Getting back into the DIY: A W/C makeover.

I’ve really abandoned the blog lately, I’ve just been a little uninspired and a little tired, so much so that its taken me a month and a half to even finish a pretty simple project, another week or so to write about it. I did spend last night with my notebook open, planning out my week, planning future projects and plans for the blog. Hopefully I’ve left my slump and everything will pick back up.

Anyway, onto the project. I’ve been meaning to re-decorate this room for a while, a very long while, its the toilet the no one really uses, apart from guests. But it was a bit un-loved, one of those doors that never really gets opened. I give it a quick once over when I’m doing my weekly top-to bottom clean, but other than that it just sits empty. So I decided to give it a paint. and then I wanted to wallpaper one wall, then add a mirror and some artwork, a few accessories. Before I know it, I had planned to just makeover the entire room!

So this is how it looked before.


Though technically these where taken moments after I had started the decorating, only just remembering I had to take before photos! My blogging mindset really has been on its ass as of late! anyway, I used the near full tin of Vaspar dark green paint I used in the bathroom makeover earlier on in the year. But I just wasn’t loving the idea of the entire (tiny) room being that dark and plain, so I jumped online to find some wallpaper, something that would lighten it up a little, give it a little boost of personality. I found it, in the shape of this AMAZING pineapple print monochrome paper from Arthouse. I actually found it in a DIY shop close by, but it was out of stock, luckily I found it cheaper on EBAY and with free shipping! only £11.90 bargain!


Once the paper had arrived, I saw the final vision for the room, I’m a major lover of victorian interiors, the deep dark colours, the ornate accessories, the monochrome to balance out the bolder tones. I just love it all and thought I’d really go town on this little room. So I fitted a chandelier type light, ordered some replica traditional taps (which I can’t use unless I’m willing to rip off the corner sink.. which I am not!), I covered the tiles around the sink with these INCRED tie transfers (another EBAY bargain at only £8 for 10).


My favourite little DIY job in here though, was the cool subway tile mirror I made over the sink. I loved the industrial feel about it, but without being rough around the edges, it still fits perfectly with the ornate  -victorian feel of the room. I got these AGAIN from Ebay, at £25 for the pack, It was the most expensive part of the makeover, but it was worth it, I just had to stop myself from buying another pack to go all the way up the wall! – hardly a budget mirror if its £50!- To fix these to the wall, I simply used No more nails. I figured out where I wanted to put the very first one, made sure it was level and stuck it up. I waited for that one to dry before finishing the row (of three) and left that entire row to set before finishing. this was to stop any weight pushing down not the bottom row, the last thing I wanted was for it all to be permanently stuck at a slant!.


Other than that, I did jobs like paint the ceiling a nice crisp white, ripping off the old skirting boards and replacing with some chunky ones, boxing in the eyesore pipe besides the toilet, fixing a shelf above the toilet.  All little jobs that just give a cleaner look to the room. So, enough rambling, the big reveal?

Here’s how it looks now.


A massive improvement I’m sure you’ll agree! Its so dark, and bold but it feels so very luxurious. it was so nice to be able to just go all out creatively in here. I’m not worried in the slightest if I’ll hate how dark it is in six months time, or if others will find it depressing or vulgar. I absolutely love it, and Its such a small room it won’t take any time at all to change – not that I’ve any desire too.


Obligatory before and afters….


Such a big difference and finally a nice bathroom for guests to use instead of the grubby old room that once was. So, what do you think?



The little woman pretends.


The home life project: April.

I actually had no idea it was home life project weekend, well not until about 5pm on Sunday evening anyway. I had it in my head that it was next weekend! Luckily this weekend I felt the urge to get out my camera a bit more (maybe this was my subconscious’s way of telling me I was supposed to be doing HLP!) I have spent the last week with the wide angle lens on my camera. It wasn’t a cheap lens, one I got for Christmas and I had become so comfortable with the 35mm I wanted to see what the wide angle could do with a bit of practice. So, I kept it on all week and got some pretty good shots!



I was however relieved to have that gorgeous depth of field, the lightweight and sleek 35mm came back and I was eager to have a play. This months edition of HLP has no story, On Saturday we spent the morning in bed, before heading over to Ribby hall village to try out their new pirate ship pool. we did a KFC dinner followed by a relaxing evening at home and our weekly movie night (This week we finally watched fantastic beasts and where to find them.)

And on Sunday, we lazed about for a bit, did a food shop, I went for a run and made a roast dinner, and that was pretty much it. None of my photos reflect any of this. Ha. But here they are anyway.


I will have to remind myself properly next month. Then I’ll be able to have a proper go!


The little woman pretends.