Vanilla baked doughnuts.


Tonight marks the biggest night in food TV, The Great british bake off starts again! (Hooray!) To mark this spectacular occasion, I’ve whipped up something a little bit party-esque. Doughnuts, but not ordinary doughnuts. These are sponge cake doughnuts… way better than their fried sisters, a fab alternative to cupcakes (especially if you’re useless with … [Read more…]

DIY: Full skirt tutorial.


I’m really loving creating projects on my sewing machine at the minute, I used to spend so much time on it, but I seem to have run out of love for sewing over the past year, I think that love might just be returning. Its my birthday tomorrow, and we’ve had a trip to London … [Read more…]

Fancying up the front of the house.


I’ve had this post planned since about march. I’m constantly spotting beautifully coloured front doors, I’d start shopping for replacement door accessories (silver instead of the gold we had on), and get so overwhelmed by finishes, prices, fixtures. I’d end up just putting it off. Then, I spotted a beautiful door whilst browsing Pinterest a … [Read more…]

DIY: Oilcloth beach bag.


This week, I’m carrying on from what i said last week – keeping with the seasons ect. ect. So, if you haven’t seen the weather reports for the next week, go look now! *Eeeks.* Its gunna’ be HOT Which means, beach days!! So, with this in mind, I’ve made up a tutorial for something you’ll … [Read more…]

Berry Thumbprint biscuits.


For most of you, its currently the Summer holidays, which means trying to find a multitude of projects to keep your littles occupied.. you’re not alone, i’ve been doing the same and I think you may just appreciate  this post as one of them. I’m not big on those boxed-character cupcake sets, they taste a … [Read more…]

Home life project – August edition.

Screenshot 2016-07-31 20.12.35

I’m finally back for HLP. I’ve missed the passed two months, but.. if your follow  me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know I was gifted a brand new camera last month (early birthday present.) and oh, wow.  It’s the best thing i’ve ever been given! I’ve spent the last few weeks playing around with it, … [Read more…]

Deliciously decadent Banoffe loaf cake.


Another week, another delicious bake to add too my not-so little recipe section. This weeks recipe, is rather special. A Banoffee loaf cake. It absolutely is everything you could hope for it to be. lovely moist banana cake, chunks of fudge and banana slices scattered within. Topped with a slather of rich and utterly luxurious … [Read more…]

Yet, another craft room update.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 19.26.59

Out of the rooms in our home, I think the craft room has been given the most blog space so far. Rightly so I suppose, seen as this is where I work, its my room for creating, and I suppose what I create is a reflection of in here . If you can remember way back … [Read more…]

A slice of nostalgia.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.32.44

I first made this cake back in 2012 when I was pregnant with Izzy. With a serious cake craving I suddenly remembered the simple sponge cake topped with sweet jam and sprinkled coconut I used to eat it in primary school. It was always my favourite day when it was jam and coconut sponge cake … [Read more…]