycle what I already had.

So, this is how it went.

First, I took a trip to Savoy, purchasing 4 of their 9″ wide, 1″ thick redwood boards (135cm long) I chose redwood, because I knew the finished table top would be being stained, I wanted the very best grain. Link for that is here.

£25 lighter, I headed home and got started. First things first, dismantle the old table top from the table base.



Ready for step two. Painting. I popped the old table top underneath the table legs to prevent messiness, easier than laying plastic sheeting. I decided on black. Bold, dark, beautiful black. As you can tell, there is already SO much white in this room, I just knew the drama of this table would add some welcome personality. I used Matt black emulsion (Yes, just a normal wall paint. And other than giving it all a quick wipe down I didn’t do any prep either. Naughty, naughty.) I just couldn’t be bothered having to go back out to buy table leg specific paint.




Now that the painting had finished -and was being left to dry, all that was left to do, was to make up the table top. But before any actual construction could be done, I needed to prep my planks. Giving all edges and corners a whip over with the sander. This not only made the edges less likely to dig in you, but it also gave a smooth finish & a lovely groove in between planks.



Prep done, now it was time to fix those planks together. To do this, I laid each piece of wood topside down on the floor, then screwed three blocks of wood (leftovers from these planks, chopped up) in three rows down the tabletop. I’m not really sure if that’ll make sense?! but there’s a picture here to help you understand.



One thing I had to do with this, is make sure the rows of planks stayed inside the circumference of the table frame. (I did remember and the end result was that the top slotted perfectly into the frame. I popped a couple of screws back through from the frame to the top to secure, and viola!



Last on my list for this project was to stain. I knew i wanted a lovely warm rich colour, but not as dark as the old one. Which brought me to ‘Golden Oak’ by littlefair’s,  also from Savoy.  I have used this stain before, so I knew it had a lovely finish, it also goes on so smoothly (I used a paintbrush.)




Layering on two light coats, until I had the exact colour I wanted.



It was everything I wanted it to be!




I had a little root around the internet, once i’d finished. Just to see how much a ‘ready made’ table like this would set me back, here’s what I found.

£295 - Etsy.

£295 – Etsy.


£449 - Home & Furniture

£449 – Home & Furniture


And mine in comparison, cost:

£25 – planks

£7.95 – wood stain

£0 – Black paint (I already had that in.)

Total cost: £32.95



I finally managed to find one of those 3-in-1 light fixtures as well… after months of searching, I finally picked on up from Ikea for £4!! Quite the bargain, I’m sure you’d agree. Though they need some more faffing around with, i’m not completely happy with those shades, nor about how they are actually hanging. But i’ll get there.





The little woman pretends.



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  1. Kara
    Kara says:

    Oh your projects are making me want to get on with mine. I love this, we currently have a large white Ikea table and I hate it. I want wood back. Once this weather gets better I am using this guide xxx


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