Always a day for celebration.




Almost daily you’ll see announcements on social media that its some national day or other. Yesterday was international Lazy day, the day before International book lovers day. It got me thinking, firstly who makes up these days? also is there some sort of list, so I can be aware of all these weird appreciation days.. Turns out there is & I found it.


A couple of my personal favourites are:

August 27th – Just because day – This is a day to do anything you fancy, y’know within the law. For no other reason than ‘Just because’.

September 5th – Be late for something day – I feel like this day was made for me, I spend my entire life trying (and failing) not to be late, to be fair though, I have two kids and a husband that insist on faffing. Mischa always needs the toilet the second I strap her into the car seat, and Sam likes to wait at least twenty minutes after we’ve supposed to have left the house before he puts his shoes on. On september the fifth, I won’t even have to try to be on time.

October 14th- National Desserts day –  Does this really need any explanation? I don’t think it does.

December 7th – Letter writing day –  I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter, I actually can’t remember the last time I used a pen.. Can I even write anymore?! who knows, but on December the 7th I’ll have a go at penning a lovely letter to someone.

January 3rd – Festival of sleep day – I think this is my favourite day. I’m really going to go all out celebrating this one.

January 14th – Dress up your pet day –  I’m won’t be taking part of this day, I do have a pet, a rather beautiful, yet vicious cat called Minky. Just changing her collar results in my arms looking like i’ve been dragged through broken glass, I can’t even imagine what  she’d do if I tried to wrestle her into a costume.  I will however scour instagram for the cute, cuddly non aggressive pets that have allowed their owners to dress them up like teddy bears and such. Adorable.

March 3rd – If pets had thumbs day – I don’t really know how this would be celebrated… Do we all try to cellotape fake thumbs to our pets paws? If so, see the above point for why I won’t be celebrating this one either.

May 9th – Lost sock memorial day – For all those lone socks, where did they go? why did they just disappear? Today, we can very weirdly mourn their loss.

June 13th & September 10th – Sewing machine day – Sadly, I actually celebrated this last year. I cleaned my machine, give her a good oil and dedicated a Facebook post to her. Ha, seriously, I did.

There are hundreds more, A day to celebrate anything and everything you could imagine. Today is in fact Sons & Daughters day, I’ll be sure to give Mischa and Izzy a high five in appreciation for their birth.

Whats your favourite appreciation day?


The little woman pretends.


Bake off ready. DIY: Apron.



The great british bake off  kicks off its new season tomorrow, so with that in mind I switched around a couple of tutorials to bring you this snazzy little number in time for all the baking shenanigans that the programme will no doubt inspire. It’s really simple and the perfect cover up to protect your clothes from all those icing sugar explosions.

So first up, heres what you’ll need:



– Fabric.. Having three different fabrics is completely optional, but I thought I’d go all out with the brights. The Geometric triangles is for the main apron, the teal blue is for bias binding (if you don’t know how to do this, just buy it, its cheap, I just forgot to pick it up & had to improvise) and the coloured cross fabric is for the pocket.

– Tape measure.

– Dressmakers pins.

– Fabric shears.


And here’s what we’ll do:

First cut your fabric. I’m 4 foot eleven & a size 8, this is a comfortable fit on me, I’d advise adding an inch  in width per dress size up you go. This is a folded fabric, so the 18″ is actually  9″ folded to make cutting easier.




Next there are a couple of measurements you’ll need to take – the good thing about an apron is it’s not fitted, you can go a little over and it will still be perfectly sized.. with this is mind you can either use my measurements below or measure your own.

5″ is for the chest panel width (Once unfolded will be 10″)

8″ is for the chest panel length.

9″ is for the waist width. (Once unfolded will be 18″)

17″ is from the waist down to how long I want the apron to go.




Once you’ve pinned or marked off your measurements from above, you can cut a nice gradual slope down and around.



So when you open it out, you’ll end up with this.



Now, overlock & hem the top, sides and the bottom – NOT the sloped arm area- You can find out how to do that using just your sewing machine here. Or just use an overlocker & top stitch like I have.



Now, I had to make my own biased Binding today, I’m full of a cold and not super focused so it’s a little tatty, not that it matters, you won’t see the insides anyway. but unless you want a very specific fabric bias binding, I’d always recommend just buying it. It’s so ridiculously cheap and such a quick and easy way to finish an item of. For those that would like to know how to make there own you can either Google it, or wait a few weeks & ill have a quick how to put up.




I ended up with two 45″ length pieces of biase binding, this fits me perfectly with some left over, so anywhere round this will be the perfect amount for most of you. When attaching the binding to your apron, remember to leave your required amount to tie behind your neck before attaching it to the apron. (Mine was 14″) – So I measure 14″ and then started attaching the apron & binding.




Once pinned, sew along the inner edge of the binding (open side) securing it to the edge of your apron.



And then do the same to the other side.




Your Apron is now ready, you can either leave it be or add any trims, frills or pockets. I’m adding a pocket. Here’s how I do that.

First cut your desired pocket  size, for some crazy cold in ducked reason I went for a curved bottom pocket, this isn’t the easiest way, but it isn’t that hard either. cut your curve round the bottom.




If you want to attach any trims or folds. you can do that now, heres how I added my contrasted teal fabric.






Once you’ve attached that, you can overlock, zig zag stitch or use pinking shears to prevent fraying around the inside of your pocket.  Turn it pattern down, and pinch a little of the fabric over, ironing to press into place.




Now pin your pocket to your apron, and sew to secure.







Easy as that. Now I need to go and make Mischa one, she made me promise to  make her a matching one for when we bake. Cutie pie that she is. I’m really excited to settle down and watch the new series of GBBO, that combined with having my new KitchenAid makes me think i’m gunna’ be putting on quite a few pounds over these next few months… Ahh lets call it insulation for the winter.


The little woman pretends.



Weekend Brunch: Blueberry Pancakes.


I woke last Sunday morning with a craving for pancakes.. Not our usual british Sugar and lemon version, but the lovely, fluffy American variety. This was strange seen as I had never made nor had I actually ever eaten them before. Luckily I chased that craving straight to my kitchen. I found an amazing recipe online courtesy of BBC Good food (i’ll share that in a second), they took less than twenty minutes to whip up and tasted Oh My God Amazing! Seriously! Why haven’t I been eating these for breakfast every weekend?!

So here’s the recipe I used, this should make around 10 pancakes.

  • 200g self-raising flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 300ml milk
  • knob butter
  • 150g pack blueberries
  • sunflower oil or a little butter for cooking
  • golden or maple syrup




– First, mix together the flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt in a large bowl. Beat the egg with the milk separately before making a well in the centre of the dry ingredients. Whisk in the milk/egg to make a thick smooth batter.

– Next beat in the melted butter, and gently stir in half the blueberries.

– Now heat a teaspoon of oil or small knob of butter in a large non-stick frying pan (I used oil).

– Drop a large tablespoonful of the batter per pancake into the pan, you can do three or four a time.

– Cook for about 3 minutes over a medium heat until small bubbles appear on the surface of each pancake, then turn and cook another 2-3 minutes until golden.

Finally, drizzle over some maple syrup and a sprinkle of your leftover blueberries.



And thats it, finished. Delicious, filling, super fluffy pancakes. You. Are. Welcome.

The perfect way to start a weekend.


The little woman pretends.