Pinty plus – DIY bookends.

Late last month I revealed how I had become a ‘Pinty pluser’. I among other crafty bloggers have been given a bunch of fab chalk spray paints  by Novasol Uk to do what we wanted with. For my first project I decided to chalk paint a fabric armchair in the most beautiful olive green shade – You can find that post here.


In last months delivery – along with the chalk paint- I also received some cool MDF letters in Mischa & Izzy’s initials. So, for this months crafty project I thought i’d make something out of them – avoiding the rather simple paint them & hang them on the wall project.


 I decided to make them into book ends!

Its no secret we built a rather amazing unit in the living room last month (full project links here & here). I’ve been gathering my books from all corners of the house and setting them up in the new shelves ever since, and whilst I did find some gorgeous marble horse head book ends (as pretty as they where I am NOT paying £50+ for a pair of book ends!!) There isn’t much better than handmade is there?

So, I’d decided what I wanted to make them into, and I found this gorgeous Pinterest inspo photo for the type of finish I want. I love the copper peeping out through the dark paint – although my version is gold and black.



Here’s what I used:

  • MDF letters – As stated earlier, mine were free, but I saw hobby craft had some in for about £2 each in a sale last week, and eBay have loads of sellers.
  • 4x 3/4″ thick MDF blocks. (These make up the side & bottom of the book ends. actual measurements below.)
  • Glue. – Hobbycraft extra strong glue.
  • Gold spray paint – Wilko’s do a fab range.
  • Pinty plus spray chalk paint in Black plum.



And heres what I did.

First I had to figure out how tall and thick I wanted my book ends, I measured the letters and settled on a 20 cm height and a 20cm bottom length block for the M.

Once cut, I grabbed two of the blocks, glued the end and stuck them together creating an L shape.




I then popped some glue on the parts of the letter that would be stuck down – So the bottoms, and the right/top side of the ‘M’. Before sticking that down and leaving the whole thing to dry.




Now my bookend is basically made, it was time to paint. I showed the finish I wanted a bit further up, I love the metallic peeking out from the dark black. It’ll look perfect on my crisp white shelves. So to do this, I gave a spritz of gold, only light, and not bothering about covering the whole letter, it will only be little areas visible once I had finished. I left the gold to dry for roughly about an hour.



And then I sprayed the entire thing over with the black plum Pinty plus chalk paint. I thought with it being a dark colour, I might need a couple of coats, but I got full coverage in only one. I left them out to dry in the sun for another hour. They where touch dry in less than twenty minutes, but I didn’t want to risk potential smudges by rushing into the next step.



Once the whole thing had dried, It was time to take of some of the black chalk paint to reveal the gold. To do this I simply got a cup of water and some cotton buds.



And I gave those edges a good rub. For some parts, I used a (damp) rough side of a sponge, only the tip of a corner though, I didn’t want to wipe all the paint off. This will only work on chalk paint/water based paints. Stronger paints require paint thinner ect. to remove, but by using that you’ll also take off the gold underneath. So stick to anything you can clean up with water.



Once i’d rubbed them down, I just had to wait for the chalk paint to re-dry in the areas i’d gotten wet.



And thats it, my book ends are finished.  Ready to go do their job and hold up my books.





Again, I loved using the Novasol pinty plus spray paint, however I would have liked the black to be a little darker. Its a lovely colour and the finished book ends match the set of drawers I painted last year, but the drawers are actually a slate grey, not black.  I’m gunna’ finish of some frames for the sewing room in the same colour – well, once I’ve reclaimed it back, a month on and its still being used for storing a giant cabinet.

I’ve already started thinking of next months Pinty plus project, I’m planning on going a much, MUCH brighter colour.




The little woman pretends.



Home life project: May edition.

I actually almost forgot it was The home life project weekend, luckily the little nagging part of my brain, the one that reminds me to take Mischa’s PE kit to school on mondays, or that the milk is running low – reminded me the second I opened my eyes on Saturday morning.

On Saturday Sam had to head up to Ernshaw livery yard to get some footage of the horses for their website. So I had the option of hanging round the house with Mischa and Izzy until he had finished, or joining him. I was promised lots of lush green land for the girls to run around on and the perfect countryside back drop for my HLP photos – Of course I was in! What was only supposed to be a flying visit, resulted in us staying for around 3 hours, with so much to see, and Phil (the owner) only too willing to show us around, we spent the afternoon exploring and filling our lungs with crisp spring country air.

Once back from our adventures, I ignored the urge to order a takeaway, remembering my vow to eat a little healthier and so I got cracking on dinner, trying out one of the Davina – 5 weeks to sugar free recipes. I made up the Mushroom and butternut squash barley risotto. (I’ve managed to find a link of the recipe Here.) You MUST try it, it so delicious, not hard to make and the pearl barley is a fantastic – less stodgy alternative to rice. – I paired mine with a grilled chicken breast.

Once dinner was done and the girls had their daily fix of the power puff girls, it was bath and bed for them and a Saturday night catching up with The big bang theory and New girl for me.
















All in all a wonderfully relaxed Saturday.


The little woman pretends.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 20.09.42

*You can see the footage of the horses that Sam captured on his drone – Here.*