Faux fur collar.

  It feels like months have passed since i’ve been on my sewing machine. I’ve done a few alterations, but other than that it actually has been months since i’ve sat down and made up something pretty. So I thought i’d jump back into it with this beautiful (and really simple) faux fur collar. Any … [Read more…]

Double Chocolate millionaires shortbread.

Today i’m back with another mouthwateringly good recipe. Double chocolate millionaires shortbread. A layer of buttery shortbread, topped with fudgey caramel, finished off with a smooth double chocolate layer. Perfection in one slice. It is really simple to make, certainly not quick though, but the majority of time in-between starting and getting to eat it … [Read more…]

Homemade cold remedy.

‘Tis the season… for cold and flu. Especially if you’ve got little ones at school or nursery. Germs breed amongst children, and then they multiply in your home before infecting everyone else, leaving you to look after everyone whilst still suffering – Ahh don’t you just love winter. Well… suffer no more, with this all … [Read more…]

Cheesy pull-apart bread.

I’ve seen these floating about looking all cheesy and delicious, so I finally decided to have a go at making some pull apart bread, making my own little tweaks. This stuff, is the absolute bomb – as long as you’re a cheese lover that is! Which I most definitely am. So, i’m going to stop … [Read more…]

World prematurity day 2015: My story.

November the 17th is world prematurity day, anyone that knows me personally, knows why this is such an important day for me. I haven’t shared my story publicly, I was unsure wether I ever really wanted to. Its completely out of my comfort zone to write up and share such a personal blog post. But … [Read more…]

DIY: Tassel garland.

Pinterest, Instagram. They both have an overload of photographs featuring these pretty little things. I can’t believe i’ve dared ┬ácall myself a blogger when I haven’t once featured a tassel garland photograph! Well today that’s changed, and i’m going to show you how to make your very own.   Here’s what you’ll need: Tissue paper, … [Read more…]

Top picks: Wellies.

Did you know, on average the wettest month of the year is December – although if this week has been anything to go by, November is vying for the top spot. Well bearing this in mind & the fact that storm Abigail is supposed to be coming. I thought i’d get practical & find the … [Read more…]

Homemade butter.

I’m all about the basics, whether its sharing my little tweaks to make quality homemade british classics, or simplifying it all with a basic recipe. Today I’m going way back to the very basic of know hows, homemade butter. Butter is used in all baking and most dishes, its been used for thousands of years. … [Read more…]

My craft room wish list.

Its been a month or so since I finished the major work needed in my craft room, although the main work is done, the rest is a long way off. Already though, I love to spend as much time as I can in there. As I mentioned, all the major work has been done – … [Read more…]