Radiator repaint & Cheap canvas art.

I am the queen of procrastination recently. I don’t know what it is, though I’m guessing the onset of Autumn is making me all lazy, I just want to be curled up with tea and blankets – instead of doing what I’m actually supposed to be doing, which is working.

Last week I sat staring at my screen for what felt like the bazzilionth hour, when I clicked a link, then another and another before finding myself reading through blogs. Interior blogs mainly, looking at all the recent up-cycles and re-decorated rooms. when it triggered my need to nest for the winter.

I’d been meaning to do this particular project for ages, but for some reason or another I just hadn’t gotten’ round to it. With Autumn here, and Christmas on its way, I like most, want my living area to be perfect for the season of family gatherings.

If you’ve been following my Insta stories, you would have seen most of this already, but anyway.. here’s how what I spent last weekend doing.

* You’ll have to excuse the crappy photographs of the before – I actually wasn’t planing on turning this into a blog post, but I was just so happy with how it turned out.*



So, first up was to repaint the radiator cover. You can find the post I did last year on how we made that Here. I actually wanted to re-paint it earlier on in the year, but I didn’t trust that it would look better. Anyway, egged on by the need to do something that wasn’t work, I dismantled it, dragged it out onto the decking and painted it.



I decided on black. Which yes is slightly dramatic, but I got a lovely new black & white speckled rug last week from Ikea, and I really wanted a bit of drama on this back wall. So, once the painting was done and dry, I dragged it back in & re-fitted it to the wall. Jobs a good un’.


Then it was on to part 2 of the project. Which was kind of exciting. I discovered – when blog hopping – these photographs of some DIY canvas art by Oliver Thomas…



And so using my hobby craft gift card – I went and bought the biggest canvas I could fit in the car!


I had absolutely no idea what I was planning on painting, but I went with the whole abstract vibe, you can’t actually do it wrong that way can you? I am no artist. I mean, I suppose in someways I am, I create daily. But paint on canvas, isn’t really my thing. Regardless, I gathered my tools and got started. Channelling my inner art attack, I first used a basic decorating filler to create some texture on the canvas.


And once that was dry I started to paint. I literally just slapped the paint on whilst half watching The middle and sipping a beer. So it want this chilled, soul baring – paint my inner most thoughts – experience. But it felt pretty good to just cover that canvas with no real direction.

Again, I wanted something quite dramatic up there, my living room is a very pale stone/taupe colour, and I love the perfect balance of clean/bright/cosy of it. But sometimes it can be a bit bland. So using tester pots and poster paint I created a pallet of Blues, greens, greys and stoney colours.


And lastly, I sprayed the white candle sticks gold. Just for that extra bit of Pzazz.

So, the final look?



It looks like a big wave. which wasn’t intentional, but just the way it turned out. and I like it. So I’m gunna’ keep it as it is for now. I thought about the addition of a little burnt orange, maybe a sprinkle of gold. but I don’t want it to be to overdone. I’ll see. I just need to live with it for a bit.


All thats actually left to do is to build it a nice big chunky dark wood frame to hide those side drips, I think the warmth of the wood will really make those colours pop.



A cheeky little before and after?


Much better. And not bad for less than £25!



The little woman pretends.




Home life project: October edition.

Its October, already! seriously. October! How on earth are we here already?! – glad I’ve got that out of my system!

Right, so Octobers Home life project is here! This weekend, I documented ‘some’ of our Sunday. I say some because, I spent most of the morning out of the house, helping my dad. When I got back we took the girls for a lovely little bike ride. This makes up pretty much most of my HLP photographs this month. I have to admit, it was a slightly half assed attempt, but I did try and I did actually edit and gather them together. so thats alright isn’t it?

My original plan was to take the girls collecting conkers. because – Hello amazing autumn photographs.- but also they’ve been asking all week. On the way back from seeing my dad though there was just traffic everywhere, I know most of the tree’s around our area have been rinsed, so it would have been up to one of the bigger parks. I was just tired, achey and I needed to make them some lunch before we could even leave the house. So a lovely ride round our local area it was. As you’ll see, it was rather muddy!




The little woman pretends.