The big build- Phase 2.

So at the beginning of the week I shared the first part of our Tv unit build, it ended with our unit fully built and looking like this.   The second half of last week was spent painting and finishing up, basically just making it pretty. As solid as the 3/4″ MDF was, it certainly … [Read more…]

The big build – Phase 1.

Every year at the start of spring I go through the same phase. With summer looming I am itching to redecorate, or in most cases completely renovate various areas of my house. This year is no different and what started as a conversation with sam over replacing our tv has spurned the biggest build we’ve … [Read more…]

Easy clock up-cycle.

Last week I was browsing through Aldi, picking up some shopping as you do, when I found a pile of reduced clocks. There wasn’t much choice in pattern but for 99p I grabbed one anyway and flung it straight into my trolley with a little up cycle in mind.     A few weeks ago, whilst … [Read more…]