Rocky road Christmas pudding.

On monday I put up my rather elaborate Christmas day food plan. On the dessert table menu was a rocky road christmas pudding. I make this ever year, out of the 6-8 people (not including the children) only two of those like actual christmas pudding. For the rest of us there’s this. Its a great … [Read more…]

Hosting Christmas day.

When we lived out of the country, our Christmas’s were quiet, too quite. I yearned for a full house, tables of food, family all around. I’m a hostess, any major holiday and I’m on it, I live for these things. So this christmas, just like the last two, we’re hosting christmas dinner at our house. … [Read more…]

The worlds BEST hot chocolate.

I’m going to confess something rather shocking… I dont like Hot chocolate. *Gasp* I just dont, I dont like chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake or chocolate milkshake either, give me an actual bar of chocolate though and i’m happy as larry. Wierd eh. You’re probably wondering why as someone that doesnt like hot chocolate am … [Read more…]

Ten minute Christmas stocking.

Christmas is in full swing! Right now the majority of the country has fairy lights twinkling and bauble adorned trees. Its all so beautiful. One thing that always gets forgotten about is the stocking, I’ve been using the same cheap ones I picked up from a mall in Cyprus (over six years ago!) This year, … [Read more…]